So depressed, need a reading

  • Would appreciate a reading. I'm heart broken over a past love and am miserable in a current relationship. I'm an Aries 3/30, my past love is a sag 11/24 and my current guy is also a sag 12/20. Just wondering how to end this relationship and deal with the fear of being alone and still suffering the loss of my ex.. Does true love exist or am I just going to settle? Do you ever see me being happy in the near future. Thanks!!

  • True love exists tremendously! Don't ever doubt the power of love. Love can come in many forms and in many times of your life. First thing is first though, if you are not happy right now, you need to get out of this relationship your trying to get out of; talk to this Sag and tell him how you feel, don't hold anything back. Maybe you aren't ready to be in a relationship after the break up with the other Sag. Take some time to be single. At a moment like this, you need to be standing on your own, learning more things about who you are and what you want out of life. This way you will branch out more and grow as a person. Doing so will make you emotionally and spiritually calmed and happy. Then you will be ready for the next relationship. You must be happy with yourself in order to be happy with someone else. For right now, focus on talking to your Sag boyfriend your wanting to break up with, and focusing on yourself.

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