Widow not sure if she should remarry pls help

  • hi i am 33, i have two children and 3 years ago i lost my husband. i am in a relationship now and we decided to get married. things are not so good between us but there certainly is a potential. if i havent had children i think i would just let it go dont want them to lose yet another daddy. I really dont know if i should do it, i dont want to get a divorce in some time, but from the other side maybe splitting would be a big mistake, maybe we can finally find the way to be very happy together. Please can someone interpret the reading I have done myself for this problem. it a celtic cross spread cards are:

    1. wheel of fortune

    2. the hanged man

    3page of swords

    4.knight of pentacles

    5. seven of wands

    6.queen of swords

    7.queen of cups

    8. eight of cups

    9. ten of pentacles

    10. seven of pentacles

    please could someone read it for me i am on the edge of cancelling the wedding...

  • Karolin dear, please read your second line. If things are not so good , how can that be good for the children?

    Is having a daddy more important , or is having a peaceful happy home with a mother who is happy more important?

    How long have you known the person ? And why are you talking about marriage at all if things are not so good?

    I believe absolutely you should cancel the wedding. you aren't ready for it, emotionally. The children will be subject to who know how many years of unhappiness?

    Please postpone it until you are 100% sure this man is a good loving energy for you.

  • Karolin, you are having questions now...what will happen once it is done? you will have no where to go for peace.

    God will provide you with the help you need. Let him help you through this. Ask him to show you the true answer within yourself as to the decision you should make...then listen.

    When you are at complete peace with your final decision, you will know it is the right one. He will lift you up, and you will smile knowing you made the right one. lol..and a sense of relief!!!

  • karolinkush, let me first say that after 8 years I'm still a learning reader and I'd like someone else to corroborate or correct my impressions.

    That said, I believe the message of the spread is a rather strong one to let go now, before you get into a misguided relationship any deeper. You saw potential in him (knight pents), you're hoping the alliance will bring you and your children security and protection (10 pents), but really the mother in you who needs to take care of everyone but too often does so at her own expense (queen cups) is all that is keeping you here. The wheel of fortune says it's time to let change happen, the hanged man that it's time to let go. The seven of wands energy above says you and he have been much at odds, perhaps bickering incessantly, and the 8 of cups that you are disappointed in the relationship as it's manifested and that deep down you know it's time to turn and walk away; fear of being alone may be one more factor keeping you here. The 7 of pents in the outcome position tells me that the relationship you have worked for and were hoping for will come, but not here and now and not with this man. Queen of Swords says that you need to think with your head and not your heart here, face the situation head on instead of going with the flow. And you have the strength to do what you know you need to.

    Tarot aside, plunging ahead with a venture as weighty and binding as a marriage when you have grave misgivings about it will never serve you well. When in doubt, hold still and wait for clarity to come. At the very least, put off the wedding date—but I really think you're being strongly advised to end the relationship. Your children have you, and this man is not yet their daddy. How much harder would it be for them to lose him down the road, after he had begun to fill that role? If the relationship is so troubled, you would be doing them no favors for their own future relationships by modeling a poor one that you entered into more from fear than from love.

    I know the message is a hard one to hear, but the cards tell me that your innermost self already knows what you need to do. Summon your courage and do it.

    love and light and blessings to you,


  • May he surround you with love and peace and comfort, with the knowledge that angels are there to assist you. You are not alone.

  • Karolin, Graceful Daisies gave a very good reading and advice.

    Thank you both for your energy here.

  • And thank you for yours, patchlove. So true about that feeling of peace when the right decision is made and the right path taken! Karolin, I hope you find that peace in your choice here.

  • guys thank you so much!!!! I just woke up and opened my computer and here you are- people that dont even know me and are there to help me. I didn't really have anyone to talk about it with and you showed up on my way... although it is not pleasant message you managed to make my day, it just warmed my heart that you were there for me with a wise advise. the truth is I new all of this deep, deep inside but i was scared to admit it. I was lying to myself. you opened my eyes, especially that you are completely objective here. guys bless you for being there. you made me smile and breathe deep for the first time in a long time. you are true angels that i ask for help every evening... thank you again

  • You're very welcome, Karolin! The main thing was, you asked—"Ask and ye shall receive" really is true… the universe will always respond to your call. Meditate on that Queen of Swords—her calm, clear, unwavering energy and firm grasp of the truth will help you through the steps you need to take to put your decision into action. And keep breathing deep—it's one of the best and simplest things you can do for yourself to stay centered and at peace. I'm so glad your angels called us in to deliver the message. Always remember that you, too, are an angel for others sometimes 🙂

    love and light and HUGS, gd

  • karolinkush, you already know how this will end, but through your pain and heartache you will find true happiness is just around the corner.

    Much love & light to you,


    (GD, after eight years, do you really need those stabilisers on your bike?)

  • Cracking up, Marc—you nailed me : ) Guess it's not very good policy to go around advising other people to have courage when I'm hedging bets myself, hey?

  • Well, Dr Pepper, what's the worst that could happen? lol

    You can fall off your bike I guess. But then you can always get back on it if you so choose 🙂

  • need some insight for my friend who is very bitter about her life, or should I say morose. She finds happiness in being with her daughter but misses a partner a lot. She has had a bad marriage and is now seperated for almost 4 years. She is wonderful, good looking ans has the potential to make someone a wondeful partner, but she is scared to venture on the path of love and marriage again. Can someone do a reading for her and tell me what is there for her in the future. Her DOB is 17th July 1977.

  • prabhas, can you start a new thread please? Better chance of getting the right person to respond then 🙂

  • sure, thanks 🙂

  • Karolin, Thank you for your wonderful warm appreciation and recognition of the angels, you are a warm ray of of sun falling through the leaves of trees, lighting the dark for yourself and others.

    Many many thoughts of love and and peace to you.

  • I've looked at your cards from a psychic perspective and this is what I hear---beginning with the wheel of life---the foundation of all progress--the faith that life is the wheel--what goes up comes down and back up. Most of your fears are in the moment---most drama passes. Perspective can change over night----things will get better. Try to avoid all or nothing thinking---perhaps there is a middle ground between marriage and friendship. I'm hearing that there was a deep friendship at the start--he was a messanger of solice. It helped him feel powerfull in a good way as he has issues with self love--can be self destructive. Hides behind something his feelings of worthlessness. He lives a contradiction---you feel that and it makes you uneasy.This is were the messenger turns into something more---this other side of him the ego king feeds your weakness---challenges your queen to step up or fall into old patterns? Co--dependancy? You are a fixer. Sundenly he is no longer the strong shoulder--friend to be there helping you be strong---the roles reverse. There is potential only if you demand more of him---expect his higher potential before not later---- and see a change BEFORE you marry. Being the queen demands you honor gut feelings. Sit on a feeling long enough to discern between intuition and fear. Never make big descions when feeling fearful. When the wheel goes up---and you are in a better place is the time for clarity and to trust gut feelings. I think you already know what you need to do and are just feeling self doubt and want validation. Trust your own wise Queen. BLESSINGS

  • guys thank you so much again, to all of you, blmoon I am not sure i understand your message, but for sure there is fear, and i just realised that, to a degree that i am actually thinking of leaving him... i should do it for my children and for my happines , is this what some of you have been writing about? that i already know what to do? but from the other side blmoon writes i should give it a chance? i could do it buI am not alone the kids are paying the price of waiting... would our birthdays help in anything? thank you guys again lots of love

  • birth dates i meant sorry

  • oh and blmoon what do you mean by his higher potential ? and can you see something connected to fear? thank you

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