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  • Hi Rooster 5,

    I am so sorry to hear what happend with your husband i wanted to chat with you on the other thread but i find its getting to busy so i thought i would start a new thread for us to chat on . As im typing this i feel your pain and heartache and now questioning what is going to happen in the future where do you go from here its like starting all over again i will do you a tarot reading asking whats instore form you in the near future with life in general . I just want to let you know that my heart . prayers and thoughts are with you . I will be back soon with your reading .

    Take care many blessings Love and Light Loap 🙂

  • Hi Rooster 5 ,

    Ive just done you a six card reading asking the question what is in store for you in the near future

    Here are the cards that came out

    1. The 8 of cups

    2)The Empress

    1. 3 of cups

    4)10 of wands

    1. Justice

    2. 4 of wands

    With the 8 of cups i feel that you will move on and get over this dreadful situation after the fog clears you will begin to put things into perspective all will become clear and you will realise that

    you must travel on a new journey i get a feel as if you are going to stay with one of your children for a while or if its not that its defentley family now i read on the other thread that you said you were staying with your sister for a while but im not sure if it is with her or not i totally loved how you described the south and the smell of the magnolias i would so love to visit there you make it sound so inviting anyway with the Empress as she is the mother in the tarot i feel that it could be one of your children that you might stay with i also see a preganacy or birth around you coming up soon the empress next to the 3 of cups is a strong indicator of this also the empress can indicate a time of harvest and growth and i feel that you will go through a period of growth within yourself in the near future with deciding what you defentley want after suffering the pain and loss that you have . The 10 of wands indicates that you will carry a heavy work load and this is of your own choosing you must let people help you do not be afraid or to proud to ask i feel that there are people waiting in the wings that want to help you but youve fobbed them off with an im ok i can cope attitude , you need to lighten your load whatever that may be . The Justice card is a great omen for legal situations it suggests that a decsion will go in your favour and it will be a fair outcome . The 4 of wands as your outcome card is a very prosper and joyful card it represent s celebration , joy , freedom getting out of an oppressive situation it also represents moving to a new home it is a very happy and uplifting card so things will work out in the future keep the faith after the dark clouds fade you will see the sunlight .

    Take care my friend love and light Loap:)

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  • MAGS!! How beautiful you are!! I love and miss you!! Your sweet, kind spirit is a beacon darlin!! It is! Please tell the girls I am well, just heading off in a different direction. But the 3 of you are in my heart and mind daily!!

  • You are such a giving, loving person. To bestow this gift on Rooster5 is a true testimony to that. May you reap so much joy and blessings for what you give mags.....wonderful!! Well done blessed friend!

  • Thanks Mishelly for your kind words it means alot to me .

    Lots of love , light and hugs Mags xx

  • Mags - no problem. i t was heartfelt. Your beauty in spirit and heart, is so is love.... you are truly rare....:D!!

    Yours Always,


    Oh..and may all the brightest light and love shine down upon your beautiful soul baby!!

  • oh Thanks Mishelly that beautiful sending the light right back at you soul sister .

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  • Hi Rooster 5 ,

    i just read your reply to waterman im so sorry about your husband , i feel your pain and anger anyway i hope all is well otherwise .

    Take care lots of love and hugs Loap:)

  • Dear Livingonaprayer,

    Please forgive me in all the chaos and crisis I did not even see your thread. It has been a trying time for me this year. But some of your predictions were true...I am living in my own house but one of my daughters live with me, it is true I have a load of work on me by my own choosing because I am returning back to school to finish to get my PhD in Epidemiology, and the clouds have cleared ex is of my past and now I am looking forward.

    In fact someone found me and has helped me through this transitional time in my life. I am so greatful for this thread, the universe for opening the door to new beginnings, God is holding my hand now and happiness and love has been restored to my broken heart.

    In great gratitude,


  • Hi Rooster 5,

    Im so happy to hear that you are slowly coming through this difficult time, its great that you are returning back to school and that your daughter is living you . That is great news my heart and thoughts are with you .

    Lots of love and hugs LOap:)

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