S.O.U.L Circle June 26th 2011 - What did you experience?

  • Greystar philosophy is a Greek word, and It means "to love wisdom". Melisa is also Greek for Bee.

    Lol some of the things you say are chinese to me but i think a time will come to fully understand, although i'm perfectly fine the way i am. I feel it's not right to "push" myself to ascend or something, it will happen or it will not, but the moment i realized there is a possibility of me "proceeding" and my family staying behind, i gave up any thought of it, most of my wish to ascend was personal ambition anyway, and this leads to dangerous paths, not ascension.

    Bridget is a name of Gaelic origin, meaning "exalted one"

    Nicole is of Greek origin (didn't know that lol) and means "people of victory" maybe from niki=victory........too much greece around you Melisa, maybe you were born here in a past life ? Do you have any visions or memories of a foreign place ? Hey my alzheimer brain rememberred you mentioning something about crystals ! Any good starters book ? is there a "Complete idiot's guide to crystals" lol

  • Hey, greystar good to see you here. its only me Bee lol- Hoping you got my email a few day's ago

    Glad to see your doing well.

    Seehorse, Its good that your sharing so much of your opinions and views too. thats good.

    and for the crystals you mentioned i have a book that im reading at the moment, which is good.

    called the secrets of crystal healing,.and its by Luc BourGault. maybe you'll like it. look it up n see.

    very interesting, and its a book for beginners into crystals, has what some are, there planets signs and their properties. very good. 🙂 Love you Bee Xx

  • Seehorse First let me say i am very glad you have found your TRUTH you would die for and fight to the death for .

    Never ever would i be leave in a God who wants me to sacrifice my kids or wife or family ,that was one of the biggest battles i had finding a power greater than myself a long time ago. And if that is the only God there is i will do with out and the He*ll with this Ascension ,but that is not the case never has been . Seehorse one day will come when i will leave all my kids and grand kids not by choice but by life one day we all will die or our bodies will but our souls will live on ,my body is getting old or older and some day it will not function anymore and my soul will live on .

    All the things that have happen to me like divorce and jobs my ex done that to her self and us but it was her choice, hers ,Seehorse or Pancho i wished i was able to explain myself better but the only way i know is just to be me and say and try to explain how i feel at the time i write things ,its like you all are my friends and i call and say i need to talk and try and tell you what i am feeling or what is going own in my mind . You know Pancho when Andrea had that baby and i had been shown all this and went threw all this in my minds eye and i couldn't feel it or touch him or smell him ,think of the times when you experienced that with you children and how you felt and how happy and glad you where and getting to hold them and feel them.

    Now put your self in my shoes, now think about why would God show me all these things and let me experience all these things and see them but i couldn't feel them .Because he wanted to give me hope and to show me the new life i will have ,but it sure created a lot of problems for me and i didn't know how to handle it so i write it down and i tell my friends my ego tells me not to say i dont know how to handle this or i am scared or what should i do or how can i trust this God who has just sent me into a living he*ll by not being able to feel one of the most precious moments in a humans life the joy of a new born child ,do you think i could tell my kids or go tell a preacher or anyone else besides here i would probably be locked up or put in a nursing home .

    I am not looking for sympathy but i came here for maybe to get some understanding of all this ,i chose this path a long time ago and i know my journey will go to the end of when ever the end is or what the end is i dont know and i will say this again i have said here before on the forum ( the height of my self center ness is thinking i know what is best for someone ) I do not know what is best for anyone not even my self and anytime i think i do i am wrong ,but what i can do is tell you how i dealt with something how i over came and what i have gone threw to get where i am today good and bad and that is all i can do is share ME.

    Do i know what is best for you? NO,Do i think my way is the only way? He*ll NO i dont even know what my way is so how could i tell you ,Do i pass own messages i get from Father ? Yes and i try my best to make it word for word and anytime i do this it is always ended with Love Freely Given I Give To You and all the other is just me and my thinking and feelings . Do i know what is going to happen with all this Ascension NO that is why i came here and why i stay here is to try and learn as much as i can about what is happening in our world and maybe help someone by what i have been going threw if i can .

    I have been cussed, ridiculed laugh at fired, divorced and even my own kids have laughed at me for be leaving in the Truth and saying the truth and have been told every thing i be leave is wrong .

    I guess if be leaving in The light or Truth and Love is wrong and in the Father who is Truth and Love then i guess i will live the rest of my life being wrong .But i will go to my grave be leaving in Love and Truth. Tooter

  • Seehorse,

    I will also check on a book for crystals. Sweety, the intent of ascension helps you and everyone's life you touch. You would be amazed at the impact it would have on your family...it gives my daughter sense of peace also. To degree it helps make us each a better person and helps those whose lives we touch. It is about love and service not abandonment of family.

    Whether you realize it or not, each time you enter the circle the light you sends helps people in many places. What if light being sent like that had an opportunity to minimize effects of earth changes around you and others to help?

    On a side note, I woke up after an intense dream this morning with the feeling I should offer to show you something on the astral. I have no idea consciously what it is for sure. If you would like to give ut a try, please let me know when might work for you. First time, I've woke up with the feeling like this. Not sure if it is something of your or my past lifes but the dream had kids in it. One lady with blonde hair had two girls, the other was a guy I think with one girl. I think it had relevance to you or I but felt I was supposed to show you.

    Send me an email when you have time. I see myself in attire like Greece but think I was Atlantean in one life.

    Love and light,


  • People, please understand something about me. Spirituality and ascension is not my first priority. Food on my family's table is. And the minute i find myself too immersed in this, starting to fail my obligations to my family is the minute i step down. I came here to find answers and i've learned a lot since i joined. But i walk my personal path. Spirit has laid this path for me and Sprit only knows what my spirit need to learn to advance. I f anyone else try to make me learn his/her Truth, this individual thinks he/she knows better than Spirit. But Spirit always knows better.

    Tooter, i've worked as a substitute teacher for 3 years. What i learned from this experience is a good teacher lowers himself at the knowledge level of his students. If i have a university level knowledge and try to speak to a person who has an elementary level, chances are the student won't understand a word i say. It's my job to feed the student knowledge at a rate the student can tolerate, otherwise i lose perspective and i lose the student. You may (or may not) be in a level far above any of us, that doesn't mean we can understand. Or and i believe this is the case, you walk a different path, as we all. If i follow yours, i'm lost. If you follow mine, the same. But forcing anyone to accept your truth as the only real Truth is unacceptable. The Truth i have found is my family in the 3rd dimension. As for my personal truth, i re-invent myself and my beliefs every time i am proven wrong. Because this is the path Spirit prepared for my. And this is progress for me. And maybe in 30 years from now i'll say the exact same things you say now to others, or maybe not. Spirit decides, Spirit teaches when Spirit deems appropriate. As for your personal life, i don't judge you, only you have that right. It's only human to seek understanding but i'm not the right person for that, people like Myjourney and PisceanHealer have that gift, i have others. And i'm like that because Spirit made me so, maybe for a reason. I have a role to play in the grand scheme of things, as has everybody. But as ourselves, the way Spirit made us. Forcing myself to change just to adapt to other people's beliefs is wrong.

    Greystar, thank you for your offer, it's not something i'd like to do right now as i've stumbled onto something potentially important (or not), anyway i must spend the following days or weeks to investigate it. But i'm definitely interested in this. Unfortunately i don't have your e-mail so someone who knows yours can send it to me. I feel we have a lot to talk about.

  • I will now ask a philosophical question. Just a little game to kill time. Anyone who feels like it can answer. But please take the time to think about it as if it really happened.

    You're in your living room or wherever you feel comfortable. Then all of a sudden a door appears in front of you. And a voice says "if this door opens, your world will be changed forever. I won't tell you what's behind that door, but it will enter the second you open it, and there's no turning back. If it's Light, your world ascends. If it's Darkness, well use your imagination. Maybe what will enter is the Light or Darkness you carry inside you. Here's the Key. You know where the door is and how to open it. All you have to do is make the choice of opening the door or not. And of course accept responsibility for your action. Bye !"

    Well, what would be your choice ? And why ?

  • Hey seehorse good game

    Id probably chose the light, not sure why, but iv had dreams like that before, about chasing key's and three scenes, with three key's. but I dunno, that just seemed relevant to your game somehow lol. anyway yes the light one, cause it feels right i guess, and makes some sense. but i do fear the dark, n shadows, though i try not too lol- i fight enough of em in my dreams.

    Love you Bee Xx

  • Seehorse,

    Totally respect that and understand. Anubis2469 is at live...


  • Good question SH!

    I choose to leave it shut where it is until I know what it is that I will be opening.

    When I am sure, I will open it or die with the key in my possession.


  • You guys have a nice weekend. Going out on a date for the first time in a month.....:-) This weekend is packed with things. Will try to be in the circle if I can. Not sure yet how late ill be getting back if we travel to see a museum exhibit about Egypt.


  • Enjoy your weekend, greystar 🙂 Love You

    Bee Xx

  • Love you too Bee. I'm doing ok. I started you an email but haven't finished it yet. By the way, I love LotusPrincess. That is a beauriful name. Have a nice weekend also. Doing fireworks with the little one Monday.

  • That's cool. and that's Ok 🙂 I'm glad your doing okay, and thank you. i love it too. 🙂

    Hope you have fun with the fireworks, sounds like it will be a good weekend 🙂

    Love n Hugs Bee 🙂

  • Hi to all of you, sending out peace,love and light..

    Pedro, the answer for me is to stay where i am, though it may be a tempting thought...I have way to much to learn today and I Will keep learning like a child until the day i leave earth,To me that would be an easy way out and many times I have wanted to escape the reality of life, I have had trials "many", no matter what those trials, they have given me wisdom to help others and i will not abandon my life with my children, family and Friends.



  • Hey Lotus Princess thanks for the book info ! Perhaps it's exactly what i was looking for !

    Now good people, did you like my story ? Let's take it a bit futher, just for fun...

    Now God comes again "Yo Kiddo, i see you hesitate, and you're right. You understand the risk of the unknown. Now i like fair play so i'll tell you all you need to know. What awaits behind that door is the Shaper of Things to Come. It's a primordial, allmighty, unstoppable force. It doesn't have a mind of its own though. All it does is shape everything according to the first being it encounters, using it as a template. That'll be You. That's right, your world will be shaped in Your Image. All the Light as well as the Darkness inside you will manifest and shape your world. Now you have everything you need, no strings attached, there's no catch, just fair play. Seeya !"

    For the record, i would take the key to my grave and just forget all about the damn door lol.....

  • " All the Light as well as the Darkness inside you will manifest and shape your world"

    I think all of us already took the key and entered the door when we incarnated on earth 🙂 because all of our light as well as our darkness manifests and shapes our world. That primordial, allmighty, unstoppable force is energy we all use every day and our lesson is to learn to use it appropriately..........I believe anyway. Love and Light 🙂

  • I hope to make it to tomorrows light circle. I've had so much company the last couple of months that on Sunday I can barely make it up and have just not felt like reading or writing much either, I still kind of feel spiritually disconnected and just decided to go with it and be a bit more earthly for awhile. Last week I did barely see light beings in a circle, hands coming together like the popular pictures look, but it didn't wake me up, so maybe I was seeing everyone getting together? or just thinking about it. It was cool tho. Hope everyone has a great experience tomorrow 🙂

  • 🙂

  • Heya guy's trying to make this Sunday's meditation circle, ill try if i can, dads coming ova to take us out to the cinema, would appreciate any healing energies you can give too, as been having lots of trouble with my stomach lately, that's if you have enough, after giving some to RC too. 🙂

    Would be much appreciated, ill try my best to be here, but its doubtful, on the timing. Love n light to all. Bee xx

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