Heart vs. Head...a reading please?

  • Hi, CuteCappy,

    Another thing Virgos love is their freedom. That's another Virgo trait that I have, too, so I also understand how important it is for Virgos to get out there and reconnect with ourselves. It helps us to ground ourselves, and sort out all our crazy thoughts. Being part Earth sign, to me, there is nothing more healing for my soul than to be out in nature. Whether I'm walking on the beach or digging in my garden, for Virgos, there is a connection to earth, air and water that eases our souls, lets us focus and sort through our thoughts, and also re-energizes us. He sounds like he hasn't quite matured yet, because I know that when I was younger, I took relationships alot less seriously than I do now. It was that love of freedom. However, that's no excuse for "juggling girls".

    I know where you're coming from as a Cappy, too. My boyfriend is a Cappy, and I see the whole head/heart thing with him, too. He can be SO strong and tough, like a rock, when his brain is in control, and then I've seen him have days where he's very vulnerable/affectionate/loving/needy when it comes to his heart. It's like he's a hard chocolate candy shell with a gooey center, lol.

    It sounds like you're doing the right thing for yourself. Live your life, enjoy yourself, and don't worry about him. Virgos are so mental...believe me, a small part of his brain will be devoted to analyzing each and every chess move of your lives...because that's how we see it. Everything is a chess move to be analyzed before taking the next move. We contemplate all the "what ifs", and we can drive ourselves NUTS. And the cure for that is to get out in nature, be free, breathe the air deeply, and sort things out.

  • Hi again Darkness Angel....

    Being an earth sign too. I can fully understand where you're coming from with being outdoors and enjoying nature.

    There is a huge healing affect and indeed does help me reconnect. In fact, I think I will go for a nice long walk tonight 🙂

    As for him, he grew up on a farm and still helps out at the homestead. Perhaps harvest time this year will be very cathargic for him LOL!

    I too enjoy my freedom. So trust me, I gave Mr. Virgo his space. As I can understand and respect that. Just couldn't understand that if I was his "good" friend, why he would ignore basic text's I'd send to him...like "hey, are you busy tonight?". Usually that would warrant a response. But never would I get one. I'd just leave it at that. And try to get in touch with him on another day. Never did I "stalk" him 😉

    I'd get a response when it was on his terms....basically when it was convenient for him to see me. So not when I wanted to see him. But when HE wanted to see ME.

    All in all....you are so right. He hasn't quite matured yet. And seeing as you are with a Cappy. You could see that a mature, serious Cappy would perhaps be a little intimidating for a immature Virgo just wanting freedom and fun. I am 38 years old....he's 34. Not a huge age difference. But if not quite matured yet...4 years is a lot.

    Yep, you definately have a Cappy on your hands. Fits a discription of me to a tee. Determined and strong but with a lot of heart.

    I'm glad you too found each other and have connected. No doubt that you already know this. But Virgo and Cappy's are highly compatible. In fact I've even heard that Capricorns are diluted Virgo's.....LOL!!!!

    Which I don't doubt. We saw a lot in common and our thought patterns were very apparent to our friends. As me and my Virgo could talk endlessly about everything and always knew what each other was thinking. Even finished each others sentences. Instant connection between us when we met so long ago. So much so that even though we were apart for about 13 years. Once we connected again, we just picked up where we left off. Like we hadn't be apart at all.

    Somehow I always knew that we would end up togther at one point or another. Just didn't know when, where, how or why. Now that we did and now that's it's over. I feel a little lost as that was always a mainstay in the back of my mind.

    But I now have to realize that I was chasing a ghost....something that just wasn't there.

    Can I ask you something, seeing as you are a Virgo. Do you still think that he's thinking of me. Beating himself up over what's happened? I ask in concern not conceit. As I know you guys are very analytical. I just hate to think he's freaking out about this and withdrawing (another trait I would see in him from time to time). I did blindside him with this and TOTALLY cut him out completely....right away. Even blocked him from my facebook right after I hung up on him. And no contact since.

    I'd like to think he's okay....but I still do worry about him. I still do care.

    Thanks for opening up to me about the ways of you Virgo's.

    Good to come on a forum and find nice people, like you, are out there.

    Always interesting.

    CuteCappy ❤

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