Feedback on Celtic Cross Spread

  • I would love to have some feedback on a celtic cross spread I did this afternoon. Overall it seems really positive to me; I'm not certain I'm putting it all together correctly though. Any comments or thoughts on the reading are welcome:

    1 - Page of Cups

    2 - King of Cups

    3 - Hanged Man

    4 - Ten of Cups

    5 - Four of Swords

    6 - Temperance

    7 - The Tower (reversed)

    8 - Strength

    9 - The Lovers

    10 - Page of Swords

    I'm debating on whether to hold on and wait patiently for a past, intense relationship to work out or to give the whole thing up entirely and move forward with a new blank slate. Still having some trouble deciphering between patience or moving on. Looking forward to your thoughts.

  • The message is to move on. Page of Cups as you with the King of Cups crossing you states this in a nutshell. Not sure the order you place the card 3 foundation, card 4 recent past, card 5 what's above and card 6 near future? Basically, I feel that you need to come to terms with what has occurred and make your choice based on seeing things clearly rather than just through the eyes of your emotions right now. Logically, you know the answer, but you are holding on and not wanting to move on.

  • Thank you Watergirl. Yes the placement is as you stated for 3 - 6. I struggle mightily with the head vs. heart thing and waver repeatedly on which to follow. Thank you much for your insight.

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