A bright future for my brother?

  • My younger brothers birthday is April 30, 1992. He has started college as of last Fall, but did not do so well for those two school semesters. He seemed to become interested in one girl while he was in college, but it didn't work out apparently. I'm not sure if he knows for sure what he's wanting to do with his future. So many people have tried to guide him, with out actually making it obvious that they are trying to lead him in the right direction. I'm not sure whether I should step in or not. I've mainly just been staying out of this situation, but have considered stepping in. Part of me is thinking he hasn't been doing his best lately due to his love life. He was in a long relationship until about a year ago. Since then, there was the one girl in college which didn't even turn into a relationship, and that was it. No more girls after that. He could still be trying to heal from that..maybe finding new love in the future will help him get on the right path?

    I'm hoping a reading of his chart will help me know where his future is headed at this point, how bright his future is seen to be.

    Please and thank you

  • Dear Weevil,

    You are such a caring sister to ask on behalf of your Brother. You will want to ask the Captain for information about his future with his birthdate. She has made a move and is busy with that now. I'm clairvoyant and I will give you what I get for him.

    He is not interested in college as he did not go in with a goal in mind is what I feel. He knew that at college there are parties and girls to get to know. You do need to step in and talk with him in a loving way in which I feel you will do soon on his behalf. He is a bit spoiled and in need of guidence. This is a once in a lifetime chance for him to focus and get a career path going for himself, not all of us have to go to college to obtain what we will do with our lives. Your brother is gifted in writing is what I'm picking up and he would do well as an editor or writing in itself, but he needs action (physical) with the job to make him want to stay with it, so a News Reporter is what I feel as an option for him. He is young and love will be there for him on surface levels for a short time until he is more stable in his career motativation he will drift and not attract a long time love to him. When he makes life deceisions than he will begin to grow up and draw to him a young woman that is plain in dress and what some would call a natural beauty (no make-up) she will be stable in her life and make very good choices and career moves, as I see her in the law or medical fields. Tell your Brother to get it togeather because she will be his soulmate and I feel her coming into his life within the next three years.


  • Thank you so much for the word of help!

    Captain is a psychic?

  • Weevil,

    I do believe that she has intutitive ability, however she would not call herself a psychic. She is more an astrologer in my opinion.

  • Do I have to send this to her for her to see it?

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