Come to a crossroads

  • Hi There

    I would greatly appreciate some general advise and guidance about my current situation?

    I am currently in a job, in which I am grateful for of course, but I am not happy. Its not the right role for me and not even what I am qualified for, and its not something I wish continue doing for another few months. Infact I do not look forward to going to work anymore. I loved it in the start as it was new and different. The only thing that is keeping me in this job is that I get weekly income.

    I am job hunting also at the same time but I really want to resign now, dont think my parents would be too happy about that! I also want to go overseas as there are more job opportunities than where I currently am, but just not sure if its the right move for me. My friends/family are here and so forth.

    So its just wait till I find another job, but not sure if I can hack the work i am doing for much longer, or should i take the rish of going overseas.

    So just dont know what to do :(.

  • Mia, don't go overseas without a proper preparation, because it's not easy to find the job overseas either. I am living "overseas", actually (if you are in the US), and I'm telling you, it's the same financial crises everywhere now. So unless you somehow find the job first, or you have a close friend/relative who you could stay with until you find a job, don't go.

  • Hey VS, thanks for your thoughts. Its just that this is the wrong role for me. As for overseas I have friends I could stay with for a while. But its just whether or not I should go, that whole risk of leaving everything here and so forth.

    I have done this before when I went to the UK, and was looking forward to it, never felt the way I am now. This time would be to go to australia (im in nz) but its different this time.

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