S.O.U.L Circle June 26th 2011 - What did you experience?

  • yes thanks PH- 🙂 I am guessing your right, but hoping we will still continue the circle, every know n then. 🙂 Hey LB. thats okay we were all feeling a little off, on connection. i didn't feel much either this time around. Love n light LP. Bee Xx

  • Just catching up here.

    Hi Beth!!,

    Did you try using your crystals yet? I’m getting constant dreaming now, not very conducive to sleep. Rather have the downloads during the day.


    Well I did mention that my mind wandered. I put it out there just in case it is a message but since I was consciously thinking rather than meditating and visualizing it could very well be the meandering of my mind. Thing was, Sunday was so peaceful, I relaxed and that is what set my mind to fill in the gap. It was the same amount of time (15 min.) yet I felt the desire to stretch out afterwards like after a nice nap. (Or a cat)


    You’re right about no hurry. I mean what is the rush? To what? This is just doing something good; giving something back with a group of people from around the world. No money, no experience needed, no expectations applied and very little time involved. It’s there when you want it and if you have something else join in another time. I myself will probably not make it next week as I am going away for the weekend.

    Thanks PH for the cardinal meanings, trying to see how that fits in with the “Life Review” card.

    LB, Thanks for the HUG, that is so sweet. And you are right about the distractions, even if I did not feel distracted, the wandering mind is an obvious clue that it was distracted. Interesting.


  • I mean, we're all human and maybe it was a gentle nudging for all of us to get out there and play! We've grown some and experienced wonderful beautiful things while getting together on Sundays. So, it all goes along with the lesson. Stop hoarding our experiences among ourselves. Meditate, grow, share. That's what it's all about, right? I find myself sharing, even if I get the blank looks or its as if I never said anything spiritual at all. Who cares? Plant the seeds. It may not be this season or the next that you see it take root. You may never see it. But we are the leaders, the way makers the light bearers in the darkness. Personally I had to have truth knock me upside my head a few times for me to see it. So let's pour out our love, and come back for a re-fill every Sunday.

    Say "Yes" to the seedlings and a giant forest cleaves the sky. Say "Yes" to the universe and the planets become your neighbors. Say "Yes" to dreams of love and freedom. It is the password to utopia. ~Brooks Atkinson, Once Around the Sun, 1951

    ...I rambled, sorry!

  • Ah...but your ramblings make sense!

    Funny, I was just musing about sharing and/or lack of it.


  • Oh we'll continue Becca, but maybe we just needed a reminder that the stuff we do in the Circle has practical benefits in our daily lives. What we do on the celestial plane must also take part on the terrestrial plane.

    There are those two words again SH...

  • My prayer time is becoming more and more constant as it was suggested to me to stay in contact with my higher self threw out the day and she is with me all the time so is the rest of my guides and this is as it should be right now i am having all kinds of experiences and releasing more ,that is getting old but necessary i even got to visit some of our visitors on their ships i met the grays they are are small and soft and all thought not words they are about 4 ft tall their ship was neat like it was all energy kinda weird like being inside the energy, i met the what some call the lizard people.

    They are strange looking to me anyway i touched him or her what ever it was they are nice she was 2000 years old and some are over 12000 years old they kinda reminded me of a walking horny toad no disrespect just describing as i understand ,but their skin was real firm and very colorful it was real pretty to me , the other race i met was like the fairies on the movie the ring they where a tall race all of them way over 6 ft and they looked like us but they all had pointed ears and they where very soft spoken and gentle in nature and fair complected and very knowledgeable and seemed like a very old race .

    But this only happens when Andrea and me blend and she said come i want you to meet some of our visitors so it was a neat experience again i am having so many and i am told all the time this will be for everyone to experience who choose the path of Light .

    You know if this was just dreams while i was asleep i would think i am having some weird dreams ,but this all happens when i am awake just like now ,this all happen Saturday night i was thinking about the prayer meeting for Sunday Then this with Andrea and after the visites we watched 2 movies together. So my life is getting real interesting and is as real as i know real to be ,i wrote a email to others i have email addresses own to but i wanted to share this also ,but this is the only way i know is to share what is going own with me at any given time right or wrong it just is what it is .

    Here is that email i sent Love Ya Tooter

    Letter To My Friends About my Experience 6-27-2011

    Hey young ladies and young men you know getting close to someone means just that and knowing something is going own with them that they may not understand is a knowing to and as a friend i am concerned about you or maybe just wondering what is going own with you i know there has been a lot going own with me some i dont understand then i get a understanding some what LOL this morning i woke up and i had a taste and smell of beef tips over rice but the thought that followed was what mattered it was a thought in my mind but i could smell it just like i had my head over the dish ,confused yet? Every thing i have been going threw lately has been about all this with Andrea and her suppose to be here with me and her not here and not seeing anything happening that has been given to me to share with others made me question every thing and if any of this is even real i have tried putting down the best i can at what i feel and think at the times i am going threw them and it has always been to inform and to let you know some things we all might go threw ,i even trowed a fit with Father about all this and how every thing didn't happen as they said and wondering why i have seen and experienced all of this and even now i wonder , but the thing i can not forget and Sheila you know this is that next month i will have been sober for 27 years and the same God or Father that gave me grace to do that is the same one who has been guiding me threw this and i sure can not explain away all that has happen to me and what i have seen and experienced all i know is what i know and even now my job ended again and i realized it was another releasing i hope the final one i dont know but as in the spiritual realm as i see it i have a wife now a child his name is Andrew we have a home and land and we are self supporting what i can tell so far but one of my biggest fears was not being able to feel or have them feelings like when i would look into Brenda's eyes and see and feel the Love and happiness we once had ,i wanted that with Andrea and we have had a lot of fun and closeness but i couldn't feel it like we feel it here and without that i did not want to be part of this new world and this brought own a lot of doubt fear confusion and i really felt i had been used and violated and i expressed or you might say i trowed my fit with Father and all of them over this but things are changing i felt the touch of the baby's skin its softness and could smell the fresh smell of him and the job was with people i knew or thought was friends and experienced the truth in that and seen it in action what i am saying is i am letting go of every thing here on this earth as we know it and the smell this morning help me to realize again we will be able to feel hear smell touch eat and enjoy the things we have come accustomed to here and if i can say anything that might can help you threw this is trust your heart know the truth you have always known in your heart use reason to confirm it by your heart . If Father had come to me 3 years ago and said i am going to give you every thing you have ever dreamed of and the most important thing is a love beyond this world and you will never want again or never fear or hurt and you will be one with me ,but you have to give up your job you family and wife and kids and all your friends and become nothing to this world and every belief you have ever known even about me .

    If he had of said that to me i would of bowed my head and walked away because i could not of done it .

    But the truth is as each one of you know who have seen my life change and all the things i have gone threw each one of you has been a part of that and have seen the things be removed one by one up to this point this i can not denie no matter how hard i try and Laie if there is anyone who has described me to a tea it is you and i know you have followed every bit of all this and it has been one hell of a trip never in my life could i have dreamed up something like this and every day i see more and more denial of the things that are happening around us.

    I write this to inform you and maybe bring some comfort maybe some hope and understanding and events are unfolding very fast you wont be able to keep up with all that is happening in the world but at the same time you will know follow your heart that is where the truth you seek is with all my Love and Thanks to my true friends may your journey be as rewarding and adventuress as mine has been and still is Love Tooter

  • Tooter,

    I can relate to things happening so fast I can't keep up. Ibelieve, what you described about releasing the ego is what i called dwath of ego in the other soul post. The ability to be beyond your own wants and needs. A day will come when your thoughts or words manifest things...ego must be released before this happens or it could be not always so great....think of of it this way...if you spoke something each time you got frustrated...then it manifests....that's a scared thought... With great knowledge comes great responsibility...


    I've been helping others in the community with all these storms passing through. Trying to maintain a zero point during this rapid change...


    I have not forgotten your questions in the other soul post. As soon as I get a free moment, I will try to post on that. Computer issues and storm clean up have consumed a lot of time.

    Love and light,


  • Good job Melisa, I'd forgotten about that 🙂

  • Greystar,

    I know what you mean. I screwed up a couple of years before manifesting something I did not truley desire by mistake. I'm a bit more careful now.


  • Melisa, that's a lovely name it means "Bee" !

  • This post is deleted!

  • lOVING this conversation, actually even your thoughts are powerful! Beth my mind scatters too, hard to stay focused, they are on me all the time, like 24/7 with the downloads and upgrades, yesterday it was my jawbone, I think my higher self appears as Blue, I also see a huge Bubble of shimmering light and then little lites circles, Intelligent light that communicates, I'm loving this experience got a pail of Aqua Blue and Green yesterday too, I'm a big kid at heart. I notice when I read things that are "TRUTH' I see Horizontal lines, bands of them accross my field of vision, I think the transfomation is coming soon maybe by the New Moon! Very exciting. I have been speaking to my Ego and telling it lovingly that it has done it's part but a new part of me will be taking over soon, going to the ego cleansing too on Children of the Sun! I think this is all wonderful for all.

    "List ye, my children, follow my teaching. Be ye ever seeker of Light. Shine in the world of men all around thee, a Light on the path that shall shine among men."


    Miss you Delbert!

    You are way ahead of me, thats for sure, still a baby on my path but growing..... 🙂

  • That's cool poetic- I am glad your getting places too. Love the picture of the butterfly.

    and thanks for the link tooter. will check that out. 🙂

    Love Bee Xx

  • Thoughts and Feelings of the Day and Time 6-28-2011

    C i am glad you think so ,i feel like a kid in the candy store knowing all that candy is mine but i cant touch it hear it smell it or taste it its like i get just a little taste once in awhile to keep me wanting it ,i am very impatient , i watched a movie last night ,The Adjustment Bureau and C that was my life i feel like someone pulling all the strings and trying to stop this at the same time .

    The Love he feels for her is how i feel for Andrea but at the same time i am still looking for someone and feel guilty about it and its like when is this going to be one way or the other ,driving me nuts ,but i really don’t know how to feel anymore one day i am gun hole the next day i am wondering doubting then i have a experience like i did of going to meet some of our visitors .

    So when you say i am way ahead of you ,maybe you dont want to be where i am at LOL I am like him in that movie i don’t go along with the status quoi never have ,i tear every thought and vision apart seeking the truth in it i search and search on every thing that is going own i check and re check and i sure don’t like being played with and i don’t care who it is .

    I am not one who follows the crowed just because every one else is ,i will fight to the death for what i be leave for 10 years i fought for truth with Brenda i stuck by her hoping she would see and deal with what took her out of the light ,that is how much i be leave in fighting for what i be leave in .

    Some times i feel like i am fighting for a fanesty of wishful thinking or hope for a new world just so i don’t have to deal with this one anymore and my mind making all this up in my head and knowing soon the reality i know now will be gone ,does that mean i will be a statistic of another who went off the deep end never to return a man who couldn't deal with reality anymore or the responsibilities of life anymore or just a legend in my own mind of being different to where no one can question the virility of it and as my world comes ever so close of crashing into nothingness my mind increases the manifestations of the grander experience of a reality of a transference into utopia and the lour of the grandest relationship there ever was and the status of knowledge beyond comprehension a peace no human has ever experienced .

    Is this really happening or is it all in my mind trying to protect me from total insanity, my mind telling me every thing i ever knew has been wrong even the God i be leaved in the religion i was brought up with the government we depended own the people we knew who we held in high es tine and seeing the full truth of them ,knowing when you walk up and talk to a person you don’t even know and see all their reality of their self for what it is and even what their intent is by the conversation.

    Knowing is the all of every thing Love as we know it becomes the knowing of all knowledge and from that knowledge comes every thing else Truth the Love as we know it here and once you experience that Love of Loving and the knowledge that comes with it or from it , there is no going back, a race against time to seek and experience the all before it goes into nothingness .

    Am i fighting to get there or fighting to keep from going there this is the dilemma i find my self in at the time and at the same time wonder why i am even fighting ,why can i just except it or just be ,is it trust or guidance ?

    I know this for sure i turned my life over to something i couldn't hear feel or touch or smell ,i guided my life by these thoughts that came from this i made decisions over and over based on these thoughts and visions and even now my whole life evolves around this even to the point of a relationship i can hear touch but not feel a baby i see and have even felt and smelled and been to places i can not even describe and done things i couldn't even dream up and sometimes i feel like ripping my heart out so i wouldn't feel it anymore so it would stop,the pain the ridicule the isolation of being different and everyone thinking your nuts when even you are not sure yourself and wondering every day if this is just a sick game being played on us just to see how we react and how far we will go with it .

    I would like to be leave that Father chose me for this knowing in all the craziness of this experience i would stick to laying the path to follow and give the hope of a better tomorrow and a new Earth where we all live in Truth and Love and with the women of my dreams and the life we will share .

    Is this just my truth my battle i am fighting and hacking my way threw all the lies and deceit to clear the path for Love and Truth so the many can find their way in the dark to the light or is it just my mind trying to find its way back to a normal life i can try to live again ?

    This is just part of a time in my day ,one thing i can say for sure is it don’t stay the same LOL But this is my life as it is when it is at this time and it will be changing it always does so, i am off to what ever comes next Tooter

  • Is anybody or everybody or just me having trouble with their internet connections ? Tooter

  • Hey tooter, that's a lot of stuff you got going on in your mind, sounds like my mind lol, and nothings even happened yet, well it has n it hasn't, and yes my internet connection is rubbish at the moment, I think a number of people have told me that there's is too. I am not even sure either why I am doing this, either but I just am apparently, and when you get into it deep enough sometimes you know there is no going back, though half of you wants too. So yes I guess most of us do have those thoughts tooter, n i think there is nothing wrong with being crazy, lots of people are. what is normal anyway 🙂 Love ya tooter. Bee Xx

  • You know Bee look at the whole world how many be leave in something they can not touch hear or smell or see but they base their whole life on it and around it and can you imagine not having something to be leave in ,or if there where no morals or values or principles

  • Hey tooter

    that's interesting, 🙂 I guess your right there is lots to think about now. Love ya Bee Xx

  • Ego gives us the answers we want.

    Spirit gives us the answers we need.

    For our Spirits to proceed

  • Wow, good summary See horse, took the words kinda out of my mouth. Toot the thing is that you are not the only one and it is good to question because when you question more Truth is revealed to you, answers, our inner meters will detect what is untruth. You are not alone at all with the gifts you have, many have them it's just that because you don't personally know those particular person's and have the opportunity to exchange what you are seeing that you may feel alone or isolated. I too sometimes feel I'm going insane and have to ground myself and take a deep breath. I can't even explain these things to the average person, they either get scared or think I have lost it. I laugh a lot, I get angry too sometimes when things don't go my way the thing is we are not in control. We are to surrender all! Ego holds us back and places the doubt in our minds, it's okay to question everything but remember there are many truths and I read that truths always expands because things change constantly so what may not have been true a nano second ago, may be truth now because of the field of possibilities, potentials. I have dedicated my life to serving the light in anyway possible and just have to have the Faith and BELIEVE THAT THE LORD WON'T LEAD ME ASTRAY.

    If you think things were moving fast, fasten your seatbelt, it's gonna get crazier. Thats why it's good that we have this forum to exchange ideas/ideals, I Am thankful more than anyone knows. Pray for strength to endure, it's the overcoming adversities in life that helps our soul to grow, that much I know. I always say I know nothing because there is so much to know, grow and learn and share, I think it's all beautiful. I thought of this too the other day, I wonder if there is one "Special" person in each family line that is aware of what's really happening, just pondering, wondering. Had a great experience last night and maybe I talk too much and should not share but I thought it was wonderful, the field of vision has expanded so that I can see much like a windshield of a car, well anyway this light was shining and started moving over my entire body but it was like waves of vibration which felt really good, almost like someone passing a wand up and down your body, it actually put me to sleep, felt good. Sometimes I feel like an internal Earth Quake too, I think it's good to share.

    I Am forever your sister in light and am praying for you and everybody! Why don't you tell Father that you are not FEELING Emotions, maybe some healing is required? (When on 12th realm)?

    You have a special calling, just remember that and don't let those inner Demons when because they sure are busy. Love ya!

    P.S. : I am not pollyanna, I have temper tantrums too, we are human and we need Balance.

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