S.O.U.L Circle June 26th 2011 - What did you experience?

  • From Arch Angel Hermes, via Meridith Murphy

    Infinite time is an ever-expanding reality and a powerful point of creativity. In this vortex of being you have access to all that you are and all that you ever will be, as that exists in the eternally incomplete, never-get-it-done-now. {Smile.} This is a perhaps something difficult to comprehend, but increasingly as timelines converge you will know yourselves in what you might think of as simultaneous, or parallel, past and future versions of focus as one energy field in the present. You will begin to construct, to dream into being—if you will—your life, from a knowing that is informed from the desires birthed in seeing/being/knowing your self from an infinite timeless perspective.

    As you orient more deeply to your vibration in all time/no time, you will experience a wholeness of you; you will know yourself as a radiant generative energy source which you will increasingly understand with a matter of fact awareness and a peaceful, grounded way of referencing. You are acclimating to life in expanded dimensions because you are living with elevated and expanded frequency as your state of form. This is a graduation of sorts for you in your human lineage and you have accomplished much to arrive here and it in and of itself is a wonderful evolution to be loved and recognized

  • Thanks for sharing that CEE. 🙂 Tooter poetic says it better than I could. 🙂

    Love you both Bee Xx


    You know Poetic ihave this feeling (and i know i may be wrong but i like to believe it) Spirit will take care of us all. I can't imagine a God who would create to condemn (the name of the first thread i posted). A parent always takes care of his/her children, never abandons them or playing tricks on them or cheat on them. We just have to take our lessons, challenges laid in our path for us to become mature. We all have different paths, different experiences but in the end ALL paths lead back to the Great Spirit. I believe we are all a part of it, we just have to cleanse ourselves from egoism, selfishness, anger all the negative emotions. And Spirit only provides us with the challenges necessary for our souls to advance towards it. Many times we take those challenges as punishment, same as a little child doesn't understand this lollipop it so much wants is bad for its health and cries, but Mom always knows better. I think this is how Spirit sees as, as little children and it tries to teach us. But i don't think it will ever abandon any of its children.

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    Lovely thoughts Seehore, reflecting my own feelings. I LOVE that realization (time and time again, here) that I'm not alone in my thoughts.


  • seehore rotflmao i think i'll change my name hahaha

  • You know when you love your child so much and you also know that he/she is making bad choices because they do not want to face reality and in order to be a good parent and not enable them...they call it tough love.

    It could be simple as not allowing them to have the lollipop and explaining that it is bad for their teeth and just doing the right thing by them as a parent should or...

    Telling them that you are not going to support them, bail them out etc when they refuse to hold onto a job or get fired for not doing their job or spending all their time/money on drugs. You can say it is doing the good parent thing but they know darn well it is their job now to make their own decisions and you should stay out of it.

    Their right, so why are they asking for money/support?

    Sometimes we don't know what lesson/trial we are going through until we get above and beyond it. God knows, but how can he relate that to us, when we spend all our time talking and asking rather than listening and acting upon the advice?

    Tough Love. I don't like recieving it any better than handing it out. It seriously su***ks.

  • BAHAHAHAHA ummm, Freudian slip there, See?

  • IBeleive, i have strange ideas lately. I don't know if what we call God is an entity or a force, meaning something like a quantum ocean of possibility or potential (don't know if that makes any sense lol) maybe something like the collective subconsious of all things in the universe. Now if our thoughts, actions, wishes, feelings behave like ripples in the ocean, interacting with other people's ripples who meet ours creating new ripples who come back at us changing our reality, (i need vacations pronto!) maybe we should reconsider all religious things we learned so far from the spiritual terrorists (the church) who plagued our minds with fear of a punisher deity only to convince us we need them to avoid purgatory....

    LB, that's actually the second time someone typed seehore, now i remember a Watergirl's post about my North Node saying maybe i was a prostitute in a past life lol

  • Well i guess i was wrong in trying to share with the ones i trusted and be leaved i could tell every thing to i was going threw The Real Truth not some false hope or positive thinking, right or wrong you see i right what i feel or experience good or bad just as it is i dont denie it ,i dont bury it with the hope it dont pop up again or try to say it didn't happen or say ten ha*il marry s and its OK .

    I am no teacher or guru or no enlighten one or what ever or a physic or versed in tarot and all that never clammed to be and hope never will ,i sure dont base my life on cards or stars or what alinement the planets are in .but i sure Trust the one who made all of it possible i shared what i had to share ME no more no less i didn't hide my name or who i am i am not ashamed of what i be leave in or what i go threw to grow in that belief and i am sure not ashamed of trying to do and follow Fathers will and all the experiences i have had and i guess trying to share what is really going own with me to others so maybe ,maybe it might help them understand it will change and get better and show them that you might go threw these things but you can get threw them .

    I am sorry if i o fended you all by this it was not my intent only to inform you and i guess my sharing does not help anyone so good luck on your journey Tooter

  • Tooter,

    Your messages just remind us that we are not the only one going through it and that we are not alone. We all have periods of doubt where reaffirmation to our path is needed and periods of clarity where our path is clear. Trying not to attach to it helps as in the next moment something might be different. If that makes sense.

    Right now I feel like time has been moving so fast I can hardly keeup. The past four weeks I have been waking up some nights with intense sweats and shaking. Sometimes it is a dream I dont remember that it is intense it seems real. Other times I am not sure what happened. My sleep has been restless as I have underwent. Things I did not realize were there arise when I go through those high frequency sessions that work with chakras. The releases have been intense at times like a Charlie horse releasing or a muscle spasm releasing in a chakra area. After these things happen I feel better and whatever blocked is released and the energy flow resumes. Sometimes there's thoughts or emotions that bring to the surface to be cleansed and released. Some have described it as Kundalini, ascension symptoms. A lot of old outdated thoughts and etc are released to be replaced by new higher energies. The process is difficult but the peace once it is done will be worth it.

    The things we go through is something we chose long ago to go through for some reason I have yet to understand. I can't say the tough love is easy but the lessons learned through it are usually ones remembered.


    When you talked about tough love, I thought of the tough love my parents showed me many times...strangely they are the lessons I will remember the most. A wise person once taught me that it is better to teach a child by helping teach them how to resolve the problem not taking care of it for them. In the situation I received this advice, it was hard not just try to make it all better than to show my daughter how to solve a problem. If we were not to have to work on things that are difficult would we truly appreciate the results of those efforts.

    Sorry kind of rambling on....

    Love and light,


  • Thank you guts for reminding me of the lesson in what I have been going through.


    I thought of this when you worried about others thinking you were crazy...my sister got my daughter this book about Noah and rhe flood which has really got me thinking a lot. God told Noah about the flood and asked him to build the ark and tell people the deluge was coming...other than his family...did people believe him? Can you image someone carrying a message of a flood but no rain, building a boat...people mocked Noah until the flood came and they did not believe him. Building a huge ark on knowing something like this must have taken large amounts of faith and effort. Sometimes wondering if you can see the huge task to completion...

    Seehorse...there is a picture of a huge horse in the book...I think of you when I read it.

    Back to the point....this book about the flood reminds you of things like one...how odd it would be to see two of each animal lined up to wnter the ark getting along instead of eating each other...the animals all fit in the ark and there was room still. the animals for quite before the flood started as if they also sensed it. This book also spoke of a New Earth..The New Earth to come reminded me of this....then it spoke of cataclysmic events, just seemed like a smaller scale of changes to come.

    Another odd thing in the book is it added up the days from the start of rain to the time of dry land which was a little over a year....this is a kids creation book my sister which is my twin flame found...but the book is really good.

    Tooter, try not to be so hard on yourself at times.. you are blessed to see what you do...with that gift comes great responsibility. I had a strange dream a while back after an activation about a being not of this earth...spoke with sounds and color light...don't understand the meaning....when the time is right the meanings of my odd dreams and visions will reveal themselves.

    Love and light,


  • Seehorse,

    I finally found that free moment...by death of the ego I mean,releasing the attachment to ego and ego centered behavior. As a person who seems to like to read on Japanese religion...I figure you may be familiar with Japanese Buddhism. Hopefully even zen. It's a place where you release attachment to things that are not truth...illusions so to speak. To release attachment to self which is in essence the ego. In relation to spiritual growth, it is a place where senae of a self directed life becomes one of service and love. It us a pkace where there is no longer attachment to I but more a part of a whole as in a group consciousness of one. Each part is a seperate part so to speak but each part makes the whole...which is connected to the Source/I am presence/universe/oversoul. You are part of it and it is part of you.

    With it comes a great peace, yes there are still emotions but those of a lower nature can be transcended or transmute so to speak... It us like the light from a lighthouse guiding those in,a storm...the ability to stay calm like a zero point even amongst changes happening around you. Words can't really explain this well, but the sense of Self is purified and cleansed in the flames. The phoenix risibg from the ashes is like your Higher Self coming forth with its gigher vibrations...there is ability to manifest your thoughts and dreams in this place...so with it much responsibility comes too. Much good can be accomplished in this state...but if sense of self us not transcended much you don't mean to manifest can...even in a moment of haste and frustration.

    I posted something about a paper I wrote in college on enlightenment from a Japanese Zen Buddhism perspective a while back I posted on tarot in case you might want to give it a read..

    Understanding it for me comes easier than the practical life application in life I've been trying so to speak...

    The activations you asked about just help you tune in to your higher self easier...a few of them remind me of what Tooter described...helps you to connect to a crystalline grid made up of many lightworkers as one on a grid that connects to sacred sites and ley lines in the earth. Helps to send light, and live and healing to many. When I first had a vision of the grid reminded me of dots of white light connected by threads or lines of light...kind of like connect the does but one big light energy ball connecting lots of proletarian and places to help others. Helps with ascension process poetic has spoke about...helps send healing energy to mother earth and people and places. I hope I am making sense.


  • "Well i guess i was wrong in trying to share with the ones i trusted and be leaved i could tell every thing to i was going threw The Real Truth not some false hope or positive thinking, right or wrong you see i right what i feel or experience good or bad just as it is i dont denie it ,i dont bury it with the hope it dont pop up again or try to say it didn't happen or say ten ha*il marry s and its OK "

    This has gone far enough and this is where i make my stand. Tooter, you said yourself many times you're not really sure if your experiences are real or if everything is a figment of your imagination. And yet you have the NERVE to ridicule and discard other people's beliefs just because they are different than your own supposed "truth". There were many in humanity's history who thought this way. They all believed theirs was the right way and in fact the only way.

    Well, i believe different. And i follow no one. I have the guts to make my own path and my own decisions not relying to anyone. And accept full responsibility if i crash and burn. But i choose what's good for me and no one else. And you know something Tooter, if your "Father" ever comes to me asking me to abandon my children for him, i'll tell him to go **** himself because i don't believe in a god who demands sacrifices, i believe in Love and Light. And if i have to go through the fires of **** to ascend, then i don't want to ascend. I'm perfectly fine in this 3rd dimension with my family and the life i live right now. And frankly, i don't need to ascend. I happen to like this Earth and all that live on it. So, go ascend to the 5th or the 16th or whatever dimension your Ego needs to create and leave the less enlightened here to live their ignorant lives as they choose. Heaven can wait. I choose to have a life to live.

  • Good Morning! Everyone is right, remember your thoughts are your own reality, positive or negative, everyone has the right to beleive whatever they want and not fear judgement from any! Live and let live, I don't try to change anyone's belive because that is not my place, everyone is on their own paths and everyone has their own TRUTH'S, AND CHANGE IS CONSTANT. I think it's beautiful to share and grow, I can tell you when I started my journey things that I read back then made no sense to me and as I go back and research again, they make perfect sense, no one can rush the Universe, things are revealed to you in time and often you will have "Aha" moments and say yes, okay thats why, I treasure all of the stories and truths, We are All one whether you believe it or not, does not matter! Everyone is your brother sister, good or bad, light or dark, all we can do is pray for others that they may find THEIR WAY.

    I have four children two of them were bent on destroying their lives, I have learned that I cannot make them drink the water, you teach them morals and values but they are gonna do what they want to do and there are here just as you to experience any and everything they can. Just as I'm sure we all did. You don't even own their lives, you may be the Parent but their lives belong to them and their destiny, pray for them, guide them and let them live and learn. Life is a great teacher.

  • I'm leaving today and will be back next Wednesday, Greystar call or text if you need to, I wish all Peace, Love and Joy and Happy Transformations! Plant seeds of Joy for the New Moon tomorrow!

  • "your thoughts are your own reality, positive or negative" thank you for this lesson Poetic, one we should all learn. Here's another "Real Truth", one that was downoladed to me yesterday. Is it thr right one ? I don't know. There are many Souls, and many paths to the Light. Like Ulysses we leave Spirit to begin our Great Journey of Wisdom, because wisdom comes for the knowledge of the Spiritual AND the Material world. To know one while ignoring the other is partial wisdom, so no wisdom at all. The soul is perfected only when it has travelled both worlds. We are all pilgrims walking different paths. Some are pretty close and travellers talk to each other, some far apart so one cannot hear the other. But all lead to the same point eventually. In our egoism and ignorance we believe we know it all, we convince ourselves our personal path is the right one. The Truth is my personal path is the right one for me and no one else. If i try to alter someone else's path because i think i know better, i forget the Universe always knows better and fall into pride. Truth also is i am responsible for my actions. Not God or Devil but myself. Man distorted God to fit his own image and to avoid responsibility. All we are is our choices. God never forces us to do anything, we choose to do good or evil. In essence, we are free to create more loops to our path, more reincarnations. And these too lead to Light eventually.

    There's only one God

    X marks the spot

    The Vitruvian Man

    If you want to find a god, take a look at the mirror

    And accept responsibility.

    Ps 82:6, "I said: 'You are Gods.'"

  • So true Seehorse...each has his or her own path...no one is greater lesser just different in the approach. Last night I had a free moment so I thought I would share a few ideas. I hope my attempt to explain that question in the post you asked in the other thread. It is only a view as I am very open minded to hearing multiple views. I'll try to post again when I have more time.


  • "no one is greater or lesser just different in the approach"

    Exactly Greystar, in the eye of Spirit we are all equals. I think i know now the meaning of the Phoenix. Death and rebirth of our beliefs. I started my journey to spirituality the first time a friend gave me a "slap in the face", breaking my illusions about myself. It was not pleasant, i assure you. I then stood at a crossroads. I had to make a choice. To choose the path of the ostrich, dig a hole in the ground and stick my head in refusing to aknowledge i was wrong, or choose the path of the Phoenix, burning my old beliefs, experience a small "death" of my former self in order for the new me to arise from the ashes. A lot of slaps happened since then, a lot of deaths and rebirths. There were times i was completely frustrated but i endured because i had promised myself to become a better human being for my kids to have a better father. When i realized this whole process was not a vicious cycle but an ascending spiral, i became grateful. The time i declare myself wise, deceiving myself i know the real truth, the only truth, is the time i become a fool. Socrates said "i know only one thing, i know nothing".

    And the minute i realize my eyes are closed is the minute they start to open.

    I believe people in general misunderstand the concept of enlightenment. It is not knowledge of the Universe or knowledge of others. Maybe we really become enlightened when we allow Light to fill our souls. But then it reveals our inner darkness.....

    The 5th dimension is not about seeing aliens in spaceships or do battles with the freakin anticryst. It is the state of the mind we abilish all Ego, all ambition, all desire, all darkness and finally know peace of mind. I'm sorry but Tooter spent 30 years of his life going DOWN his own Ego's rabbit hole. I think the way to Spirit is going UP.

    A really enlightened person would never act like a 5 year old schoolboy "you don't accept my truth, i tried to show you but you won't listen so to 666 with you i'm leavin'" This is a fitting behaviour for my 8 year old kid, but not from an adult, claiming to be enlightened. Truth is we are ALL Spirit's children and it's Truth is inside each and every one of us. To be immersed in our own Ego is false. I think the Truth may be in the concept of the Vesica Piscis. The common ground within us. Buddha's Middle road. Metron Ariston, not too much of anything. Be Daedalus, not Icarus. Two circles coming together, two different people compromising their Egos to find the common truth. And where they intersect, a third eye forms....

  • So true Seehorse...each has his or her own path...no one is greater lesser just different in the approach. Last night I had a free moment so I thought I would share a few ideas. I hope my attempt to explain that question in the post you asked in the other thread. It is only a view as I am very open minded to hearing multiple views. I'll try to post again when I have more time.


  • Awesome...last night i felt moved to write then this morning I wondered if I checked to see if I made sense.. it is truly release of attachment. The birth of my daughter made me feel like I should be better person also and rid myself of things that were outdated. I've felt that slap in the face too a lot of times. Weird part was this time it came after a period of peace I couldnt describe in words it was so beautiful. I realize what I am going through is another rebirth and cleansing.. patience with myself during these periods is tough sometimes. Loving unconditionally is tougher than it sounds when it is not just family. Transcending tough things is releasing attachment...that middle way you speak of. Nothing in excess. Each person has a path different in its own way which each part of a whole unique. It is where we are a part of something and something is a part of us...an example would be a flower in the one consciousness we are part of the flower and the fkower is part of us so to speak...

    I am very open minded but also follow what in my heart guides me is the right personal path...yes it is being in both worlds so to speak harmoniously.

    A lot of the downloads I receive are somewhat Greek to me until the time comes for the understanding to follow. I studied many religions while in college and was introduced to many different belief systems.

    One thing in my youth that took a while for me to grasp is that one could have been a different sex in their past life. In one of mine, i was a native American man.

    I always try to listen as you never know when an opportunity to learn will present itself. I'm not afraid to be wrong and make mistakes as sometimes those are opportunities to learn. My family brought me up with lots of off the wall sayings that still I remember. It is better to try and fail that say I can't and never try at all. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. There are lots I could just recall from memory...but funny enough...my parents made their points as some still stick with me and are encouragement in difficult times. Sometimes I wonder if I was a philosopher in anither time as I tend to like philosophy and tend to be wordy at times.

    My mom told me my name meant Bee when I was a kid. Anyine know what Bridget or Nicole means by chance?

    Blessings to you all,


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