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    If any of you are available to do a reading I would be very grateful. I have been very tired, not feeling well and in a lot of (physical) pain for the past several months. I have damaged discs in my neck & back from a car accident 27 years ago and figured that they were getting worse, but I also had a "feeling" that something else may be going on that my dr wasn't diagnosing as the pain was somewhat different, (I had the same "feeling" 8 yrs ago when my then dr assumed that my pain was being caused by the injuries no matter how much I insisted that I thought it was something else and ultimately ended up in emergency surgery.) My dr decided it was time to do a new MRI and because of the pain I was describing she ordered they also include the low back which is not where I have damaged discs. Sure enough the discs have gotten much worse but the tech also saw something that the dr orders did not mention and took additional images so I will be going for a consult next week with a neurosurgeon.

    With all this going on, I am confused as to what is going on with a man that I was in a relationship with but that ended 2 years ago and we became best friends. Over the past 2 years there have been times when the boundaries of our friendship get a little little blurry and one or both of us pull back as we do not want to do anything that would jeopardize our friendship. I haven't seen him since March but the past 3-4 weeks he has had some things going on and he's been texting and calling me several times a day and wanting to get together to hang out & catch up. Things got a bit intense Thursday nite in a phone conversation and I just told him we are not in a relationship we are friends and we said good nite & ended the call no problem. Yesterday morning he text me to wish me a good day & I was really busy at work & didn't have a chance to reply but had planned on calling him when I got home but as soon as I got home he text me again saying "guess your not talking or want me in your life" which made me angry but I nicely replied telling him I just had a hectic day & didn't have a chance to reply. Well I haven't heard from him since. Neither one of us are really good about asking for help when we need it and he keeps telling me to ask if I need something and to let him help with some things that he knows I am not supposed to do. He knows I have an appt with the surgeon next week about my back, although I have not told him about the concerns the dr has about the lymph nodes they found and that they need to do additional tests. He told me to call him after my appt since the surgeons office is near the house he just bought (he moved bout 45 mins away from me) & we would get together cuz he is excited for me to see the new house. I just honestly don't know what he wants from me or why he's been saying things & getting an attitude and acting like he did when we were involved in a relationship? He is my best friend and I do love him very much but I am just a bit confused not knowing what it is he wants from me?

    I humbly request if any of you can get any kind of read on the outcome of the medical issues and why my bestie is acting the way he is or what it is he is wanting from me, it would be most greatly appreciated. Our dob 5-21-64 & 7-6-68. Thank you so much in advance.

    Love & Blessings

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  • Thanks Watergirl! No need to hurry...Guess I'm just feeling a bit of anxiety over the appt with the surgeon lol! Ya know, pain has a way of wearing on your patience when you can't even do simple things around the house that need to be done. And my bestie, well I just don't have the energy to understand why he acts the way he does at times or what he truly wants and it's frustrating! Lol! Things will get better, I know! Thanks again and have a beautiful day 🙂 Take care...

    Love & Blessings

  • Hello Danr,

    I really do wish you well with your medical concerns dear, however I'm not a medical intutitive so I will send prayer out for asking for a postive outcome. I am new to this sight and will be reading for you only with clairvoyant which is somewhat new for me as usually use cards too.

    It feels like you and your ex now bf have a hard time letting go of each other on certain levels. I am given a titter totter with you two on it.

    You are doing a good job of asking him to be just a friend and remining him of your wishes. He tries and than finds that his feelings override your request and he oversteps and upsets.

    He still depends on you. You will have to be the one that places distance between you two when you feel the time is right. Than you two can come back together and indeed just be best friends.

    You do have someone else on the horizon. He will love animals and have a house an farm. I see horses also, hope you are a animal lover. He will have a good heart and you will love how he makes you laugh.

    Take good care of yourself and I wish you the very best in days to come.

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