• Hi How are you? I will never forget how you helped me with the cleansing it was so beautiful. Our family is heart sad over my Son & his fiancé having a "miscarriage". She didn't contact him for a day & she text him late at night saying she had miscarried & she was breaking up with him. He said she became distant when she found out her due date. I had just spent four days on vacation with just her & I with no clues as to miscarriage or scared. I keep saying this but he is so sad. OK the lesson here for him is to slow down & be with someone who shares equally in a relationship. He gets that. I just need insight on what we can see between the lines & he is ready to have a wife & a family & he's a good man.(Not just cause I'm his Mom but he truly is) I guess I just need to talk if you have time. Thank you & I hope all is well with you. Love & Blessings ~D

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