Knowing when someone is thinking about you.

  • I don't know if this would be a topic of being physic or telepathic.

    I often know when someone is thinking of me because I get this tingling sensation around the outside corners of my nose. Almost all the time I can tell who it is. Sometimes it is so intense it drives me crazy wondering what are they trying to tell me. Is there a way of learning to interpet these thoughts?

    I also had experiences with thinking about someone and they appear,

    Another experience I had was when my husband and I were riding in a car, and I put my hand on his shoulder and I said watch out for that train, right after I said that to him, the horn from a train blew, it was a few feet in front of us, I don't know if it was coinscidence or lucky. Anyone's thoughts would be great!

  • Lovetolearn, I've heard all of my life that if you're thinking about someone and can't get them off of your mind, it's because they're thinking of you. I've experienced that, but not the tingling sensation that you describe. I guess it may be different for everyone...? Like we "receive" on our own frequencies?

    I've learned throughout my life to trust my "gut feelings", but sometimes I have experiences that go beyond just a "gut feeling". For example, twice in my life I have totalled two trucks in accidents and walked away...and one truck hit a house! Neither accident was my fault, and the accidents were about 4 years apart. In both cases, for about 2 weeks prior to each accident, every time I got in my truck, I would get this intense "Be Careful Driving" gut feeling, but it was more than that...very intense, and could not be ignored. And in both cases, I listened, and tried to be extra careful driving, but in about two weeks I got in the accidents. The last time this happened was 15 years ago, but I have not been in any accidents since. I think if I ever get gut feelings like that again, I'll just walk, lol!

  • I am glad that you survived your encounters and now trust in your gut feelings. I get those feelings when I first meet someone or naturally know that something just isn't right. I can usually tell if I like this person or know when I enter a room or a surrounding enviroment, I use my gut feeling, If I sense that something just doesn't seem right, I will leave.

    I like your answer about when you can't get someone off your mind that it means that they are thinking about you. I just wonder if they want to reconnect with you or are they just daydreaming about what could of been because their own life isn't going so well at this time.

  • I don't believe in coincidence. What others call coincidence I call synchronicity.

    lovetolearn, I'd say you have a very strong, natural clairsentient ability. If you want to develop it further, firstly I'd say to just carry on with what you are doing, you're a natural! Secondly I suggest learning to quiet your mind, your thoughts. I find meditation is a good tool for this.

    Love & light to you 🙂


  • PiseanHealer.... thank you for your reply. I have told some people about this ability, but they would look at me like I was crazy so I just kept it to myself until I found this website. I have always been fasinated with Tarot, Phychic abilities, astrology etc.

    Is there away of learning what the other person's thoughts say?

    I am going to try your suggestion and learn how to meditate.

    I've read some of your posts.....Do you do readings? Do you have phychic abilities? Your replys to others posts are very interesting. Thanks again!

  • Dear lovetolearn,

    First a shout out to my friend PisceanHealer! Hello!

    He is absolutely right in your having the gift of our "sister Clair" clairsentience. This means "clear feeling" and is one of the psychic gifts that you can have to know something you wouldn't know otherwise. I totally understand people thinking you are nuts when you say something...but I have just learned over the years, oh well. Your gifts are yours for a reason. Embrace them. Many people wish they had them. And use it for the purpose you are meant to use it. Which is helping other people, or animals or the planet with them.

    The train may have been a thought or a vision versus a feeling (like your nose). There are other ways to receive divine guidance. For example, mine is clairaudient. So I "hear" my divine guidance, and yours. So with that, let me share with you what your angels want you to know about your gifts:

    "Dear dear Love, we shout HURRAY from on high because you are in tune with your highest self! She is exuberant because you are learning to acknowledge and not dismiss your abilities. Just as other psychics before you, including the very one typing you this message, you have had this ability for quite a long time. But you are now giving it the attention it needs.

    Do not be afraid of your abilities. Do not hide behind them. Your husband will be one of your strongest allies. And when he benefits from your intuition, he will become a bigger believer. The only way to increase your confidence is through the simple art of practicing. Practice here in this forum. Practice with your friends. Your family. If they think you are crazy, then they do. It doesn't affect you, and who you are. For YOU know the TRUTH and you speak from this truth do you not? Of course you do. That is all that matters.

    Practice. And practice again. And again. You will begin to learn how our divine guidance comes through and you will find your voice to share it with others. Then the magic begins. And your own heart will grow lighter because we know it has seen its share of darker days. They are behind you our dearest, and now it's time for you to push past the naysayers and go do what you are here to do. Be the lightworker that you are. Welcome to your new birth. And a lifetime of healing ahead of you. Hurray!"

    Angel blessings to you!

    Miss Beth

  • Hello Miss Beth 🙂

    lovetolearn, to answer your question, I have no idea if it's possible to read someone else's thoughts exactly. I'm inclined to believe that you'd need someone who is completely open to the process, someone who is experiencing the same thing as you.

    I am clairsentient as well. I have come to discover that I can often and quite easily pick up on present energies, the here and now. The difficulty for me has been separating these 3rd party feelings and sensations from my own. I've also learned that 80% of psychics are clairsentient and that through accessing the present energies one can have access to past and even future energies. Although I am not there myself, I have been able to "predict" a positive outcome in a negative situation for the simple reason that I didn't feel worried when everyone else around me did! 🙂

    Miss Beth and your angels are right. Practice, practice, and practice some more. Don't worry about getting things wrong. As long as you approach things with honest intentions and an open heart (moreso than an open mind), you'll soon learn how spirit communicates with you. You'll probably also find other abilities awaken within you. Clairvoyance, clairaudience, and quite likely claircognizance (clear "knowing"). Or all of the above!

    Love & light to you,


  • I experience something similar to lovetolearn's experience. I feel my friend is around me a lot of times. He's alive, just very , very, very far (continents away). I sense his response ( or likely response) to things I do,exciting things I see, comments about situations. As if he sits next to me. I even visualize him being there looking at me be it a nice or bad situation. I wonder whether it is simply wishful thinking. Would be nice if it is a connection of mutual feelings.

  • Talk to him about it...

  • Thanks for the response. I will create another thread for your further advise so as not to intrude on here.

  • You are not intruding, please feel free to join in.

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