Near future

  • Hi aquarium ,

    Ive done you a 4 card reading regarding your situation the cards that came out were

    1. The high priestess reversed

    You are not listening to you intuition regarding this situation you are ignoring all the warning signs that you are being sent if you feel something doesnt feel right than most likey it isnt, listen to the alarm bells and look for the red flags in regards to the flirting you need to confront him and tell him this is not acceptable behaviour and that you are very upset by it it needs to stop .and i know you have probably said this to him all before but you need to let him know that you mean buisness this time as i feel he is not taking you seriously .

    1. 8of cups reversed

    There is alot of emotional issues in your life right now with all these cups that are in your reading the 8 reversed suggests that this relationship has run its course your needs are not being fulfilled and you are not compleltey happy yet you cannot walk away .

    1. 7 of cups

    You need to go within yourself to seek answers i feel that this time you are apart you will make a decision regarding your needs and what you want out of this relationship as i feel that you have been doing alot of wishful thinking in hoping that he will change his ways but a leopard never changes its spots .The change must come from you tell him straight how you feel .

    1. 5 of cups reversed

    I do feel that you will get back together as im typing this i get a feeling that you guys have had an on again off again thing constantly happening youve been through many rocky patches you need to be more assertive on how you feel as i feel for this relationship to work properly you both need to stop dwelling on whats happend in the past in order to move forward .

    Im sorry im following my intuiton now when i say that i feel you will be the one doing all the visiting

    Hope this helps

    Love and light Loap:)

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