Widow not sure if she should remarry pls help

  • "guys thank you so much again, to all of you, blmoon I am not sure i understand your message, but for sure there is fear, and i just realised that, to a degree that i am actually thinking of leaving him..."

    Karolin, in the stillness of your own heart...read your words.

    For sure there is fear...

    If you are afraid to continue on to marriage, and yes...even thinking about leaving the relationship.....there are issues on the table that need to be addressed.

    Ideally one enters a marriage full of hope and promise, with the idea of sharing your your life with someone you can trust with your life, emotions, your heart ,and the safety and wellbeing of your children. If that trust isn't there, the question is why isn't it?

  • guys, we split!!!! I am very proud of my decision i feel very relieved, i understand now i was just cheating myself, it was easier to stay and believe things will get better one day than to face the reality and find courage to leave, it is not easy with two small children, i am alone again but i trust better times are on my way... we will work together to give the children a calm and healthy transition, especially that they already call him daddy for quite some time. I am so worried for him though, he is suffering so much, he loves them as if they were his own kids. i know it is breaking his heart...i don't know if he will be ok??? can someone see what the cards say? i really care for him he is a guy with a big heart i want to know he will be ok eventually...thank you in advance you are all amazing you have given me strength and opened my eyes to things i have been blind for. you helped me make my decision...

  • Hi Karolin,

    The sense of relief you have indicates that this is indeed what you needed to do. Draw back, get a perspective of the whole situation. Do you recognize where your fear came from?

    Time is the healer of these things, as is loving communication.

    The gentleman in question may be helped if he is made to understand that he is not unworthy- it was just neccessary for you to get to a place where you could feel confident of the direction your life was taking. Express your feelings of his character as you have done so here; it will help.

    Your comment on giving the children a calm and healthy transition is very reassuring. Thank you for expressing that.

    It is important that you take time to develop a life plan for you and your children before you become involved again. It is so very easy to become involved with another human being, but so very hard to extract ones self, as you have learned from this experience.

    Know what you want in a life mate, and what you don't want.

    Be careful about who you choose and allow into you and your childrens space.

    Allow enough time to pass for you to truly know these issues.

    May your life become enriched, and may you know God is there for you, angels are in waiting to assist you.

    Love and peace be with you Karolin


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