Please could someone help find my ring?

  • I have lost my engagement ring, it was dropped onto my shoulder when i was laying down on the sofa. when i sat up i heard it make a noise as it hit something hard like it may have bounced. I have searched the lounge many times over and other parts of my appartment but still cannot find it. It is a white gold solitare ring and has been lost for about a month now. If anyone has any idea i would be very grateful.

  • Hi Anou,

    Have you looked under the sofa at all ? as it could have bounced under there i have lost rings like that in the past and have always looked in the direction of where i thought i heard the bounce and when i finally found the ring it was in the opposite direction .

    GoodLuck i hope that you find it soon

    Love and Light LOap:)

  • Hey LivingonaPrayer

    Yes i have looked under the sofa. i keep thinking that it would be in the direction of the noise but as it did bounce i guess it could be anywhere, like you said. I will check again. Thank you : )

  • Hi anou,

    The niose can be misleading i really hope and pray that you find it soon as im typing this im seeing light green curtains and carpet on the floor and like a ducted heating vent have you checked your vents or is there a heater by the window ?

  • Hi

    Still no luck finding it. I do have green curtains on one window and cream on the other. There is a radiator under one window, i have looked down there but couldnt find anything maybe i havent looked close enough because ive been thinking it probably isnt there. I'll wait till dark and look again with a torch. I really appreciate your suggestions I feel a little hopeless after searching so many times. Thanks

  • Hi anou,

    Im still seeing the green curtains they are like a mint green colour is his correct?

  • Hellooo LivingonaPrayer

    Well they are and they arent .... theyre a minty green when the sun shines through and a darker green without. Do you think it might be trapped in the curtains some how??

  • i would propose to buy a metal detector? or rent... good luck maybe it is a stupid idea but it just came to my mind hope something works and you find it finally

  • Hey karolinkush

    I never would have thought of that! I didnt think that they could detect gold, but they can!! I will definately keep this in mind and use it as a last resort if I still cant find it after taking my lounge apart.

    Thank you so much 🙂

  • Hi anou,,

    yes check the curtains as that is what i am seeing strongly i am seeing them now as i am tryping they look like heavy material and i feel they are tied back during the day is this right ? i still see carpet and the heater like its ducted heating something or like that . Have you lifted the curtains up ? give them a shake as well it cant hurt .

  • Hi Anou,

    I just had a thought The Captain is very good in helping find lost objects , she helped me find out what happend to my sons glasses she is coming back onto the forums very soon as she hasnt been on for a while you could start a new thread to her she might be able to help you .

    Anyway i feel i could be near those curtains still i lost one of my rings in the car and it locked itself under the carpet that is stuck to the floor of the car not an actual car mat and it took my hubby ages to get it out i have a strong feeling it could be wedged inbetween the carpet and the wall but i could be wrong just going with my gut .

  • Hey LivingonaPrayer,

    yes the curtains are heavy and they get tied back during the day, i gave them a good shake but no luck.

    Between the carpet and wall could be possible too, ill have to move some heavy furniture out of the way before i can have a good look though.

    Gut feelings are usually right and im glad you haven't felt that it has been lost forever.

    I will message The Captain and see if she can shed some more light on the subject.

    Thank you very much for all your help 🙂

  • Youre very welcome i pray that you find it yes im still seeing the curtains its in this room i can feel it very strong but i feel The Captain will be able to pick up more becareful when lifting the furniture as you dont want to strain yourself .

    Take care love and light Loap:)

  • Hi me again this is probably a silly question but i feel i have to ask does your sofa or any of your other furniture have fancy decorative legs ? like what i mean is its not flat to the ground, ive just had a vision of it being trapped in a corner of something that has legs if you know what i mean sorry if im not making sense .

  • Hello,

    Yes, the sofa is an electric recliner so the underneath is all metal and moving bits and things.... not flat on the floor and very heavy! i have been feeling its trapped under there somehow but i couldn't see anything and haven't had the time to take it apart its just so heavy!

  • Hi

    I am not Catholic, but this has always worked for me and every one I know. Say," St, Anthony, St anthony please help me find my ring." I know it sounds bizarre, but the missing objects magically appear! Let me know if it works for you!

  • Hello !

    Just to let you know.... I FOUND IT woooooo! im over the moon it was stuck in the metal under the chair. Thank you so much for all your help, I thought it was gone forever before speaking to you.

    Take care, Thanks again!

    x x x

  • Hi Ajanel,

    I did ask St anothony for help and I did find it... Can't be sure thats why but still 🙂 Thanks for helping 😄 x x x

  • Hi Anou,

    Thats wonderful news im so happy for you i knew youd find it and you were spot on with your feelings ,

    many blessings love and light Loap 😉

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