How do you imagine yourself as a Citizen of Atlantis ?

  • "We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch - we are going back from whence we came." ~ JFK

    Thanks for this PH, when i read it a thought came to my mind : I remember reading somewhere that knowledgable residents of Atlantis knew of the upcoming catastrophe and managed to escape in time, scattering to the four corners of the Earth. Now there is a chance they some of their vast knowledge transferred to other people of antiquity like Greeks, Egyptians, Mayans etc. Now maybe, just maybe, along with their scientific knowledge Atlanteans encoded memories of them to be transferred into future generations, activated when the time is right. Now this is only a theory, but just for fun i tried to imagine myself as a citizen of Atlantis. The image of an astronomer came to me, stargazing from a tall tower, using arcane equipment. Far away there was a big city with white buildings, the likes of which i've never seen in our world. In the middle of the city there was a tall buliding like a pyramid but without the top portion, like the masonic pyramid. At the top there was an immense crystal, glowing with a deep red light. I could see other tall and thin structures like towers also with crystals on them, shining a strong blue color.

    Well then, just for fun, let's go back in time. What are your "memories" of Atlantis good people ?

  • Before I even opened this thread, a picture flashed in my mind of a beautiful city, and my part in it was as a healer. I feel that I would have loved what I did to help others, to research new ways of helping others, and prolonging life so that everyone can enjoy good health throughout all their long, long lives.

    As I walk through the city of Atlantis, I am always taken by the beauty of the tall buildings, shining white, and sparkling in the sun. The pathway beneath my feet is white marble with small black veins and some sparkles from quartz running through it. Today is a perfect sunny Summer day, with just the slightest of ocean breezes to cool the city. The medical building that I work out of is identified by two large blue crystal stones, one set into the white wall on either side of the front door. The stones are backlit, and so provide a pretty blue glow to welcome those coming in.

    Illnesses are rare in Atlantis, due to advances in preventative medicine, but babies are still being born, bones get broken, and sometimes a fisherman gets poked in the hand by the sharp spine of a fish. Surgery is still performed, too, but thanks to our medical advances, it's not usually necessary to cut someone open in order to operate. Our machines let us see into the body, and using an advanced technology, we are able to use lasers to penetrate the skin without cutting, and guide the laser tip to do repair work.

    Nice thread, Seehorse...I can't wait to see what "memories" others remember! 🙂

  • As long as I wasn't Dr. Rodney MacKay... What? Wrong Atlantis? Oh... Okay.

    My first thought as I read your post was that of a scholar. Something similar to the renaissance man, studying the sciences, the arts, philosophy and the like. I feel as if I spent a lot of my time in a tower. I too also see a lot of tall white structures, some of it has Grecian elements but mostly they are of the kind of architecture we don't see in the modern world.

    Lots of curves and intricate patterns. Whenever I think about the architecture I keep seeing images of the head of Gandalf's white staff from Lord of The Rings

  • Hey that's weird synchronicity again "lots of tall white structures, gandalfs staff" that's in my "vision" too, but i google and google and found nothing even coming close to what i imagined....

    PH, judging from DarknessAngel's description Atlantis should be an interesting city, just wish we both spent time outside our towers......well apart from the times you'd come over and help me with stargazing (peeping at Atlantean heifers that is rotflmao)

  • Yeah, we had quite the view from above huh 😉

  • As long as you were not peeping in my temple. As the high priestess, I had plenty of strapping young guardians with really sharp pointy spears. The spears were just ornamental but those guardians kind of took their duty seriously. You would not like to meet up with them in a dark alley some evening.

    Okay its a utopia and they wouldn't really hurt you too much but you all should keep your gazing on those stars. How else was you going to see the meteor.

    I was a High Priestess, I wore a white gown similar to the Classical Greek garment we are familiar with. My amulet of office was that of a silver Phoenix; silver because it is the best energy conductor and the phoenix represented the regenerative effects of the crystal energy we worked with. I was in charge of programming the crystals that ran the city and all of our connivances. I used glazed jars that were almost translucent in various colors. They held different chemical acids and bases that we used to charge and cleanse the crystals. It took many years of apprenticeship to understand the various properties and their subsequent uses, workings and care of the crystals. Additional years were spent on learning the ways of charging them and how to program or infuse them with the intent or needs. They were made to order for the various industries. The mining was carried out by one industry and the cutting was a craft in itself but they were all brought to the temple for their charging and infusing. Some were designed, charged and programmed for healing purposes, others for the holding of information but most were designed for energy transmittance to run the city.

    Then their were the great crystals. Those that worked with and harnessed the Earth’s energy grid. These were highly tuned and constantly looked after. The formula for the fluid they rested in was a tightly held secret and had to be constantly refreshed and evaluated. The power for the entire civilization depended on these. The fluid was kept secret as the grid had to be balanced and any competing setup would unbalance the whole Earth grid. No Atlantian would do such but we had trade with many other societies and they desired such information for their own purposes. Who would not want such a set up, but with out the understanding of the delicate structure and fine tuning and balancing needs, their use could be catastrophic.

  • "The power for the entire civilization depended on these."

    "any competing setup would unbalance the whole Earth grid"

    "but with out the understanding of the delicate structure and fine tuning and balancing needs, their use could be catastrophic."

    Now why have i got the feeling it wasn't a meteor that destroyed Atlantis?

  • Just after posting, i googled "Crystals Power Misuse". I found this by Doreen Virtue :

    Crystals bring up familiar memories of enormous dazzling quartz points and crystal healing beds used in ancient Atlantis, Lemuria, and other civilizations. Our shared recollections of ancient times now urge us to reconnect with the angelic and mineral kingdoms, to unlock ageless knowledge, and remember healing aspects of nature that support humankind´s ongoing evolution.

    legend says that a gem city once existed in the Greek Isles, with walls of emerald, streets paved with gold, and temples housing huge amethyst altars used for prayer and the like.

    We believe that the interest in crystals is resurging as part of the spiritual renaissance and the ascension process we´re all undergoing. As you read about Atlantean crystals, do you feel a familiarity deep within your being? If so, your purpose may involve preventing this world from repeating the mistakes made by Atlanteans as they sought domination of the world´s resources. This is a critical time in our history, and it´s imperative that we create harmonious change.

    Now is this thread and our postings just coincidence ?!.........

  • No such thing.

    On a similar note, I was talking to my mother and sister last night about crystal healing. My sister doesn't believe in it at all. My mother tends to disbelieve as well, but I just knew something resonated with her last night. Recognition of a long buried truth... 🙂

  • Wow I just happened to see this thread. Ibelieve your description rings so clearly for me also. We haven't even come close to understanding the use of crystals the ways the Atlanteans did. When I found my crystal last week, it was like I found a long list friend. I am certain I was an Atlantean and an Egyptian. For those who had the other post about Atlantis rising again, I have had visions over and over about this.

    One use I have seen on crystals, it was kind of like electricity is for us somehow also besides the use to heal and sometype of time travel.


  • Greystar,


    I'm so happy you found your crystal. Between that and the storm warnings, cool, you're on a roll right now, go with it.


  • Hello everyone,

    I just stopped in say I find this thread and the other thread interesting. I too have heard and watched or read about Atlantis. Fascinating stuff Bimini Road etc. Crystals I think have always played an important role in the metaphysical world. From the ancient times till now. The crystals and Gems that have picked me are Obsidian, quartz crystals, onyx, ruby and diamonds combination, garnets, alexandrite, Tanzanite and amethyst. My favorite color combination has always been yellow and purple.

    I just thought I would share with you all,

    Have a great day,

    Your friend in Tarot,


  • Sorry all I forgot I got drawn to the crystals. I imagine myself as the ruler's wife on land Ha ha. In the water I imagine myself as a mermaid, Then on the other hand I could be an Orca. Ha ha

    Your friend in Tarot,


  • And some of the Atlantans scattered to northern isles, where they became selkies, the seal people, and those of the Orkneys and Shetlands are my tribe. But in Atlantis I was an artist and scribe, transmitting the Earth's beauty and its secrets through my brushes. I am in a great library in one of those great white towers, light pouring in through tall windows, the walls around me covered with cases with thousands of cubbyholes, each containing its own precious scroll. I know intimately the contents of each, can always put my hand in an instant on the one that's wanted. Between the cases are niches for paintings and crystals—among mine are many chalcedonies, opals, agates, quartz and peridot, in hues of rose and sea-blue and sea-green, some stones milky and some crystalline. Many lie on the heavy tables where they weight the corners of open scrolls. And when I descend the spiraling stair, at the base of the tower my home is a spiral of another kind, like a chambered nautilus, proceeding from outer public rooms to inner private ones, and at the center of all a large circular courtyard where olive and fruit trees and grapevines grow, and vegetables and flowers in profusion, and children and animals play; and here I paint and write of the microcosmos of domestic life, as in the tower I paint and write of the cosmos itself. The two are equal, inextricably linked, the one a miniature of the other…

  • Gracefuldaisies that's just as beautiful as your name ! Your post gave me an idea. Maybe we could try to draw our "visions" of Atlantis, although i confess i suck at drawing lol Maybe i'll give it a try because no matter how much i search the internet i can't find a picture that's even remotely similar to what i saw.....

    Greystar, your post about you been Atlantean and Egyptian reminded me of something i've found earlier :

    "Critias claims that his accounts of ancient Athens and Atlantis stem from a visit to Egypt by the legendary Athenian lawgiver Solon in the 6th century BC. In Egypt, Solon met a priest of Sais, who translated the history of ancient Athens and Atlantis, recorded on papyri in Egyptian hieroglyphs, into Greek. According to Plutarch, Solon met with "Psenophis of Heliopolis, and Sonchis of Sais, the most learned of all the priests"

    The phoenix is a mystical firebird that is seen in many cultures, not just Greek society. The originating culture that started the myth of the phoenix is the ancient Egyptian culture - and all other myths regarding the phoenix seem to have sprung from this one.

    So it's quite possible Atlantean survivors mingled with Ancient Egyptians, giving them their knowledge as well as customs, beliefs, traditions etc !

  • Why thank you, Seehorse! You inspired me with this thread, and your own imaginings. I can see everyone's images so clearly, and I love the idea of us each trying to draw them. I submit that you do not actually suck at drawing, you've just been inhibited (as most of us have) by outsized expectations somewhere along the line and you internalized the sense of not measuring up. Here's a good Richard Bach quote for that: "Argue for your limitations, and sure enough—they're yours" : ) We're all natural artists, just as we're all natural musicians. It's our birthright! Try colored pencils or watercolor markers perhaps, or fingerpaints for that matter, and just let your imagination flow straight to your hand without censoring or judging yourself or trying to "see" through anyone's eyes but your own. Let it be anything that comes to you, from abstract splashes of colors to flowing lines to… well, you be the guide. I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised at the results.

    PisceanHealer, I love the image of Gandalf's staff. One of my most favorite inhabitants of Middle Earth, is Gandalf the Grey/White … anyone else see a round blue crystal inside its wrought design, like the ones at the entrance to Darkness Angel's medical building?

    And that reminds me, I almost forgot one of my very favorite elements of the library and courtyard! In darkness they are lit with the light of the small magical sphere that is the golden pelydryn—Eilonwy's bauble—anyone read Lloyd Alexander's Chronicles of Prydain? Like a tiny full moon, it hovers and bobs and casts a gentle but powerful love-light wherever it's needed, a light that shows things ordinary light cannot reveal…

  • Well thank YOU gracefuldaisies for your beautiful insight and advise, i'll try it ! And please share more like this Lloyd Alexander....i've spent most of my life so far listening to Ozzy (still do lol) and working my but off. It's so nice to slowly discover another world !

    I just remembered i was actually painting with aquarellas some 20 years ago....funny how (and why) that memory faded !

    Now i'd like to share a little about Atlantis political and social structure ( everybody shouts boo hiss BORING !! lol)

    5 horizon directions, 5 elements,5 Caste system.

    Earth-North for Builders, Water-West for Healers, Air-East for Teachers, Fire-South for Defenders.

    And the 5th element representing the Divine, the Law, elders chosen unanimously from all Castes to form the High Council of Atlantis, the Government. The criteria for being accepted in the Council were nobility of Spirit (Plato's perfect democracy) as well as achievments in the individual's field of expertise. No rich people in Atlantis, destroying their planet because of greed and hunger for power. Money was non-existent, Atlantis currency was to excel in your field of knowledge thus supporting the prosperity of society. The 5th element was above the other four, thus forming a pyramid, Atlantis symbol.

    As for religion, Atlanteans had no Gods. And no priests. No lazy drones hiding behind false gods so they can spend their lives not working or doing something useful but chanting meaningless psalms. Atlanteans revered the Lifebringer, Light itself. That's why one of their most sacred ceremonies was the Circle of Light, where they gathered in a circle and offered their Light back to the Universe, to be used where needed. They knew everything is energy and everything is ONE, so they had little need of gods and goddesses.They also respected duality because everything in Nature is so. Male-Female, Day and Night, Sun and Moon, Yang and Yin, not fighting each other as in Judaeo-Christian beliefs, but complementing and supporting each other to produce a perfect whole.

  • Hey AngelBee got a new cool name Lotus Princess ! You know, it gave me an idea about Atlantean Crystals and their charging from sunlight using lenses the shape of Lotus Petals positioned around the crystal like a i have to draw that too !

  • Hey SH, not to shatter your vision, but as I read your post about the political/social structure I got the distinct feeling of me disagreeing with the council. Not because of the ideologies you posted, but because they had lost track of those same ideologies. They had become corrupt.

    Wasn't there a war on Atlantis on the scale of (if not larger than) World War II?

    GD; tell us more about that book please! I am intrigued because Prydain is Welsh for Britain 🙂

  • Hey SH- 🙂 thanks you, and you know what for lol.

    I love your thread idea about the Atlantis, i find them very interesting too. I have no idea,weather i was apart of it or not. perhaps yes, who knows. I am drawn to crystals too,In fact i have been collecting them, since i was little, n i never even new before, what they were used for, till know of course. and i have always been interested in this kind of thing, but never got into it deep enough, as i didnt know much before as i know now. I hope got that the right way around lol. I love this new name too, its cool and i researched up about the lotus petal, sounds like it was very spiritual too.

    Love n light LP. Aka Bee 🙂 Xx

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