Help with an interpretation please

  • Today I did a relationship bottom line 5 card celtic. Here are the cards

    first card self: 5 of swords

    second card significant other: Two of Swords

    third card situation: The Hanged Man

    fourth card advice: The Empress

    fifth card potential: Knight of Swords

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • You as the 5 of Swords indicates that you are looking back toward this person whom you have lost and trying to hold on. He as the 2 of Swords shows that he is done - not wanting to be involved in the drama any longer. The Hanged Man as the situation also reflects this. The situation is out of your control and you need to surrender and accept what is. The advice is to nurture yourself and allow yourself to heal - give it some time as this does not happen overnight. The Knight of Swords represents rash, impulsive behavior and a quick exit. I know it is difficult for you, but you need to focus on yourself right now and giving yourself time to heal. The hardest part is the first step - acceptance. Accept that it is over. Accept that this happened for a reason. Accept that you may never understand why. Accept that your life is headed in a different direction. Accept it all and then the healing will have begun...



  • I agree with WG. I am also getting a sense of fighting going on. Arguments or war with words. The Hanged Man suggests that this situation isn't going to change any time soon. The Knight of Swords in the potential position also re-iterates this fact. There will be further inclination to argue.

    Other than that; heed WG's advice to nurture yourself and accept that the two of you are heading in different directions.

    Love, light and peace to you,


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