Job Q Cwb asks

  • Hi

    can anyone plz insight me on the jobs i oughta apply for? Is there one in pareticular ill get? by whom? with n for whom?

    a bird told me Charlie hires n ive spoken of it to him, but nio reply yet,

    My mom rips me each time we talk n i feel cornered n pestered so badly i wanna yell LEAVE ME THE EFF ALONE. BUGGAR OFF, but i cant. she is me mom n all. GOD i HATE this.

    plz plz plz anyone plz plz plz insight me thank u


  • Dear CWB,

    Let's see what your angels say about your job search...they say to tell you that you need to ask them to help steer you in the right direction. That you are here, then there, then up here, and down there, and there is no consistency in your job search, let alone in what you even want to do. Slow down they say. Stop and start putting some real effort into what you want to "be when you grow up" they say actually laughing, but they mean this in a fun-spirited way.

    They urge you to focus on your talents. You have many they say, but you tend to "pshaw" them and don't consider them of value. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. They are of extreme value, and should not be brushed aside. Your job is not in the mainstream they say. Use your talents and your intuition. Don't listen to the negative around you. Push past it. And have a plan. Your plan. Not someone else's.

    And yes, ask them for their help in guiding you in the right direction. TALK TO THEM dear CWB! Your head gets full of chatter they say, and if you focus and quiet it down, you will know they are with you and will know their guidance when you receive it.

    Let me know your thoughts on this when you get a chance!

    Angel blessings and love to you!


  • Thank u so much.

    I want than anything else to work with n for Charlie. Thats all i ever wanted.


  • BUMP!!!!

  • Hi CWB,

    Who or what is Charlie?



  • Charlie is my fireman LOL

  • Sorry if I'm a little slow lol. So do I understand you want to work with Charlie as a fire fighter? You mentioned he was hiring so I'm a bit confused!



  • No no no hahahahaahoh my word lolololol

    No he is a retired firefighter. he now owns many condo+s that he rents out for holidays, stays, n vacations, both for his own use and publics use. Plus he has many more irons in the forge so to say. its as his personal assistant i wanna work as, for n with him as personal assistant.

    a bird told me he needed one, n when i caught him on phone his telepathic mind said, wow how she know, ive only thought about it, not yet voice it to anyone, wow to my mind lol

    i looovee that little bird

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