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  • To whom it may concern,

    During a reading a while back, I was told that I would marry again. After I was divorced, I didn't think it would be something too realistic for me...I was told that it would probably be someone that I would meet. I was just wondering if this "someone" could be someone that I already knew when I was much younger, and then recently started talking to again (He appears to be a much different person now). His b-day is June 21st, 1982, and mine is April 11th, 1980, if this helps any...it is strange at how different he seems to be now, and I am wondering if this could be the "new" person I was to meet...And if this could work out if we were to try something again? Just curious as we both have children now and would not want to traumatize any of them... 🙂

    Thank you in advance for any help,

    Laci 🙂

  • Spirit says "same old same old"---so I interpet that as meaning nothing really has changed with this man in question and if you continue it may not come to light untill around Sept. You two are fine in a dating way but the more responsability comes into the picture---he gets antsy. He's still full of contradictions within himself. He has a bad habit of sabotaging a deeper relationship. His actions confuse him and frustrate a partner---a lot of arguing about "why did you do that?" and him looking genuinley confused and saying--I don't know!---a lot. This wears thin after awhile and you will get tired of it. You just were not born with that kind of patience. What you love is the lightness of his presence---he can be so funny and playfull and he just "feels" good to be around. Again, despite this real part of him, he still has that other side. Spirit shows me three men will interest you between Sept. and May

    none will stick but you will learn something about yourself. Two will end lukewarm--not any real drama--just an adventure that didn't pan out---the last one will really stir things up---tick you off and you will start a fase of swearing off men (you are laughing?)---this will last through the summer of next year and by late august--Sept a persistant man---someone not your type will slowly win your heart---he may be the keeper---it will be your choice---depending on what you learned about YOURSELF from the other three. BLESSINGS! PS--Spirit keeps showing me a little white dog barking---have no idea where that fits but just passing it along.

  • Dear BlMoon,

    Oh, that's really too bad...I just recently found out that this man has some major medical issues that do not allow him much physical movement per say...And you are completely correct...I am not a patient person with men...hahaha...he does feel the way you described him because he was my very first boyfriend! 🙂 And no worries, I do believe you about swearing off men, because that is what I did about three months before I met my ex-husband...let's hope that doesn't happen again...hahaha. 🙂 Wow! Three men...that is kind of scary...I don't think I have been interested in that many men at one time since highschool...lol! 🙂 Huh, and a white dog is interesting...I have NO idea on that one...maybe because my kids have asked for a dog and I keep telling them when they are old enough to clean up (after it's bathroom accidents) then they can have one...oh, no, you mean...I could have a boyfriend and a dog to clean up after in a little over a year!! Hahaha...just kidding...thank you for your time. I really appreciate your insight. and the kindness of the spirit!!!

    Thank you very much! 🙂


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