Pisceanhealer, relationship on spiritual level

  • Thank you for your response. I suppose I have an answer to my query. I just have to bear the burden of love, restraint and wisdom about all this. We both know of our love for each other but when we were teens our priorities laid in our idealism for our country, which took us to the streets and took over our lives and our future. He thought I didn’t survive. Unbeknownst to friends I landed continents away. Our lives would reconnect over 30 years later. It was sublime to have seen each other realizing we survived and bittersweet to realize that our lives have forked – he with a family and thriving career; me without a family and a thriving career. We poured our feelings to each other - him saying that his love never changed and will always be there in thought and heart, and me always there repressed. And so I feel him always there beside me that even though our roads split they are now running parallel in spirit. The question is will the roads connect into the ripe age? Where to from here.

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