Summer fling?

  • Greetings!

    I've been dating someone new for the past month and so far we've come to enjoy a casual relationship that at a minimum promises a to make for a sizzling summer. He's Leo 08/21/76 and I'm Libra 10/18/83. Does anyone see this turning into a good relationship for us? I'm looking for a long term boyfriend and I just wonder if the universe wants me to have that anytime soon.

    Thanks and Blessings!

  • Hi miamiem,

    Your past relationship "failures" have caused you to lose your faith a bit. Spirit says to keep the lessons learned, but do not allow the past to discolor the present. Go with the flow....have FUN. Release the disappointments of the past and enjoy yourself. I am not getting a clear indication on long-term potential, but I am getting that this relationship will indeed provide a summer of fun. Lose yourself in the moment (while keeping your wits about you, of course!) - you deserve to have some fun! Live in the present rather than focusing on the "what ifs" of the future.



  • Fabulous insight!! Thank you soooo much. My last "relationship" was a complete failure! I had too many expectations and didn't allow myself to enjoy the ride wherever it was headed. You are exactly right in your advice for me to keep the lessons learned and lose myself in the moment. I'll try to enjoy this for what it is and not put a label on it. Thanks again, you are absolutely fabulous!

  • Your last relationship wasn't a failure - that's why I put the quotation marks around it 🙂 You LEARNED from it....

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