Watergirl18-my friends heart is breaking....a reading please?

  • Hi watergirl18,

    Yep....it's me again 😉

    But this time I'm looking for reading on my best friend.

    She is a little uncomfortable posting things on a forum. So I told her I'd do the deed for her.

    Hope you don't mind 🙂

    She is a Sagittarius (Dec 11/69) and he is (you guessed it..ha ha) a Virgo (Sept 1/71).

    She has been in this relationship for about 10 months. And is now at a fork in the road. He is very hot and cold and she can't seem to figure this man out. And she doesn't quite know whether to continue being in this relationship. Or to cut her losses and move on.

    Just like I was....she is "at war" with her heart and her head.

    Communication seems to be a big issue between both of them. He only let's her in when he wants to. And she doesn't voice her feelings/concerns enough (this is my opinion). Therefore making her self feel less than she is. Like she's not good enough for him.

    It hurts me to see her like this....as she is an amazing person. And deserves a lot more than what she is getting out of this relationship.

    Although she is starting to question whether HE is good enough for her at this time. She is still waffling back and forth.

    I came to you, as you really did help me out.

    And I'm hoping you can give some insight so that my friend can have some guidance as to where to go from here.

    As always....a reading would be highly appreciated .

    Thank you so much for your consideration.


    CuteCappy ❤

  • Hi CuteCappy,

    Yes, I can see that your friend's relationship is definitely not living up to her expectations and it is "piercing" her at the moment, but it is best for her to come to terms with it and move on. She wants so much for this to be "the one" or a great lasting love in her life - she keeps waffling between this desire and knowing the truth in her heart. He is pushing her around emotionally. He has a passive-agressive way of controlling her and she is allowing it. There really isn't a future to look forward to with this man. She needs to nurture her self-confidence and protect her boundaries - define what is and is not acceptable behavior or an acceptable way to treat her. A big lesson in life is to understand that weactually teach people how to treat us by what we accept from them. It looks like she will be hanging on for a while longer, but the sooner she rips off the band-aid the better. This experience is to teach her about herself and to realize her strength so she can build a better foundation in the future. Support each other through this!



  • Hey Watergirl!

    This is the actual Sag my friend posted about! She shared the info with me. You are dead on to what you wrote and was coming to that conclusion myself today. You are also right that it may take me a little longer, sad but true. Reason why is that I feel I have not set the boundaries and voiced my thoughts and my opinions and have recognized this and want to try and do this and see if it changes the dynamic of the relationship (whether for the good or its final conclusion). Do you feel this is even a worthwhile attempt or am I just clinging to straws to still try and fulfil my dream of what I truely want in a relationship and not focusing on what the man is before me. You see, I feel to a big degree, I have not given him the best chance in the relationship due to my own walls and not letting him get to know the real me.

    One confused Sag

  • Hey there Sag,

    Well....I got the impression that any attempt to keep the relationship going or repair it would be futile, but I also got the impression that this was probably a process you needed to go through in order to accept it. The most likely outcome now is that he will retreat or remove himself in an attempt to regain the upper hand and may or may not respond in anger - it will be either a covert or overt attempt at manipulation - to try to make you come running back to him on HIS terms. I see this turning into a stalemate in the end as you are indeed strong enough to know what is best for you. So my suggestion is if you MUST give him the chance, to have an open, honest conversation with him about what you want and what would need to change in order for you to stay in the relationship and be happy. THEN take a step back and observe his response/actions from an outsider's perspective so the manipulation won't work. If he says he wants to try, move forward if you feel so inclined, but with your wits about you. If he acts angry and tries to turn the tables on you by manipulating you in ANY way, then you will have your answer.

    I am woman, hear my roar...



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