My Virgo husband is so irrititating, WHY?... He is getting on my last nerve....

  • My husband is a Virgo and he really has been getting on my nerves big time lately. Being a Libra and wanting time to myself just to reflect on who I am, I am wondering what the outcome is going to be with him. Sometimes we have a great time together and other times we don't. What is he truely wanting. Can you please help! Thank you!

  • Lovetolearn, I understand you. Virgos are very difficult to live with, although they can be a great fun under the right weather. I've been living with one for more than 10 years. He has a great sense of humour, when he is in a right mood, but he is also very critical, controlling, and emotionally distant. Most Virgo men find it difficult to commit to a woman, but when they do, I think part of them feels resentful and they express it in small ways, like picking on you constantly. I don't know whether that sounds familiar to you. I think what they truly want is to show his partner who is the boss here. Try not to let him completely destroy your self esteem and personality. I am contemplating to leave, but it's not easy, of course. All kinds of things to consider.

  • Hi VoplySophly.... Thank you, and I too understand you, Virgo's are so unpredictiable, my husband can be so nice at times and we can relate greatly. But, again ,other times he can be so distant, that I don't want anything to do with him. He has this way of thinking that, having sex is going to make up for all the lost time, (so to speak). I get so tired of hearing that speech, it turns my head. He only relates to a sexual response, that I just want to upchuck, Sorry, Couldn't find the correct word. I know he means well, but, Sometimes I just feel like I have settled. Thanks for listening.

  • To any one that is listening....

    Oh! My husband, tries to be the boss, but, Not!....He may control when I go to bed, but he will not control me when I can get off the internet!!....Only a first response is a definantly a reply!!

  • Funny, my Virgo also attempts to control when I go to bed. Needless to say, that doesn't usually work, which leaves him all grumpy. I have feeling that your Virgo uses s-e-x as a power tool over you, mine uses the lack of s-e-x for the same purpose. Well, he used to use it, as I don't give a d-a-m-n anymore.

  • I agree. Don't get me wrong, I try to get along with everybody, but in my experience of dealing with Virgo individuals they can be a real pain. They make great "sit on the fence and complain" people. Some(including my step-sister) have "work" issues, and she used to flit from one job to another- always due to somebody else's "problem". I've read a few Astrology books(including Joanna Woolfolk's "The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need"), stating under the Virgo sypnosis that "Virgo people sometimes arouse anger and violence in others because of their tendency to interfere, their critical tongues and unemotional attitudes" That pretty much sums it up for the one's I've delt with. My brother in law is one, and he can be an opininated & critical rascal too. They also tend toward (imagined) "hyperchondriac" symptoms(it was always some new illness/issue with my step-sister). I've often thought this was an insecurity/attention-grabing ploy. The only compatible signs for them seem to be Pisces & Cancer(to a degree). Being a Gemini, I could never have any regular relationship with one- I don't know how anyone else could stand the criticism & "drama".

  • Seems to me like all men are like that but its time I got out and either verify or squish this thought. HEHE. Is there any study bout this? Study of human behaviour thru the starsigns they inhabit?Does that sound groovy or what? My time to study now.

  • I know this is late, but, your comments are so true! Thanks for your Insights!!

  • Lovetolearn and VoplySoply,were your husbands always that way? like "control when I go to bed"?

    I am dating Virgo and I am libra, so I am very interesting what to expect. So far I HEAR ONLY BAD THINGS ABOUT Virgo and it make me really sad 😞

    Thank you!

  • Tatochka,

    Yes, mine has always been that way, I am also a Libra and I usually like things to run smoothly without a confrontation, so I would do these things just to avoid an argument. But over the years, I held so much resentment that I finally started speaking my mind and now I go to bed when I want too!

    Virgo's have their good and bad traits, Just like everyone else does. I will just tell you some that I have delt with over the years.

    Some of the Good Traits.......He provides for his family, he is sincere, he's faithful and keeps true to his word, meaning that if you ask him to do anything for you that he would.

    Some of the Bad Traits......He's a perfectionist, wants everything to be just right, his way.,

    He's not a romantic person, being a Libra myself, I love everything about romance, But, I have never experienced this with my Virgo. It's like you have to constantly tell him what you want, but he just doesn't get it.

    Virgo's are thinker's, so if he goes silent on you, don't think that he is mad at you, he's not, he just has alot on his mind so don't interupt his train of thought. (Sometimes it is a blessing that he is quiet) I hope this helps you, give this a chance, I have been married to mine for almost 25 years!

  • o1 system...

    I agree with your comment, Virgo's do have that sit on the fence kinda attitude about them. Mine wakes up every morning an naturally thinks that everything is going to go wrong.

    He sometimes starts an argument with me, just to see if I care about him. Each day I wonder what kind of mood he is going to be in, so I can plan my day around him!

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