Life in the stars

  • Can psychics truely see someones life mapped out in the stars? The persons past and persona right before their very eyes? Or can the stars be changed? Meaning the individual takes a different path than the one shown in the stars..are the stars set in stone?

  • I could debate it either way.

    There is the free will theory that no one future is set in stone. That it is mapped out or agreed to before birth or fated BUT that you can alter it by your choices. "Change your thoughts and change your mind."

    Then there is the predestination theory that no matter what you do, you will end up in the same place. Most people dont like to think about this one BUT like a movie , whose ending is set no matter what, if yuo haven't seen it or read it, you can utterly enjoy it. As long as you don't know whats comming, who cares whether it is set.

    As for someone laying it all out for you, you always have the choice of ignoring/disbelieving what they say and living life the way you chose. There is advice about the future path and then there is leading a person down a path complete with nose ring and chain.


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