Piscean Healer-May You Help :)

  • Hey Ive appreciate and continue to admire the guidance you have given me in the past. I was wondering why do I give off chaotic or contridicting vibes (where my words dont match up with my vibes or my energy is all over the place lol!) ?

    I try my best not to give off those vibes and sometimes I dont even know why or when I give them off-any advice or insight?

    Would you also like to do a reading for me in regards to my future (school ,love, etc)-I feel like I have alot going for me especially with me working hard to reach my goal the future is limitless lol! Im just working on the impatience part though lol-I promise Im trying?

  • Your energy and words don't match because you worry too much about outward appearances and what others think of you. You feel as if you will be judged or come across as weak or a failure if you don't put on a brave face.

    That's not an accusation, we all have our masks, but now it's having a negative effect on your life. You are only human Asia, so be honest with yourself okay? 🙂

    I'm a bit too busy to give a reading right now, I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can. For now, heed Watergirl's advice and watch your energy. Focus on one thing at a time. Make lists that you can keep a track of things and cross off the items once completed. It will help you keep track of where your energy is being spent. Right now you are all over the place.

    Love & light to you,


  • Why thank you Marc! And you are right my energy is all over the place-trying to handle toomuch at once. I do worry about the way I come off sometimes even here-So why not be braver than the real face Im putting on and put all of my feelngs out there! What do I have to lose! Thank you somuch look forward to hearing from you 🙂

  • 🙂 Hey Marc are you still up for that reading?

  • Hey Asia,

    I'm afraid the question should be are you up for that reading? I'm also afraid the answer is no. I feel that a reading will only be a temporary fix. It will ultimately raise more questions than answers and only serve to scatter your energies further.

    Just take a look at what you asked for, "a reading for me in regards to my future (school ,love, etc)". That's a lot of stuff you want to know about!

    With the utmost respect (and apologies) to you Asia, it would be morally and ethically wrong of me to give you a reading at this point in time. The only thing I can say is that my original advice still stands. Focus your energy on the here and now. Don't worry about the future.

    Much love & light to you,


  • Ok thanks Piscean Healer as you did point out a great point lol 🙂 Take Care buddy!

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