Watergirl18 May I Have A Reading?

  • Well since responding to me in my other forum that had disscussing my school plans. I came up with a new plan to go to Miami in October. Im really challenging myself with it but I realized a big problem for me is puttng a timer on things even if its distant or into the future. I dont like to do that but I like to aim for a good time when I can go (you know how college is lol) I could go in August but I gave myself more time to go so I can really get some things together so I decided October. One reason why I am so nervous is because I tell myself (and everyone else) Im going one month I plan for it (lets say I plan months ahead of time) boom something comes up and I have to reroute. Then I tell everyone (and myself) next month or in a couple of months (I prepeare and try to do something different boom it doesnt happen!) Then it becomes a repeating pattern. Im really trying to be careful with this October one so Im praying it will happen but same time I dont want to put a timer on everything and boom something happens. I was wondering if you can do a reading for me to help me with this?

  • My plan is to save money from my current job (Im only saving money for a rainy day) but get another one and save money from that job as well. I will also have my license before I go (Im gettting it next week everyone says they will help me get the car). Im also going to look for scholarships and extra grants at the time before I apply for a loan so I wont need to get one. Im going to get an savings account with a credit union so my money can accumelate interest and Im going to be looking for jobs in Miami while im in TX so I can secure another job down there and transfer my job here in TX down there as well. Im also building credit anyway possible-getting a secured credit card, cell phone bill (a cheap one-I already found one just need to deposit some money only 70 a month) and borrow my own money and pay it all back on time.

    Everytime I get paid, I will put $25-$100 in my savings account while all I will get is clothes (2 outfits per paycheck-trust me I find cheap clothes lol) and school supplies, living supplies for Miami while down here in TX. So by the time I leave I will be straight! I feel this is a good plan I just hope it works. What do you see about this plan?

  • Sweetie, first of all, your energy is still all over the place! Try to find a calm center instead of riding the highs and lows so much. That's a big lesson for everyone in life.

    As far as not wanting to set a date and then be delayed - what you are really concerned about is what others think. Delays happen to everyone - don't concern yourself so much with what other people think.

    More importantly, I think you need to be more detailed with your budget - this will also help you in setting more realistic dates so those perceived "failures" in delays won't occur so often :). You're off to a good start, but I think you need some help in learning how to actually put a budget together. It's like planning a trip from point A to point B - you set a course for point B if you don't know where you are now (point A) and you also can't plan how to get to point B if you don't have any idea where point B actually is. Not sure if I'm making sense (lol!) For instance, saving a certain amount out of every paycheck is a great step. But do you know how much you need to save before you go off to school? Do you have a clear understanding of all the costs you need to cover once you get there? Is a car really necessary? I know you WANT one, but it is a big expense and that money could be used for school - don't forget about insurance (which will be pretty pricey at your age). AND you are going to have to find a way to curb your enthusiasm for shopping and new clothes! Buying two new outfits at each pay period??? You must have a jam-packed closet! Save as much as you can before you go to school so you have more time to enjoy your experience when you get there!

    All kidding aside, I am also getting that you need to speak to a financial counselor at the school - have you done this? I feel like this person can help you with additional grants and the like that can help you cover your tuition and housing as well as give you a more concrete idea of what your actual out of pocket money will need to be.

    I would be more than happy to help you with coming up with a realistic budget, but would need some details from you first. Let me know if you are interested and I will send over my questions. In the meantime, have a cup of herbal tea and take a bath (In other words, BREATHE and calm down!).



    P.S. STOP thinking about the guy -- it's a waste of your time and energy! Leave the past in the past...

  • Sorry about the energy I gave off I was happy, excited (inside about the future), curious all atthe same time didn't know I was giving such a whirlwind of energy off sorry lol . Piscean Healer told me the energy I give off and the words I use can be confusing at times or contridicting-how can I work on that?

    And about him lol(I know of whomyou speak lol!)

    I'm fine my random thoughts of him don't really disrupt or distract me.I'm more concern about my happpiness and future. I have compassion for th guy but Ive enjoy my freedom lol

  • And thanks for the suggestion! Hey we can discuss my budget anytime I feel it could possibly use some tweaking lol! I would love advice ask me any questions you like I would be glad to answer it! 🙂

  • It's not that it was bad energy - it was positive. It's just going from one extreme to the other I was talking about. There's an experience of being happy and positive and at the same time GROUNDED...that's what you need to strive for.

    As far as your budget, first tell me a bit about the school. I'm not used to being able to start college whenever you want - used to having set semesters that start at specific times. So tell me how the classes are set up and how long they last. Colleges normally work on semesters or trimesters, but it doesn't sound that way for you?? Also, how many credits do you plan on taking each time and what is the tuition fee per credit?

    Next is the assistance you have already received. What does it cover? Tuition only? Tuition and books?

    Housing. Is it on-campus housing or do you need to find something off-campus? If on-campus, is food included? If off-campus, did the people there give you an idea of the average monthly rent in the area? Is there housing near enough to the school so that you could walk or ride a bike instead of having to have a car? Same goes for part-time jobs in the area. Also ask about working at the school - they usually have part-time jobs for students who need to work.

    Let's start with this and then continue from there 🙂



  • hi, watergirl....can you please do an urgent reading for me...i have had a recent breakup (just been a day) and I am going crazy here with confused emotions. Can u please give some insight to the future...it almost seems I can't live without him..but I guess it is over..please help me get some clear insights..my dob is 19.02.1982 and his is 25.09.1979...

    Thanks a lot...

  • Well its an art school (private I beleive) for film, media arts, graphic design, fashion design, music, etc (just all of the arts). Offering Associates, BS, BFA, MFA or MA degrees in any you want to study. It has set time (like the semesters you were talking about) but the school goes in quarters (which for them means every 11 weeks) . They offer early morning, afternoon and late night classes (I prefer morning-Im up for it lol only so I can have more time in the day for work, studying, school work) . I plan on doing full time amount of work so I can graduate in 3 years instead of 4 or 5. I forgot how much it is per credit (I will let you know when I find out-forgot all about that). I recieved federal grants and loans and considered independent (since my mother barely has money and bad credit she got denied for a PLUS loan which automatically made me independent and gave me more money) . All of my FASFA assistance covers tuition, books and fees practically everything except housing. My financial aid officer printed out my yearly cost for the apartment (she wanted to make she I was covered for the year instead of just one quarter) while my financial aid advisor only printed out my housing aid for the first quarter which was covered but it wouldnt cover the whole year which didnt sit well with my admissions officer. The housing is an extra 2500 per quarter. The housing is a condo with pool, jacuzzi, game room, cable ready, 2-4 rooms (depending on what kind you want), internet available, and fully furnished. I would have to share with 1-3 people and we all split the cable bill, utilites and water, trash all go in with the rent so its practically 1100 monthly (cost dont apply till every quarter) but it is covered in your tuition.

    housing is close to the school (10 minute walk) and plenty of part time jobs in the area especially waitressing we live right behind a Brizillian restaraunt-yummy! The is also plenty of public transportation.

    I dont really need a car its just everyone is offering to help me get one 🙂

  • So is the quarter a 3-month time span which means once you get there, you stay there (no summer off to come home and earn cash)? If so, that means it is roughly $800 per month for rent plus you will need money for utilities,etc. which is how it gets to $1100 monthly , correct? What about food? Am I understanding correctly that you need to pay the housing for the entire quarter up front? If so, that means you will need $2500 saved in order for you to move there and start school....

    If you want to start in October, that gives you 3 months to save $2500 which is roughly the $1100 per month you will need to make once you get there. Is the $25-$100 per paycheck going to get you to $2500 by October? If not, you need to save more and/or earn more or postpone until the next quarter.

    If people (family?) are offering to help you with a car, why don't you say "thank you, but I would rather have help with my start-up costs for housing - that would be a GREAT help!"

    Then remember that once you get there, your part time job will need to cover that $1100 monthly rent plus food and any other expenses. If you save this monthly, when the time comes around to pay for the next semester, you will have it. You will have to calculate - based on how many hours a week you think you can work while going to school - how much you will need to make per hour/week in order to save that much. Waitressing is the best way to go due to flexibility on shifts and tips, however you might need to be 21 in order to serve alcohol.

    Back to you....


  • The school said I need a private loan to cover the rest of housing. Being that private is not a government loan I need a cosigner which is hard to come by and a big responsibility to ask someone. There is alot of people opposed to me leaving (alot of them never been anywhere and scared to venture out to chase dreams they settle which Im adventuresome and dont mind chasing my dreams elsewhere-I know TX isnt for me I can feel it but I stay here a little longer as much as I dont want to just so I can leave in the best shape possible for me to be on my own.) My father has bad credit so when he sign on, I got denied but they said I need to add another cosigner on to the loan for it to work and the only person I can think of is my grandmother she pretty stable in life and I believe she has good credit. I have a good feeling about asking her, Im just afraid to because I dont get to talk to her often (but any time I do see her or go over her house I speak and have a good time with her) I havent told her about my educational plans because she gossips alot and everyone gets upset when I tell them Im going to a school outside of TX and last time when I discussed it with my aunt-it didnt go so good, my feelings were crushed and I never discussed any of my plans since then, Ive kept them out of the loop.

  • Well that 25-100 dollars per paycheck is just from one job and if Im careful and stick to my plan that is 1500 from one job and if I get another one (which Im planning on that is another 1000 if Im careful) . Im planning on transfering my job (the one Ive had for a year) over to Miami and the cool thing is it is also 15 minutes away from the school and having another in Miami (Im going to be looking for another job in Miami while im in TX) so I can continue to help cover the cost and for other personal expenses like food. And you know what my family helping me with start up cost for Miami is a good idea! Thank you

  • Hi Watergirl I hate to be a burden and I hate to seem as if Im distracted but there is something that has been in the back of my mind but I try my best not to even focus on it. I sent my ex a friend request sometime ago around mothers day and a reader told me that he actually misses me and still loves me and respects and is happy I sent him the friend request and it can help him get rid of his attachment to risk and danger (he was involved in pretty bad things). I went through a painful breakup with him without any closure (If you want the whole story it is Taurus Girl Confused About Feelings) which prompted me to go on this website and seek closure on my own by delving deep into myself and putting more time and energy on my life and goals and improving the damage that had been done in my life (I came from an abusive childhood and I saw how it affect me later). I feel like I am over it for the most part but I know I will always care for him as a person mainly because he was my first but I actually not sure if I care for a relationship with him or not because I have other things in my life that I care about more (like school and my dreams) but I do miss him and wouldnt mind being friends too much. I just wanted to know if I can get a reading on this or not and I wanted to know if he is going to accept my friend request?

  • Sweetie, when I mention things to you like your energy being scattered it is to help you, not chastise you! That being said, I did a reading for you and it appears that the issue of the ex has resurfaced for you because of what's going on in your life right now - all the turmoil of things being up in the air. You didn't receive all the help you were expecting for school so that has been delayed and this has consumed you with anxiety. It's your fear of what's going to happen (or not) - will you get your wish of going to school in Miami or not - that makes you want to reach out to something that will make you feel safe. The ex is an old form of security for you. Although I am not sure why because he is coming through as dominating and even hostile! This guy is seriously not a good person for you to be hanging on to. This goes back to your childhood experiences with your family. You did not feel loved and supported - that safe and secure feeling that children get from their parents wasn't there for you or you just didn't feel it was there. So you reach out to this boyfriend to provide it, but he wasn't any better. In reality, you reached out to someone exactly like the parent that failed you. He was a subconscious replacement of that parent. You are just searching for the love you did not receive from your father (?) so you picked someone like him only to not receive it again. It's a never-ending circle unless and until you truly work on resolving this emotional issue within yourself. That is why your energy is so scattered. It is one thing to "say" that you understand something and are over it, but it is quite another to internalize it and understand it emotionally. It doesn't happen with the flip of a switch. So you are working really hard on outside appearances - telling everyone you are just great and everything is ok - going to school, etc. But on the inside you still have all of those turbulent emotions going on - like a volcano before it erupts. And then when your school plans got derailed that old emotional wound of anxiety - not feeling secure - surfaced big time. I really think you need counseling to help you get to the core of your inner child and heal these wounds. If you do not want to or still want to insist that everything is "fine" then the other part of the message I got was to face forward and focus on your goal of going to school. That scattered energy could be harnessed if you truly set your mind to earning the money you need for housing. Spirit is suggesting that you work on not being so materialistic (are you spending money frivolously?) and to get serious and go out and get that job you need to earn extra money.



  • Thank you Watergirl18 (Know it's been a log time coming lol) appreciate it!

    Btw, I do need to stop being materialistic (even though I don't consider myself that type of person) I just want and need so many things but it is out of my reach and I barely have anything so it slightly stings at times but I will work on it. I realize the differeence between emotionally understanding and emotionally internalizing-it makes perfect sense-maybe that's why I feel like a volcano inside at times. I feel and know Im very mature but this transiting into full grown adulthood (I feel Im mostly there) Is being halted by my broken inner child that needs to heal. I been trying to do it on my own and on this site because I can't talk to anyone-everyone is either gone off and kind of forget about me or everyone gets upset about the way I feel and doesn't want to hear it. I don't have anyone besides myself right now bad the little help I can recurve from the same people I am upset at which makes me feel low at times because Im fiercerly independent but i can't really implemented in the ways I want to if that makes any sense (like do everything myself andhavig the means for myself). What do you suggest I do?

  • Bump lol 🙂

  • You can ignore that long paragraph before the old bump lol. I feel Im too focused and back on track-just focusing on turning my emotions into more positive actions-focus on the best instead of the worst and the positives instead of the negatives regardless of my situation or the day Im having. I have a bad and good days but overall things have been going well for me. I feel more stable and balanced especially when I focus on what I want. For some reason, Miami seems like it will happen as long as I stick to my plan, I strongly feel like its the right path and seems more feasible for me to do. Ive been writing my script-and for some reason I feel really good about it, I feel like this one can help me really break into the industry (and Ive writtten a few scripts) Im very confident in this one. Writing (esp writing my current script) has been very therapeutic to me. Im planning to enter it into a contest so I can win some money for school and gain some exposure to professionals who would love to represent me! Any feelings about this script Watergirl18?

    I recently snagged a second job at a very popular restaurant that pays alot more than my other job (that I still have) and I get more hours. Saving is easier and I can save alot in less amount of time. Even though I was hoping October, later seems a little better-November or January seems like better options-more money and time to enjoy myself and make sure everything is together. I wanted to transfer (my retail job) one of my jobs down there (the restaurant job isnt transferable to Miami) (so I can always have a job) and while Im down here in TX look for another job in Miami so I'll already be set to go when I get there. Hey I may not have time for fun or as much fun as I want to but Im more interested and have more fun really going after my dreams lol!

    What do you think of this plan?

  • Also watergirl18 I cant and really dont want to over explain this but I feel Im pretty much let my ex go completely-the way I want to without even wanting to be in a relationship with him or dont even really care if we never see or hear from each other again. I forgive I never forget lol. That was pretty messed up what happened and honestly I dont really know how I could even talk to someone that hurt me that bad-guess my big heart gets in the way lol (I did want to help him as a friend but hey he knows where to find me and if he wanted it I wouldve heard from him so whatever lol!) I think I only miss him out of boredom and loneliness. I dont need him or anyone. I believe when I dropped my ego and saw his actions were a reflection of him and not me-it helped alot. I kind of embarrassed that I sent the friend request to him, if he ends up accepts it (whenever he sees it lol) I think I should probably delete him as a friend or block him lol. Probably not, just dont respond to him, Im better than that and I deserve better.......

    1.)Why was I so hurt by the breakup and how it happened?

    2.)What was going on at that time?

    3.)How do I spot guys like my ex sooner (I feel i can but just for precautions lol)?

    4.) (Dont even know why it matters lol), but why did he breakup with me so crazily and vaguly like that?

  • Btw he did me a favor by leaving lol, better guys out there, waiting for a girl like me any guy will be lucky to have me with them but at the same time Im young relationships are second compared to my goals lol!

  • Wow really em barrassed by those

    last two post lol! I've been doing great feeling enthusiatic about the future still get anxkousbut overall I feel great things are bound to happen to me. How are you?!!!!!

    btw does Timothy like me at my job?

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