Friendship or possibly more?

  • Dear Hans,

    I would love a reading from you if you can find the time. I am 5 13 54 and friend is 8 22 53. Knew each other as kids. Have resumed friendship over the past three years off and on. Genuinely care for this person. But I would like to know if there is a chance for us. I get mixed signals. Thank you, hope to hear from you.

  • Hi I saw your post and hope you don’t mind me putting in my two cents worth.

    I quickly compared your birth charts and can see why you might feel you are getting mixed signals. First of all your Suns are incompatible though this isn’t a deal breaker, harder to deal with is your Mercury’s being in incompatible signs, this shows that you don’t really understand how each other thinks and you don’t understand why he wants to solve problems in such an impractical manner whilst he might find your manner of solving problems inefficient and too long winded. Despite this relationships with Mercury’s square by sign can survive in your case this no doubt would have to do with his Moon being in very good aspect to your Mercury, showing that what he doesn’t understand he can intuitively pick up and therefore misunderstandings are reduced.

    In your favour is that your Sun is in good aspect to his Moon which adds harmony, compatibility and attraction to the relationship. His Jupiter is conjunct your Venus showing that he is rather indulgent and generous towards you and can be somewhat protective of you. His Neptune/Saturn combo is in good aspect to your Jupiter showing that he is sensitive and supportive of your religious and spiritual goals.

    More confusion – In his natal chart, your friend has Venus conjunct Uranus, this can make his idea of romance a little odd or even completely peculiar! This conjunction produces closer than normal relationships with friends, friends can become lovers and/or his strong desire for independence can keep would be partners in the friend zone. I am not surprised that you would become confused, I would be surprised if he completely understands why he wants you to get closer to him then backs off when you do.

    He has Pluto conjunct his Sun in Leo… oh my what a combination! A charismatic individual who is a law unto himself! You both have a lot of planets in fixed signs so are both very stubborn and want to have things your own way.

    As to your question – is there a chance for you. Well your picking up mixed signals because that is what he is giving off and probably always will. You don’t understand each other and are both stubborn and dislike changes and yet you are both able to act instinctively to meet one another’s needs and there is an emotional connection between you. None of the problems are insurmountable, you may never really understand him and he may not want a conventional relationship but this doesn’t mean that he will want someone else only that he may want to retain his independence. If you are able to live with this and allow him an illusion of freedom he will be less likely to push you away because he does care about you.

  • Wow! Thank you for your lengthy reponse. I read and reread it. Sorry took so long to get back. My computer was down. I do not pull away as much as he. I just don't feel I should be to aggressive. He is a really good person and has been hurt badly. I do know that he does not always agree with some of the things I do or the way I handle stuff. He comments, and that is fine. He knows that I like him...I am not looking for marriage. I feel that is not necessary at this point in my life. I would just like to be by his side and show him how a good woman would treat him. We both deserve the happiness that life has to offer. If it can be with each other, I would cherish that. And if not, I would always remain his friend. Thanks for your time and I truely do appreciate it.

  • Hello again! Well I talked to my friend for only few minutes on computer earlier. He asked how I was doing. It was nice talking to him. I am trying to get some issues resolved for myself. Not divorced from husband, financially better this way for the time being. He helps when he can, but I feel that he has ulterier motives. I know that it is cheaper for him this way then if it went through the courts. Would you be able to read for me? My birth 5 13 54, husbands is 11 11 47. Oh my friend is 8 22 53. Any insight you can give on my situation greatly appreciated. I know you went into detail about friend and thank you again. But I am troubled with dealings with husband, what he has up his sleeve........

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