Will Atlantis Rise Again in 2012 ?

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  • Here goes nothing....when I see that gate Seehorse posted I think Stargate like time travel hence my mail name of Anubis from movie Stargate...symbols much like that of sacred geometry which has a key which unlock. Should be in proper orientation and alignment also to be used. Things like the gate with symbols have some kind of familiarity.. dimensional time travel comes to mind. Sorry keep getting down loads of symbols, keys, sacred sound and light use after my activations for couple months now. Ties to Atlantis crystals, and something in Egypt...not sure if two are tied together. I think there were many Stargate like things.... Thought might should share in case someone else has some insight.

    My friend sees Lemuria rising from see or portion of it. I agree with Shaubby about the earth changes. I have had visions a lot of them for months.. some so intense I could see and almost feel them. Some way too close to where I live for comfort...nothing though how I felt before the bunch of tornadoes hit around the area in April. Anyway I'm not gonna dwell on that too long.

    Love and light,


  • It seems there are strong ties between Atlantis and Ancient Egypt. Plato learned for Atlantis from the Egyptians and the Phoenix also comes from them. Now could the "sacred sound" be human chanting, something like a mantra ? And light something like our Circle in which we give OUR light ? Both sound and light are waves of energy (light having a dual nature) so they can cause oscillation, activation. Maybe alignment of symbols=key. Hey Melisa if you get a feeling of upcoming disaster let us know in time please !

  • GreyStar, tell your friend that old Native American teachings believe Lemuria will rise again as well 🙂

  • Well, concerning sound, I've read a bit on the solfeggio scales. It was the ancient tuneing of the scales before the modern standard. It was believed that by creating the correct vocal vibrations one could activate particular aspects. Like La activated love. So when groups like, say, Greogrian Monks were chanting, they were hitting these notes and elevating and activating their spiritual...thingies...Just read about it, its fascinating. And I've actually got a song tuned to the solfeggio scales, it makes my head feel strange. But in a good way!

    As for Atlantis and Egypt, with a quick scan through the Thoth link a page or two back, Thoth was an Atlantean king who fled during the destruction to Egypt and ruled there for quite some time. Soooo that could be the connection.

  • Fact : Pythagoras invented the scales we use today using a one-string instrument

    Also fact : every musical tone (essentially a frequency) is related to its lower and higher tone mathematically. So, mathematical equations=harmonic frequencies=oscillation at some convergence point. And Convergence=harmonious oscillations=Synchronization. Of sound, of Mind, of Spirit. Could this be the Key that opens (an aligned) gate ? I'm getting goosebumps here...

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  • The Six Solfeggio Frequencies include:

    UT – 396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear

    RE – 417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change

    MI – 528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)

    FA – 639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships

    SOL – 741 Hz – Awakening Intuition

    LA – 852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order

  • I found a cool video on Atlantis, it puts forth the idea that the destruction was caused by students trying to find the original sound from which all creation was formed.

    It is about an hour long, it is on youtube but I watched it on google video because it is not chopped into ten minute sections.

    It is very interesting. I have only watched the first one but it has something like 12 different parts.

    Legend of Atlantis part 1 - Dawn of the Gods

    I should probably put a discretion warning here -- throughout the video is a woman painted blue, her bottom part is covered but there are a few places where it is very apparent that the only thing up top is...paint.

  • "Returning to Spiritual Order"

    "students trying to find the original sound from which all creation was formed."

    Maybe in our pride and arrogance we'll open the gate for the antikryst, bringing on........... apocalypse !!!! Loaaaaaaap the scriptures are all trueeeeeeee and it will happen on thursday 16 MArch 11:53.......hey rynna that's a nice video thanks i'm going to my room to watch it....

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  • Hey Seehorse ,

    Thursday March 16th , 11.53 great thanks for the warning , i cant wait to be free at last .,

    No more housework for me yipppeeeeee..................

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  • Seehorse,

    Your symbol seems familiar in some way. Let me meditate on it. Lb some of the sounds are chants, but remind me of an ancient language of sound. Each tone vibrated energy in different places and seems to do different things if that makes sense. Kind of designates different parts of spirit and body and can be sent out kind of like light.

    Funny you guts mention Thoth...strong ties there for some reason...my first ever guided meditation was with Thoth and a golden egg. I think somehow the things with Egypt and Atlantis important to remember in this life...if I only had a translation guide...


    Will do best to let everyone know if I see a change with more notice than same day.... Tornado vision came same day...my friend felt weird 9 days before. Took us a while to figure it out... Would rather not send false alarms as timing is unknown but changes I see but think they will happen unless lightworkers shift timing or outcome with lightwork. Light somehow can minimize impacts and push out timing....I keep feeling one with a sense of timing in linear time will come forth. Not sure when or who...

    Most events thus far have been between new and full moons. Just a though...but 11 could be a day and 23 an hour. Had lots of visions about Akashic records that the meanings are slowly unveiling themself over time that seem to hold importance too.

    Live and light,


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