Pisceanhealer or watergirl

  • be specific when i will meet this guy with the blue truck pisceanhealer... or do i know him already... can you tell me more... this is so funny you see this, going back 15 years ago psychics told me about this law enforcement guy with a blue truck... and still if i go to a psychic i get told the same thing... it is amazing how you see what they see...

    but my question is when will we come together, and do we know each other yet... and can just tell me anything you can tell me


  • Jaffee, PisceanHealer wasn't "seeing" the law enforcement man in the blue truck - he was commenting on what you had already stated in a previous post. The purpose of his comment was to get you to let go of the attachment you have to the man from your past - to open up to the possibility of someone new. You are holding onto a fantasy - a delusion. You asked when you would have love in your life....a new love cannot enter until you give it room by letting go of this illusion. Stop looking for law enforcement officers and blue trucks! Love yourself first by taking care of your health...

  • WG is right, I didn't see a law enforcement guy and/or a blue truck. The message I get here is why are you fixated on the law enforcement guy and blue truck? You've been waiting 15 years for this?

    I don't know why exactly, but this is no longer true. Think about it. A lot can happen in 15 years. Even if this is the same guy (and I'm not saying he is), what makes you think he is still in law enforcement? What makes you think he hasn't sold his blue truck? What makes you think that when this guy was a child he didn't play at being a cop and had a small blue truck he always played with? For all you know the law enforcement company might have decided to swap their blue trucks for white ones!

    Am I pointing out the ridiculous? Maybe. But my point here is that you have become obsessed about the details. So much so that you are literally not open to any possibilities. Why? Because of something a psychic told you 15 years ago.

    Psychics can only predict the future based on current energies. But the future is always in motion. Our own free will, our own interpretations of those psychic messages can and do change things. Also bear in mind that the psychic is only human and has to filter the information they get from spirit through their own minds. Even with the best of intentions this information can be misinterpreted, like a game of Chinese Whispers.

    And that's what I am feeling here. The Universe has already provided you with plenty of opportunities to meet the right guy for you, but you have let these opportunities pass you by because you have in your mind a distinct interpretation of what "law enforcement" and "blue truck" mean to you. The chances are they mean something totally different to the guy in question.

    The lesson for you here is to open your mind to other possibilities, other people. Only then will you discover the true meaning behind "law enforcement" and "blue truck". I have to agree with WG, those two things no longer exist. But the right guy for you does.

    Go out, socialise and have fun. Don't wait or expect him to just come to you.

    Love & light,


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