This is for the Captain Please...

  • Do you see my future as getting brighter?

  • You will have to state your situation specifically and post your birthdate or photo too.

  • I am separated from my husband of plus or minus 16 years. We had a violatile relationship - no physical abuse - just a lot of controlling ways. I would like to meet someone as I like being in a relationship, however, I am definitely picky and don't want to go back into another bad relationship. My birthday is 8-4-63 and I am seeing a gentlemen named Sonny. Thank you Captain

  • You will get into a good relationship when you resolve the issues and fears surrounding love and being with someone. Is your birthday 8th April or 4th August?

  • Also, your future will get brighter if you work to make it so. It doesn't happen by random chance or luck and no one else but you can do it..

  • My birthday is August 4, 1963

  • Roxanne, looking at your astrological and numerological profile, I see you are possessed of a natural modesty, a sense of honour, and the honesty to rise to the higher challenge of compromise and kindness. However, you do have to be on guard against a tendency to be too self-sacrificing or to take on too much personal responsibility. You want an equal love relationship - not one where you do all the giving or all the work. You may tell yourself you want to help and support others but you cannot take charge of someone else's life without being invited or else you usurp their responsibility to themselves. Too rigorous a repression of your own needs will result in depression and quite a lot of guilt, while too adamantly or singlemindedly maintaining your own point of view will lead to increased unhappiness and a sense of isolation. A harmonious balance must be struck. If you can use your considerable intuitive talents to learn more about other people and their motivations before getting too involved, you will be more than able to achieve benevolent leadership and trusting interaction. Your fulfillment lies in loving how you are treated once you adopt an equalitarian and fair-minded approach to life and love.

    Your challenge in love is to develop the nuances of timing to a high art. An interesting point about the art of seduction is that it requires proper timing - many a relationship conflict has developed because a request was made at the wrong time. You would do well to think carefully before choosing the moment for action. As you progress along your lifepath, you will find that the quality of your relationships improves, with people becoming more receptive to you as you soften your approach. The awareness and understanding of your needs - your relationship with yourself - will provide you with insight and wisdom into other relationships. Allow yourself to be seduced by the pleasures of relaxation, leisure-time activities, and the more passionate or sensuous side of your nature. And don't let your worldly ambitions or an obsession with being important see you turn your back on much-needed intimacy. You may have to resolve a fear of being ignored, passed over, not needed, or forgotten, so that you can be rewarded for your serious efforts, be able to rest when you need to, enjoy a family, and be at peace with yourself. Other people can never give you enough recognition for you to feel satisfied. It's only when you acknowledge within yourself the importance of your contributions that you will begin to feel truly fulfilled.

    You may need to pull back a little on your need for absolute control of every area of your life all the time. This need for control can leave you uptight and anxious, and because you can never control other people or situations enough to feel safe to be yourself, you will always be on your guard, never completely relaxed with anyone. You have to take a chance, to put aside the mask or armour you wear, and stop covering up all your vulnerabilities, fears and insecurities (self-doubt, self-deception or denial, lack of commitment). Then, with nothing left to hide, you can finally be free to just be yourself.

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