Help with Career reading please

  • I've been told that there are opportunities ahead for me to learn new skills/talents that will put me on a much more positive path career-wise. It will also lead to a more spiritually orientated phase of my life.

    Since there were no specifics I consulted the tarot with the question "what do I need to know about this spiritually based career?". These are the cards I drew:

    3 of Swords

    The Emperor


    The Chariot

    Knight of Cups

    I have an inkling of what's going on, but I'm not sure what the cards are telling me to be perfectly honest.

  • PHMarc, I'd like to have a go at reading these, but first wondered if you were doing a position-specific reading, or drew the cards without assigning positional meanings? For instance, were you reading 3 of Swords past, Emperor present, Judgement querant, Chariot challenges, Knight of Cups future (the first lineup that came to me), or… ?

  • Thanks gd. I just drew the cards, so whatever feels right to you 🙂

  • Incidentally, I took a look at the full Crow's Magick deck in the Browse Decks section this morning, and the word that came to me was: Powerful. My own personal reaction to this deck is wariness, but then I've historically had a rather fraught relationship with power, LOL. I know you mentioned being drawn to the Native American symbolism, but I also get the sense that your choice reflects an inner acceptance of your spiritual power and embracing of your ability to channel it well and use it wisely.

    Without knowing positions, here's my impression: You've suffered deep pain, and in your suffering the seeds of your spiritual power found fertile soil for growth. Judgment says you are now able to see what this experience taught you and to bring that understanding to fruition. You have mastery over this power but perhaps are reining it in quite tightly, possibly a little fearful that it may otherwise run away with you. The Emperor could also signify an authority figure who does not support or even disdains your desire for spiritual development (although that's not my instinct here); or perhaps your own inner Emperor is judging your spiritual side as lacking a sound grasp of reality, or telling you that your dreams are ridiculous and that you should conform more to social norms. But the opportunity you are awaiting is at hand or soon will be, and to make the most of it you'll need to be prepared to seize it and direct it with confidence. The charioteer needs a steady hand, but he will get nowhere if he acts as the Emperor might, pulling back so hard that he stops his horse altogether. The Knight of Cups (which I see as representing you) says that while the Emperor may be overly cautious, still he's right that some caution is called for. As you embark on a journey of creativity and inspiration, be sure to stay grounded (a chariot's wheels, though in quick and constant motion, are always in contact with the earth) and don't let yourself be swept away by romantic notions, even as you trust your judgment and allow intuition to guide you toward your inner calling. The Judgment card agrees with the foretelling of an awakening and a new way of experiencing life, and advises you to rely on your own internal compass as you proceed. This, above all, must be your guide—be excited, yes, but don't let your excitement (your "horse", in both the Knight and the Chariot) take control, and always watch where you are going, or your chariot will crash.

    I didn't lay out the cards so wasn't really relying on much imagery symbolism here, more on just the card meanings as I've come to understand them. I'm curious to know how all that fits with your take on the situation! love & light, gd

  • I just went and looked up a little more on the Knight of Cups symbolism, since he is an intriguing figure to me. Here's what I found at biddytarot (this is based on the Rider Waite card):

    The Knight of Cups is riding along, gazing into the cup he is carrying. He's not looking where he is going, but has all his concentration on the cup. He's seeing guidance from the cup. There's a map in the cup. The knight is always riding, never still. He is always chasing his dreams. The Knight wears a cloak covered with images of fish, the symbol of spirit, Christ consciousness, and creativity. His helmet and feet are winged, a symbol of an active and creative imagination. He rides a white horse which walks gracefully under his certain control. The horse represents power, energy, and drive, and of course the colour white is a symbol of purity, spirituality, and light. … A young man of high intelligence. A romantic dreamer. (If querent is a woman, she may be falling in love with such a man.) Physical description - light brown hair, fair complexion. May be a "traveller." Casual appearance. Well travelled. Personality traits - temporary enthusiasms. Enthusiastic, passionate, amiable. Often poetic and graceful.

    : ) gd

  • gd, that is an excellent interpretation. Clearly you are picking up on my energies/circumstances. thank you!

    Yes, my deep pain has put me on this spiritual path. In fact my entire life of "suffering" - if I can truly call it that - has prepared me or has been for the purpose of spiritual growth. Yes I am wary of this knowledge and power. And yes, there are elements of disdain, or lack of support. Basically I am not feeling much support from some family members. This could indeed be mostly in my mind as I haven't really spoken to them about all this. Conforming to social norms... yes, there is certainly an element of that going on in my life!

    Very interesting gd. I am getting a lot of messages telling me to trust my intuition, my inner-compass as you put it. Also something about going it "alone" or trusting more in myself without the need for support from others in the form of validations.

    And thank you for the insight into the Crow's Magick deck as well. I had never thought of it that way before 🙂

  • Okay gd, now you are just scaring me! lol not really, but you are really hitting the mark here. That Knight of Cups description is very much me! 🙂

  • You probably already know this, but I just learned that the Knight of Cups is the court card ruling the 20th degree of Aquarius to the 20th degree of Pisces (from February 9 to Mar 10), so if your birthdate is in either of the first two decans of Pisces (thru March 10), it's your natal court card as well. Pretty cool! There's definitely a Christlike feel here—classic knight on a white horse, strongly identified with his principles and ideals.

    The Emperor… I think one of the biggest challenges we each face as we rediscover our authentic selves and find courage to reveal that to the world is the disapproval of society, or our anticipation and fear of that disapproval. But it's my experience (so far!) that when we really let our light shine, people will either appreciate us even more for it, or even if they respond only with disdain, that same light deflects their darkness and protects us from any real harm.

    I'm so glad that my interpretation made sense in context. As you know, I'm still learning to trust my intuition with the cards, too, and I'm always glad to puzzle out their messages with fellow travelers 🙂

  • I actually didn't know that about the Knight of Cups. I was born on February 20th 😄 I also love that interpretation of the Emperor. It makes real sense and is actually something I have been reminded of recently. That we attract people into our lives that we can teach and can learn from; i.e. it benefits all parties. Those that turn away from us or are not drawn to us do so because our paths weren't meant to cross.

  • Sounds like you are squarely under the influence of that Knight, then ; ) The Knight in Shining Armor certainly follows a noble path, if far from an easy one. The principle of attraction makes a lot of sense to me, too. It's a good reminder to me to be open to those synchronicities that land you directly in the path of another, as well as to the vibes that say "Move on!" when on occasion you do cross the path of someone you're not meant to. Interesting how it plays out here on the forum as elsewhere—there are many regulars here whose threads I'm never drawn to read or whom I just somehow never encounter, and others I seem to bump into repeatedly. Glad you're one of the latter : D And thanks for the privilege of practicing my interpretations on your cards. I've tended to use tarot mostly for self-guidance with an occasional reading for a friend, but the energy does feel different—like a channel with less static—when it's for someone whose circumstances you don't really know.

  • Thank you for your interpretation 🙂

    I know what you mean about not feeling drawn to certain threads. I'm not sure if it's a sense of "don't go there" so much as "you aren't in a position to help this person right now Marc". I have found that if I trust that instinct, someone else will soon come along and give an answer that never occurred to me.

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