Could someone do a reading for me?

  • My b-day is 10/15/92.

    Just a general reading. I want to know if anything good/exciting will happen this year.

  • ?

  • Hi BritMarie 11,

    Ive done a 4 card reading regarding whats in store for you in the near future the cards that came out were

    The star ,

    I feel that you have renewed hope after a hard time in your life you now have faith in the future looking forward and you are moving on into a more peaceful and happier phase .

    The 9 of pentacles

    I feel that you have had a difficult relationship in the past and you are now feeling more confident in yourself and are happy to be in your own company as true happiness comes from within you are comfortable now with what you have achieved i feel that you will do alot of tavelling you have been saving up for this and it will come to fruition all your hardwork will pay off .

    2 of Wands

    I also see you weighing up you options about your career you have a few plans that you are thinking about puttoing into action i feel you will do this after you have travelled im really feeling this with in the next year .

    Ace of wands .

    This confirms a new job or career choice will be offered i get strong feeling its something that you havent done in the past something exciting and fresh i am also picking up on you starting your own buisness . I feel alot of plans will be put into action for you over the next year or two .

    Hope this this helps

    Many Blessings love and light Loap:)

  • Thanks alot. 🙂

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