What should I do now?

  • So I'm stuck in a rut. I am 20 years old and had to move back home to family because I couldn't afford to live where I was living. I had to give up 2 wonderful jobs but now I'm ready to chase my dreams but don't know how. It also doesn't help that I had to break up with my "first true love" (I believe to be my soul mate) because he went into the military....but it's funny because we both didn't want to break up...he just didn't want me to miss out on opportunities in my life because I'm waiting for him. I'm so anxious to hear from him once he gets out of basic training. Can anyone tell me if we will be together again? If he is what I believe he is, my soul mate? And what should I do now or how should I go about chasing my dreams? Any suggestions are most welcomed!

  • Also, I've been told that I have strong intuition......but I can't figure out that I do! How would I know or increase that ability in me? Any help please?

  • Hi, If he is indeed your soulmate why did you end the relationship. I would tell him how you feel. If I were calling someone my soulmate then I would not have ended the relationship. Sounds like you have a lot ahead of you but maybe not w/him.

  • Well, I know deep down that he loves me and still cares for me and the same goes for me. We kinda just took everyone else's advice to break up so that he can focus on what he has to do in the military and so that I wouldn't miss out on anything (like chasing my dreams) because I'm stuck waiting for him. At the same time, everywhere I go I'm stuck waiting to hear from him (there's no communication in basic training....at least not to me). It's a weird story but I do regret breaking up with him and I hope to get back together with him...he was just looking out for me when we broke up but now I think it was a stupid decision on both our parts. It's weird, I know.

  • I think a lot of girls would be proud of their boyfriends who are in the military. You don't have to stop what your doing. I think the question here is if your ready to settle on one person. A lot of people pursue the military as a career.

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