Thank you Watergirl18 :-)

  • Hi watergirl18,

    CuteCappy here 🙂

    Just wanted to give you a big THANK YOU for your reading that you gave my Sagittarius friend the other night.

    You are indeed correct in saying that she is going to hang on to this relationship for a while. She feels she needs to fight for it and is doing just that!

    I will support her either way. The heart wants what the heart wants....I guess!

    Ha ha....I can't help but ask you this. It's just been on my mind all weekend.

    My Sag friend and I went out on Friday evening. We met some guy's. This one guy, Mark, seemed quite interested in me. But we did not have a lot of time to "connect" that night. We didn't exchange numbers as I was being the traditional woman and not throwing myself at him. So I left with no way of connecting with him. Although, I did get a nice hug and a peck on the neck 🙂

    I know he lives in my community and does frequent the pub we were at, a lot.

    Just wondering if you see us connecting again in the future? Of course, I will not wait for a man 😉

    But I also can't shake this feeling that I will indeed see him again....or perhaps it's wishful thinking?

    Or....I should not worry about it and just think of myself, on my own....with no men in my life for a while!

    Ha ha....most likely answered my own reading with that last comment!

    Didn't give you a lot to go on. But if you see anything or have some insight....I'd love to hear it 🙂

    Yep....we are women, hear us roar 😉

    Blessing to you too,

    CuteCappy ❤

  • Hi Cutie,

    You're welcome and I hope all turns out well for your friend.

    As far as this new man, my first reaction was to tell you to just go for it - go with the flow, but I pulled some cards and now think you do indeed need to allow yourself to go through the healing process of your recent disappointment in love....not that you have to crumple up and die, but give yourself time to process the whole thing. A big lesson for you in this is to evolve from the young girl/princess into the Queen. From looking for your knight in shining armor - someone to swoop you up and save you to a woman who is the leader of her Self and does not "need" to be saved. Her strong sense of Self also protects her from being taken advantage of or mistreated. The "I am woman hear me roar!" is just that in a nutshell. She roars because she can speak for herself and also knows not only what she wants but what she deserves. She "needs" no one - no man - to save her, protect her, provide for her. She is all the good things of the feminine....loving, nurturing, kind AND she has a well developed masculine side as well...strong, confident, self-directed. The marriage that needs to occur first is within yourself - the marriage of the masculine and feminine aspects of YOU. The external marriage will follow.



  • Hi Watergirl,

    Again, THANK YOU for your gifted reading and insight.

    I wasn't surprised to read what you had to say.

    Think I am starting to listen to my inner self a lot more now.

    Before reading your post this morning. I was getting ready for work and looking at myself in the mirror.

    I would always feel that I needed to have a man in my life to feel whole. But as I looked in the mirror, I realized that I only need to accept my self-love to feel whole. Once I discover that self- love, that is when I will be ready to support not only my heart. But also a heart of another.

    I will take your advice and the tried and true advice of my father. In which he said to me...."God has given you a second chance to shine. It is YOUR time to shine. And shine you will."

    This advice was given to me after my husband committed suicide last August.

    Daddy's always know best....right 😉

    I am woman....hear me ROAR!!!

    CuteCappy ❤

  • CuteCappy,

    I am so sorry for the loss of your husband, but also extremely glad you have such a wonderful, loving father. You will come through this stronger than before and are already well on your way. Give yourself time to heal, grow and BLOSSOM.



  • Hi watergirl,

    Thank you for your condolences.

    And thank you for your kind words....brought tears to my eyes.

    Yep....I'm just a big sap!!!

    Blessings to you too,

    CuteCappy ❤

    P.S. love the picture 🙂

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