Hi...could I please get a reading on my birth chart?

  • Hi,

    Would like to get a reading on my birth chart.

    The details are as follows:

    D.O.B - January 11, 1973 - Time: 2:30 am - Place: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Sun - Capricorn

    Moon - Aries

    Ascendant - Scorpio

    Venus - Sagittarius

    Mars - Sagittarius

    Mercury - Capricorn

    Jupiter - Capricorn

    Saturn - Gemini

    Neptune - Sagittarius

    Uranus - Libra

    Pluto - Libra

    Midheaven - Leo

    I have looked into all of these. But just trying to piece it together and would like to see what it all means for my "outlook" on life.

    A big THANK YOU for your consideration on my reading 🙂

    CuteCappy ❤

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