When will it end?

  • Hi, everyone...I don't know alot about planetary influences, but thanks to this site, I have been learning a little bit. For the last month or so, my personal life has been a bit dramatic. Communication breakdown is the biggest thing. I love my cappie, and I know he loves me, but we sure feel like we're being sorely tested here. I have been reading that this last month has been a bit rough for communication in general. Just wondering if anyone can provide any insight on how long this may need to be weathered until the planets move into a better influence?

  • Darkness Angel. Love is there with you and it shows. But you must extract all forms of negative thoughts and entities that surround you. You have more control over your situation

    than you think. Do not try to digest too much emotionally and give yourself some time to

    think. Move cautiously and always be aware of your surroundings and who you come in

    contact with. If you feel as though you are having these problems due to bad karma, then

    begin to sow good seeds today. It will blossom and you will have a better tomorrow.

    You cannot depende soley on the planets and their positions. There are other underlying

    elements that should be dealt with here. I think you know what they are.

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