Reading pls! is there a future for us?

  • is there going to be relationship with guy in my life at the moment.

    my dob 21/5/1984 name serena

    his 19/9/1981

  • Hi Serena

    What vibes are you getting from him? How long have you known each other?

  • sorry patch love about delay. i know him 1 yr but were only dating nothing serious. he had his heart broken 2 yrs ago after a 5 yr relationship. he says he wants to move on with me but is scared. i dont know if im wasting my time or not. he is acting hot and cold.

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  • Hi Serena,

    I think dating is good. It takes time to trust your heart to someone after a long relationship or after sounds like you both are a little skittish here.

    I would discuss the relationship with him...why he thinks it went bad. Usually there is a breakdown in communication...sometimes when someone is crying out for quality time together the other person doesnt hear it....or one person has expectations that the other feels is unreasonable.

    Two people have to be willing to share everything, not just the good times.

    See if you can find out why the relationship ended. It will be good for his soul to talk it out, and you will find that you will be more comfortable knowing where he's coming from, and exactly what his fears are.

    Keep us posted. our thoughts are with you.


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