A reading please

  • can anyone give me a reading on either career and/or love/relationships? my birthday is 6/29/1988. i could really use some insight into what might be on the way. I would really appreciate it. thank you

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  • Hi kells629,

    I'm Emereaux. I just saw your comment and wanted to offer you a reading.

    I see that you are on the brink of something new and you're in a transitional period. It is time to move ahead with balance and strength. You are sensitive and open right now - which is a wonderful state of being. But there really are wolves in sheep's clothing in every aspect of life, and you can help yourself by developing discernment about what's presented to you. Not everyone will have your best interests at heart. I do not see a relationship at this time, but much potential exists. You have all you need to get to where you want to go. Be patient with yourself. We all have to walk a rocky road at times to get to where we need to be.

    Blessings and light and

    Peace of the heart,


  • Thank you for your reading. it has proven to be accurate. I just passed a very important career test that I have trained for for many months. thank you again!

  • So glad to hear kells629!



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