Feel like killing myself.. Scorpio hurts like hell..

  • Really I think I actually might die because of this, this s just way to intense to handle.. I just wanna say to all Scorpios out there: " what the hell is wrong with you?! " Freaking hell why would you lead someone on? And play with their feelings? Im a real person for fucks sake.

    Long story short. I wrote couple of topics before, so some of you know some of you don't but why would he kiss someone else right in front of me and than say to me:"oh, we(his "friend" and him) just friends" WHA THE HELL?! and then just hurt me.. Man my heart really hurts, I'm in love with this boy. I can't help it, first time in my life I will not be able to let go, I'm either with him or I'm alone forever. I'm suffering so much I can;t stop crying, I barely can breathe, I wake up in the middle of night crying my eyes out.

  • We can not control others. Our choice is to protect ourself when we are in danger. People lie. People do all kinds of unspeakable things. Not just Scorpios. If you are here--you do have some faith in the spiritual side of life. I am a Taurus like you---married to a Scorpio 40 years--2 Scorpio children and have many "highly spiritual Scorpios" for friends. All signs have their gifts and their temptations. Please do yourself a kind favour and take responsability for "choosing" the wrong Scorpio. He does not represent a group. You are just angry in a explosive way--wound for a wound. If someone shows you who they are--believe it and use your head to make a choice. You lead with your heart and your wounds. Yes, we all carry around wounds and part of growing into wholeness is healing those wounds that attract us into situations and people who will unleash that pain again and again until we are aware of it. You are in victim mode right now. This advice doesn't seem fair--but it will protect you in the future if you learn to take responsability for your choices. Be kind to yourself---we are all vulnerable in love--you did nothing wrong. But when someone proves themselves capable of harm--it is your responsability to run! Why would you love someone so hurtful? He is not the man he made up for you----in fact he only told you what you wanted to hear--needed to hear. Every woman has been fooled at least once. You are in love with a dream. Let go and forget trying to figure out why--as if you did something wrong or can control his behaviour. The pain you feel is justified and needs an outlet--it is an energy--you have a choice---use this energy to build or destroy--right now you are thinking destroy---please allow some kindness to heal the wound beneath this event because your pain is deeper than you are aware---this just brang it out. Be angry at the circumstance and decide to be wiser--be your own good mother--protective father and tell yourself to walk away--far far away from this man. Build something---have a hardworking goal--it will not be easy---but easy rarely makes any worthwhile change or brings a leap in a spiritual journey. Instead of screaming why would he do this to you--betray you---leap up and take the wheel--not a victim but a bad choice---why would YOU even consider dying over this man. The only dying that should be considered is your old self that attracted him in the first place. You deserve better--you are loved by many people---give them your focus. Buy yourself some flowers---treat yourself with love and respect and you will attract the same. Give yourself some crying times---take a drive and scream untill it is spent---but also do not wallow--let it consume you--use your free will to count your blessings and look forward---start a project--clean your closets---paint a room---do something you haven't had time or energy for--this is taking control. We can't control when others hurt us--but we do not have to be victims--be a Goddess--the Goddess takes the sh itty hand she is dealt and grows roses! A victim stays trapped in her pain lashes out at others or turns it inward towards herself---a person moving towards empowerment goes through the emotion then clears the head and reflects on the lesson and asks herself--ok now how can I make this work for me? Then she does it. You can do this! Blessings! You are loved--choose love!

  • Well... I am sure this is not the whole story... Missing out Scorpio's side...

    With all honesty, Miss TaurusBunny... it was YOUR CHOICE of loving this man... nobody told you to love him.. nobody told you to stay with him.. nobody told you to fall for him... nobody told you to get hurt... Yes you are angry like hell... You are cursing him right now... You do not believe his love anymore.. You are soo soo soo bitter right now that you cannot trust him to be back in your life anymore...

    Again.. Love is a FREE WILL.. I am very sure this Scorpio had reasons why he did this to you - he probably got mixed signals from you or you pushed him to do this - who knows what's going on in his mind?

    Get yourself together. Stay calm and collected. Retreat if you must. BUT acknowledge the fact that THIS was NOT all the guy's fault - and that is a FACT.

    If you cannot acknowledge the FACT that it was not all the guy's fault, you cannot take away that BITTERNESS in YOUR HEART. You will be miserable forever and will not be capable of loving him again or someday another person. No one knows if this love you lost will be yours forever someday. Who knows?

    This is a CHALLENGE for you. Accept him for hurting you - accept him for not being perfect - don't stop loving him despite of all the what ifs and buts. It will be up to you what kind of love you are going to give away - CONDITIONAL love OR unconditional LOVE. Will you mature from this or will you refuse to mature. Will you grow in love or grow apart from him. It's YOUR CHOICE.

  • If you can't at least be friends with this guy because of the "love" you say you are feeling for him... well then this "love" that you are talking about is a perfect example of conditional love. It comes with “Terms and Conditions”, read all your posts and think about it for a while. You two can STILL be just friends (or who knows MORE THAN FRIENDS but even BETTER than what you both had) and listen to each other, care for each other and stuff. You don’t have to be too emotional, just give each other freedom and respect and get busy with life.

  • TaurusBunny, I know it hurts like hell, but just gather all your strenght and leave the guy . He is not deserving of your time. Even thinking of dying for the sake of some jerk is beneath you. Believe me there'll be plenty of guys you will like in your life, some will be good to you, some won't, but you can't be thinking of death every time ! One day you'll be laughing at the thought that you were considering dying because some spotty teenager kissed some other spotty teenager in front of you. Just ignore him, dump him and move on. Be strong and he'll know what a confident /worthy girl he's lost. By being weak you are putting the jerk on the piedestal and yourself on the weak place. He'd love it of course, but it's not in your best interests. Put yourself first. Hugs to you !

  • Correct. Killing yourself only shows that you don't value yourself.

    Step back and be sensible. Reflect upon how you truly feel for this guy. This is not love because love is not destructive it should bring you peace and happiness. BUT in order to achieve peace and happiness, you have to go through some life's challenges on your own, without depending on others - your happiness and peace doesn't depend on anyone BUT YOU.

    You sound so young to be killing yourself because of this guy.

  • Thaks for replies guys.. But um I am a young adult so is he. The thing is- no, i can;t be just friends with him. He let me know from beggining he didnt want to be "just friend", and he said " I dont want anything serious right now". I'm just gna leave him. Its up to him now.

  • TaurusBunny,

    You made me so sad to read that you wanted to hurt yourself, your precious life over a love that did not give you the love you deserve.

    The pain you feel is real, and it lasts longer than you like, but it is a lesson and luckily the pain will leave in time and your lesson will hopefully be learned or at least you will be closer to your lesson learned.

    I once though I loved a scorpio, many years ago. He teased me all of the time with other females, it made me feel awful.

    When a scorpio is unevolved and does not work from his (or her) heart chakra, which his purest good essence, he is one nasty human being. Plain EVIL. He will do his best to destroy everyone and anything in his path that gives him love. He wants to destroy love itself. and he will do a very good job of it.

    If anyone else ever does this to you again, you now know that you won't die or crumble form it, you will survive and you will tell them where they can go, because honestly, he has no idea what love means. (though I believe they secretly long for it and obviously they need it desperately).

    He sounds like a very destructive force who is fake and insincere and very lost in life and he has A LOT of growing up to do.

    Your lesson:

    #1: Thank God that he is out!

    #2: If anyone ever does this to you again, you will know to drop him like a hot potato

    #3: Partner Love may come and go, but the LOVE you have fro yourself must always be with you and get stronger and more brilliant everyday with every good experience and every bad experience.

    #4: NEVER give up on yourself because of being hurt form another's actions! And NEVER give up on yourself period

    #5: You have a long road ahead , the same as everyone in life, you will have twists and turns, It's all a part of the journey. Allow yourself to go through all that life brings to you and keep yourself away from destructive people as much as you can.

    #6: NEVER harm yourself, it is a very permanent solution to a very temporary problem. It is NOT the right thing to do. Instead give yourself more LOVE than ever before. Hug yourself, tell yourself you are ok. And it always looks better the next day, tomorrow is another day and another experience.

    May God Bless You. And Feel Good.

  • Dear Taurus Bunny,

    First I want to tell you that taurus and scorpio are opposite signs and typically not the best match. Chances are that there are many other people out there that could make you a lot happier that you would be compatible with. This person seems to have just been a jerk who is unworthy of you. It may not seem like it now, but you will move on. The best thing you can do is act as though this person is gone and do not show him that he ever meant anything to you. Concentrate on your own healing and do things that make you feel good. If you have creative talents, which many Taurus people do, then go and excercise those talents. Think about how valuable you are and realize that you didn't deserve to be treated like this. Be the strong worthy person that you are and one day, maybe soon you will meet a person worthy of you. Marshall all your strength and determination and stop loving this person. It is possible, but very hard and time away from him will help. I wish you the very best and ask that you don't do anything to hurt yourself because there are people here that care.

  • Taurusbunny you answered your own problem. He told you clearly that he is not ready for a relationship. You are a taurus and taurus are stubborn and fixed. You will do what you want to do. You will believe in what you want to believe in. Nothing and no one can change you because the problem is within you.

  • 2xoxoxo8 Yes yes you are correct. I let him go. Bye bye sad. very sad.

  • BUT he did. He fucking played me. He played me badass. He is not a very good person.

  • If he is a bad person he wouldn't tell you from the beginning that he was not looking for anything serious. He told you about it. You were warned but then you insisted / stayed to be played. Nobody will treat you like this if you didn't allow this to happen. You teach others how you want to be treated. I don't see him bad at all in fact he was very honest with you and direct. He didn't hide from you the dark side of him. What you fail to see are the warning signs but still you keep going hoping he will change and will treat you with respect. Respect yourself first before he treats you with respect. When he told you in the beginning that he didn't want anything serious - you should have backed off already, but then you didn't. Stop blaming him for the hurt he caused you because there's no point of blaming him anyway. Even if you blame him, curse him, manipulate him, control him - you cannot force love to happen. You cannot demand respect. You earn it.

  • Whoever said to pass on a red light because it is safe is wrong - only stubborn bulls does this. Red light means stop and green means go. Read the signs around you and get over it. Grow up from this experience. I am not going to pacify you because you were not a victim. You chose to become a victim. You cannot control others and circumstances but you can control yourself.

  • Great advice from everyone here.


    No challenge is ever presented to us if we are unable to handle it.

    Dance with the changes and challenges as they come in a relationship and when they come, view each one as an opportunity for personal growth, when you do that nothing is lost.

    Grow from the experience.

    Learn to love and appreciate yourself, not only do we free ourselves from the chains that keep us in pain when a relationship ends, it also makes us more attractive to the outside world.

    It takes time to heal, be patient, give yourself time.

    I promise the storm will end and the sun will peak through the clouds.

    Hugs to you

  • 2xoxoxo8 Thank you so much! You make lots of sense! I do agree with you and you are right! I shouldve stopped but emotios took oer my head, really this time was intense and He is the oly guy I freaking see every night in my sleep, no shit. You are right though, he said it, I ignored it therefore its my fault. I do feel pain, coz i tried to stay away from him, but he managed to find ways to meet up with me, lots of times, I have not initiated anything, He was the one inviting me, making it hard on me to give up. He is very expirienced compare to me , he really could see what kind of girl i am, so i dont get it why he would still hang around and ask me out and shit. I'll be fine, I already, really decided to be alone, to just live life, party, have fun, travel and work and study. Thats all i want. I'll be fine I m sure. but anyway THANK you!! I really apriciate your answer since it makes it much more clearer now to me! So really thanks!

  • 2xoxoxo8 indeed. You are 100% correct. It is a big sign of premature buy labling people by a zodiac as well. Astro does not define em,otional , mental spiritual pyhsical health, maturity and readiness concrening commitments as well. Tbunny you seem as I f you are much better emotionally con troled now and I am happy to see your positive now.

  • A problem with this site is people throw out pity and sympathy when others stretch or leave out all truth, we cannot Judge ethically and fairly until both sides are heard.

  • You're welcome, Taurusbunny. Thank you, Rapunzle.

    Taurusbunny - don't give up on love. We never know what will happen in the future. IF he will come back to you when he is ready to be in a relationship with you. We never really know. BUT I am glad you are now acknowledging the fact that it was also part of your own fault reason why this happened. You are learning and that is good. 🙂

  • Rapunzle - wishing all the best to you as well.

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