The Cancer Man

  • "I am so heartbroken over a cancer man its like he has no sympathy for me now he is cold and wont call me or anything I guess when they are done they are done Its so hard for me to move on and i recommend as soon as they start dissapearing just dont wait move on because they wil alwayas dissapear and come back until one day its different and u see he is gone forever 😞 "

    Yes, I experienced the "no sympathy and coldness" and I knew this man for 14 years. We were not close for all of those years, but spoke everyday for 2 years before he cut me off for good. (mostly his initiating) Before the drifting and then the 180 change - he was RELENTLESS in his talking to me...The whole experience has changed me.

  • Hi doeyeyedpisces,

    Your experience must have been truly awful, I hope you are getting over it; you do seem to understand the situation quite well. I know exactly what you mean about the guy being relentless in his talking to you. That's exactly what has happened to me for the past year and it throws you off base. In my case, the guy has reappeared, but, although I'm tempted, I have decided to move on. Best of luck in the future!

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  • doeyeyedpisces.... you are a bit delusional. You are MARRIED! You are still pining away over this guy and acting like he abandoned poor lil you when you have a husband you continue to sleep with and have no intention of leaving, yet you still sit on here and obsess over this cancer man.

    And you see nothing at all wrong with that. You yourself don't want to be judged but you have no problem judging all cancer men. You call them cold and manipulative when that is exactly what you do to your husband. Does he know about your obsession or is this just one of your fishy secrets?

    You want your husband for the physical and this cancer for emotional. I'd say you're pretty greedy.

  • my cancer man has come back!!!!! Usually i would be happy but now im creeped out I think he may get a kick out of this 😞 I didnt answer I told myself to never answer him again!

  • awwww Crabbypants...your self righteous tone makes me miss my ole cancerman so much....He was so one way just like you...Yes I do want my husband for the physical becuase he is a fantastic lover with a nice sized you know what...wheras my poor cancer friend had a whopping 4 inches and very little sex drive. Love is love though...Unfortunately you can't control who you love.

    My pining days are done. My heart goes out to women who are victimized by these men. I hate to see them beat themselves up. Because he is the ONLY man that has created this behavior in me. Call me delusional all you want - no man pours attention on a woman for YEARS without having some feelings towards her.

  • husband confronted my cancer friend...that is when he initially stopped talking to me...but then he started again and then the abuse began. So yea, my husband knows about my heart. I don't hide things well.

  • And the reason I said "one way" to KNOW what it is like between a Cancer and a you judge me and assume you know all the facts...I separated from my husband after he confronted Cancer friend...and then took him back because he was unemployed and needed me...and we have a special needs child.

    Also, Cancerian men and women are different. You will rarely see a cancer woman pull the same stuff.

  • I love to revisit this forum every once in a while to see what's going LOL.

    All I can honestly say, is LISTEN to what he says. I know a lot of the time men aren't willing to tell the truth, but a few red flags I've picked up are:

    I'm really busy

    I'M NOT LOOKING FOR ANYTHING SERIOUS (run AWAY! Run away, run away, run awwaaayyy)

    We're just friends

    If he tosses any of these lines at you, DO NOT expect a romantic ending. Make your decision and stick with it. if you decide to be like "You know what, I see you as more then a friend and I'm looking for something serious. So, we're just gonna be platonic." then you never know what will happen down the line. And this will allow you to continue with your life, date around, and be happy. However, if you make that critical mistake of "Oh, he's just saying that because of BlahBlahBlah. I'm going to nurture him and love him and eventually he'll change his tune." That is always disaster, trust me.

    So, if any of you recognize that in your situation, do yourselves a favor and distance yourself from it.

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  • Taurusb 🙂 LOL....yea, I don't hold back during period week....

  • I'm a sag. Too and my bf is a cancer xD well what I did to get him is just be his friend and flirt with him ask him about things that matter to him. Oh and they are very shy a quit at first. I also ignored him alot and if he's interested trust me he will begg u to talk to him they are very clingy. Miine did it was crazy but when the compliment u be super flirty and just have fun don't fake anything. Even when my guy asked me out he asked me in a way that he was afraid of getting rejected or when he made remarks about us being together he tried to joke about it it was cute I love him I tell him he did change a little though they think they have u so u got to make sure they know they still have to work for u. Cancer men are sweet they remember everything lol too

  • Ok Intuitive Crab, explain this one. Today was My Cancer Man's birthday so I sent him a short but sweet emaill wishing him a Happy Birthday and telling him I hoped he was doing okay. He writes back and thanks me and acts as if I was the one that broke off the relationship. ????? What's up with that??? I still have feelings for this guy and would like to pursue it further, but I'm not jumping in this time. So what do you think? Is he interested or just playing games? I'm not initiating anything anymore, at least right now. If he wants me, he's going to have to do something. Do you think he will, or will he stay in his old crabby shell? I just have this feeling that we are suppose to be together so please give some advice on what I should do.

  • My Cancer Guy - who appears and disappears from time to time - reappeared a couple of weeks ago. As I explained before, we live in different countries, so our relationship is basically by chat and email. He was, as always, charming and sweet. Two days ago he asked me to come see him. In spite of myself, I agreed. Yesterday, he wasn't around all day. This morning, we chatted a bit and then, after telling me he was going away for a few days, he removed me from his skype contacts! At first I thought it was a mistake, so I sent an email asking him what was going on. He hasn't written back. How stupid does he think I am? This is the last straw.

  • I have realized, Pink Tulip, that you must always be in control. The minute they think they are in control, they start these silly games. Don't contact him again for a very long time and if he contacts you, just play it cool and if he wants to see you, tell him he has to come to you.

  • Me a virgo and my cancer guy been together for 6 yrs. In this 6 yrs he has been very attentive to me till recently thing has changed.

    My guy mentioned thtat my mood change like weather really very hard to pin me down and very confusing to him cos everytime i hurt him like nobody business esp initating breakup. His tear would dropped but he'd put on sweet smile with tearful eyes and trembling hands on his wheel like insercurity crab in chao like no sense of direction.

    Well things have changed as i mentioned above , due to misunderstanding . He is less patient on me , he'd got piss off too and then silent treatment . Still he does not really ignores me only a couple of cold replies when I threaten to give up on him. He didnt want to hurt me thus he gone for hide out and its far too stressful for him to handle me , his job and his house renovation at the same time.

    He texted me that he finally came to realize that he has been chasing the impossible and he has awaken and decided not to have this relationship anymore.

    Wow! that is a shock to me .. well i still able to handle it calmly. I asked him for a talk initially he refused but i able to coax out from his shell in amiably manner. I try not to be emotional if I want to see him cos he is very vulnerable at the moment. I asked if he able to move on and forget abt me and erase me from his memory ? He responsed no that "impossible." So i asked him if he still love me ?" Yes ofcourse" he replied . So do you still want to leave me? He replied cos the feeling has changed and he not very sure either and can't explain the changes. That is hard nut to crack really! Till today, the problem have not solve becos problem is i still love him very much and on the other hand i wish i can let go so that he can be freedom thus I initiate to my guy if he is ready to let go pls ignore my texts but he still responses to me . I am confusing and so he is.

    I think i better leave him alone and i go hide out for good.

  • Whenever i texted him he took like yrs to reply or totally non ..

    So i used another tactic saying i wan to get over you so pls do not reply and ignore my texts

    so that i can forget you in no time ,then he replies me promptly and i called him and he picked in no time else like taking him yrs to pick up.

    Note this is only applies on cancerians that really hold the feeling for you deeply else those

    who are out to for fling for this method will not work at all only backfire.

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