Scorpio guy, I am desparetly waiting for...

  • Hi everyone,

    My little story starring a Scorpio, began a year ago when I met him (saw his deep blue eyes) which I cannot forget ever. He led the dating, the intimacy everything till a moment when he was speaking about me and him marrying and moving together.

    I was very insecure about it, as I never heard him say I love you during 1 year of our relationship.

    A moment I regret the most in my life is when I called him and said that there was no love between us. From there on he never contacted me.

    Of course I tried 3 times to contact him. We spoke, had a dinner, he was very friendly, positive when texting me back .

    The last time we met was 2 months ago. He said to me that I could have him if I waited 3 months, dated other guys to see if there were better guys than him for me.

    I feel now awful, desparate, because I actually did dated other guys, but no one is so sexy, so hot and so manly like him. Imagine the actor of Thor from the movie Thor. I would really like to know if this guy is fooling around with me, because I hurted him. Or really wants me, but let me wait for him?

    I would like you if would share your experiences/ advices with me. Sorry for my English. I do have some grammatical problems

  • I've had similar situation with one. We met, he came on strong, I was in a different space in my life, but yet after spending a few days together I was falling, then we had sex and it was the best thing ever. I could feel again in the small of my back, had never had that feeling before, but a few days after that he was stil coming on strong and i had an anxiety attack and told him not to get attached. I regret ever saying that because now it's every three months off and on, we don't go on walks anymore or dinner or movies until a few months ago when he ran into a mutual friend of mine, told this friend we were dating but it wasn't anything serious, but now all of a sudden I'm meeting his parents, going with him to do what he does for a living with his parents, his parents have completely opened up to me, yet with him, I see him once a week when we do our weekly outing, we haven't had sex in 3 months and all i hear about scopios is their sex drive. i'm an aries with a very high sex drive myself but have maintained the abstinance to be with him i have no reason to date anyone else nor do i want to. it's just a very strange situation and i'm just not used to it. I know sex isn't the issue because I have had relationships many more men then not telling me I'm the best they ever had. But he is also a AA / Rehab and I know they have to focus on something sometimes, he gets very angry, I leave him alone. The first time we kissed it was awesome and he looked at me and said oh my god you are a very good kisser. Some of this I think was BS but then when you hear it from so many. I'm don't look at myself ego that way, but just want someone to trust and love and was hoping he was it because of the way he made me feel.

    I think i hurt him and now i'm being tortured but for how long does it last

  • Yeah, quite similar situation.

    I think that a Scorpio guy likes to ignore someone when he thinks he cannot get his way.

  • Have you talked to him aboput this?

  • Definitely talk to him, tell him how you feel

  • Thanks crazycao and surlemare for ur response.

    It will take me a lot of courage to contact him. I am very insecure when it comes to approaching a guy, even if we have had a relationship. So, now I am still waiting for a miracle 'he approaching me'. I hope only that he will come around and give me the chance to talk to him.

    Meanwhile, I keep thinking that he is the mr right :).. even if he does not show to me to care about me right now

  • Dear AAAAAAAm;

    You know better than us, believe me.Listen your heart.

    Is he worthy?

    If the answer is yes,play the same game like him.Just the same.Not more no less.

    If the answer is no,let him go.Let him play with others.

    have a nice day

  • I am going through the same thing right now: missing a guy, hoping he will approach me soon. Months have been going by that I've hoped he could come around. I feel like a year could go by. So, I think it's time for me to step up. Even if he ends up not feeling the same way anymore, I feel like I will have a weight lifted off my shoulders -- and you could too! Don't wait!

  • Thanks chocolatebox & surlemare.

    I was kinda going insane yesterday, bicause every 5 minutes I thouht about him. It felt like a having a major depression. On top of it I had some deadlines on my job. So, while working on gettting stuff done, I just came up with so much strenght that I textedt him a massage saying that I love him and that he means much to me.

    I can now tell that it felt so great, like I had done the right thing. And now I am feeling so much better. It was and is so great to feel the relief. This is the first time for me. He already has texted me 2 weeks ago that he loves me and that i mean to him a lot.

    The thing is I did not know how to see this texting i love you. Was it what he really means or just something you would say to every baby you see on street.

  • Dear AAAAAAAm

    When you love somebody you accept him/her without any doubt.You believe him simply.

    I guess it is a diffult period for you.Just a relax.Give yourself a little space.Do not push the things.If it happens it happens.Life has own rule.And always there is no logic.

    Just let the things go.

    If you want to text him, text him.If you want to believe him,believe him.

    Do not try solve as if this is a mathematic problem.

    Good luck

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