Someone.....please help!!!!!

  • My heart is breaking...can someone please do a reading and tell me if this is the end of my relationship. My DOB is 19.02.1982 and my partner's is 25.09.1979. Please someone help me.

  • Hi swat4u,

    The foundation of this relationship does not feel there has been a lot of conflict, imbalance, and struggle. The two of you feel like opposing forces which has resulted in quarreling and strife. One or both of you was dissatisfied - even bored. It's possible that he may have been, let's say, pondering or exercising his "options." You are now suffering from the loss and severing of ties yet looking back to him - wanting to mend things - afraid to let go. What you are feeling is normal, but do not let it paralyze or daunt you. Try to build up your self-confidence and inner strength and remain true to yourself (in other words, don't cave or become too passive). I just don't think this man was being true to you. Don't allow yourself to be intimidated or to alter your stance and try to keep your vibrations positive. Focus on your healing instead of struggling to hold on. Things are going to go in a different direction for you and it is very positive, but first you need to clear away the debris.



  • thanks a lot Watergirl, you have nailed the problem at the head. I guess I need to give up hopes and just move on. It's just that it has been a relationship of 7 + years and it is very difficult to let go. But I guess I need to, thank you very much for your prompt response.

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