Captain please help.

  • I have been involved with a Gemini since 8/13/2010. In the beginning things were good. We spent a lot of time together. For Christmas he gave me a promise ring. He told me he'd never felt like this, in love, before, and he wanted to be with me forever. I met his family, friends. Although he was frustrating to deal with at times, which led me to break up with him at least 4 times, we always got back together by his initiative. The last time I broke up with him a little over a month ago, I didn't want to do it, but I was tired of his inability to make plans, keeping me hanging wondering if we were going to spend time or not. His phone skills are bad. A week after breaking up he gave me my ring back which he took to the jeweler for repair. He'd had it for over 3 weeks. He told me he couldn't be perfect, felt like I was a parole officer, and couldn't do "it" anymore. Since that time he's not stopped calling/texting me. Telling me he misses me, wants to be in my life, doesn't want anyone but me, loves me, etc. He says he wants us to get back together, but we have to talk because he is tired of all the arguing. He has made no effort to talk so I've asked him several times to stop contacting me. He won't. He'll find a way to blame me by saying he called but I didn't answer, which makes no sense. When we were together we'd talk every day but lately he'll go 2-3 days without contacting me sometimes it's daily. I don't initiate calls/texts to him. Lately I've been trying not to respond. He called last Thursday, I didn't answer or call back. I do love him. I've been to several psychics all of whom say we are meant to be together two have said he's my soulmate, but I don't know. I've been trying to move on but it's hard when he won't let me be. He sent me a message yesterday morning, "Damn babe, I guess you really don't love me anymore". with a sad face. I didn't respond then he sent "Wow". with a straight face. Almost 8 hours later, after some of the confusion and irritation subsided, I sent him a text, "You're funny. I hope u r well." I wanted to ask him why he keeps contacting me or what is wrong with him, but instead of anger I decided to give him nonchalance/vagueness. He sent back a huggy face this morning. Sorry this is so long, A lot is left out. I want to know if we will/should be back together or should I leave him alone to play games with someone else. His birthday is June 1, 1976 & mine is 9/1/1969.

  • It sounds like your Gemini has a lot of inner conflict...

    If he is unable to resolve this he will never be happy or at peace. He needs to be at peace with himself before he can be at peace with you or any other partner.

    Do a compatibility report between you and your Gemini to see how the Energy flow is between you both.

  • Thanks Lenvdb!

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