Palm reading 10 years ago? Do you believe in them?

  • When I was 18 I received a palm reading my friends and I went there for fun. Anyway the girl that did it said I marry a man with blonde hair blue eyes and live near a body of water. Has anyone ever had these done and they came true?

  • I haven't ever had a palm reading done by a professional, but am planning to in the future. I'm not sure if I'm 100% on the readings, but it'd be fun to see what the psychic has to say and get a gimps of the future!

    As for your reading, it sounds like a good future coming your way! 🙂

  • I hope so. Good luck on yours Id like to get another one.

  • Hi there,

    Well 12 years ago I went to a medium. She did tarot cards, she looked at my hands and she gave me messages from spirit. When she looked at my hands she told me I would have 3 children (which I now do!!!) she told me I was a healer (thought she was bonkers!!! she smiled and said, oh laugh at me now, but when you turn 40 you will have a big interest in all things alternative, you are a natural healer). Well at 39 I started meditation classes, I found the class by accident and just wandered in not knowing what it was. Thought it was some kind of exercise class LOL. Im not sure what type of healer I am, but am able to pass on messages from spirit during meditation and healing. Im learning, but I LOVE IT.

    Palm Reading, Tarot, Runes etc they are all psychic tools.

    I have been surprised by what has come true!!!

    Hope you find your blue eyed boy!!!!

    kind regards


  • Thanks for sharing Cazmayo!!! Very interesting!!!

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