Libra woman and Scorpio man - can it work??

  • I'm a Libra woman and I started a fling with a Scorpio man in my office. He was without a doubt the most beautiful man I have ever seen in my life! My mouth literally fell open when he walked in! He's so gorgeous, he doesn't even need to chat up women, they are prepared to take their clothes off as soon as they see him - no joke!

    Anyway... He laid down his rules from the beginning: " a) he doesn't do serious relationships, (b) under no circumstances does he want kids, (c) he'll never get married and (d) he doesn't move in with women." It's now 4 months later.. and we've been living together for the past 2 months, he proposed and I'm pregnant! How about that?!

    He's incredibly dominant, moody, controlling, arrogant: things have to be his way or no way! But surprisingly it's the best relationship I've ever had! And despite the fact that he is a magnet for women - we don't really have any jealously issues and he always comes home. I'm having a looooot of competition though. And by the way, I'm not bad to look at, but it's like comparing a hamster to a greek God, so I'm more surprised than anyone that I out of all people could "tame" him! I've seen his ex-girlfriends and they were stunning.

    Can a libra/scorpio marriage actually work?? Espicially one that came together so fast??

  • I have found that it is true that a Libra-Scorpio relationship can be very very good.... or very very bad. I have been in two such long-term relationships, one of them lasted for 10 years. When the relationships were good, they were heavenly. But if you get crossways with a scorpio man, out..... it's not pretty! I avoid scorpios like the plague now! I would never consider marriage to a scorpio.

  • No one can say for certain how relations can pan out.....but hey, congratulations!! Enjoy the moments together, enjoy your life together and enjoy your baby together. I also fell quickly for a confirmed bachelor (he was married briefly 10 yrs before we met & parted after a few years...teen marriage, no kids) ; I got pregnant after a few months and moved in together. We got married a year later & now 7 years on, 2 kids and still blissfully happy ....people are amazed that I had "tamed" this rock guitarist but we love each other deeply, are the best of friends & we click. Will it last? I hope so. Live each day as it comes. You need to work on a marriage need to care for each other, love & trust. Don't worry about the exes....he's picked you!! Many, many congrats to you both!

  • Wow that is great! I too feel like my Scorpio is a Greek God! I remember the night he "found" me, I thought he was the most amazing man I'd ever seen. I told my friends I'd met and Adonis with movie star good looks! The thing is, he was attracted to not only my physical beauty (which he says constantly) but the PASSION. He connected with my passion. I'm a musician and he listened to me all night, and was ready to ravish me in the parking lot. The audience was actually commenting on his intensity and worried about me.

    I think that is such a major thing for a scorpio, to connect with someone's passion. He and I talk about that a lot. It's important to me too. I felt someone who connects to my passion in the music with such a ferocity, must be a keeper.

    Congrats! Wow, you were chosen. You are the one for him. Doesn't that feel grand?? Ask him about his passion...that will keep the fire burning. I don't mean, attraction, I mean his true heart's desire, work, art, whatever it is.

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