Should I contact him?

  • I had been friends with a Virgo guy for a few years before we finally started dating. Everything was going perfectly in the early stages of our relationship. He was very affectionate and we spent a lot of time together! One week I needed more time to my work and class work (which he said he understood) and I think he was put off by it. He then told me he had a lot of time to think and just wanted to be friends, which completely caught me off guard. Some people later told me he could have been testing me? He also told me not to disappear.

    Well, he slowly cut off contact with me! He remained friends with all of his other exes so why can't he be friends with me? He's been on my mind nonstop lately. I can't decide if I should just ask him if he'd like to get coffee or just leave him alone and wait to see if he (ever) contacts me? Please help! Sorry this is long.

  • Definitely decide to ask him and then make sure you ask him!

  • It's been so long since we've spoken! What if I get rejected!? AH!

  • you don't loose any thing if you ask him. What ?? is your ego going to hurt ??

    at least you did all you could and easily can move on if he rejects you. You should ask him as a friend, to catch up on things. you should do it for you !!

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