Will Atlantis Rise Again in 2012 ?

  • You know, if i read one more post like "boohoo will he ever come back" i'll go crazy lol...i understand this is a business site, but once in a while it would be cool to discuss something different....

    So, i know an old man, not really educated but last year out of the blue he predicted the death of a person very close to me. Last week i had a conversation with him about various issues. When i asked him if he ever heard of Atlantis, he said "aaahh yes, what goes down comes up again. The waves swallowed her, but soon she rises again"

    Now i googled somewhat :

    The story of the lost continent of Atlantis starts in 355 B.C. with the Greek philosopher Plato. About 9000 years before the time of Plato, after the people of Atlantis became corrupt and greedy, the gods decided to destroy them. A violent earthquake shook the land, giant waves rolled over the shores, and the island sank into the sea, never to be seen again.

    Atlantis was a thriving society using "fire crystals" to power sea ships, cars, planes and everything else. They were known to have a pyramid, bigger than the Great Pyramid in Egypt, that had a crystal capstone faceted to collect the sun's energy. Apparently this crystal was an anti-matter device, possibly explaining the "disappearance" of planes, boats and people. Edgar Cayce predicted that Atlantis will rise again along with that huge pyramid!

    Gordon Michael Scallion predicts a portion of the ancient continent of Atlantis will rise of the east coast of America, near Florida.

    As early as the 1920s, Cheiro, in his extraordinary book "World Predictions", prophesied that Atlantis would rise again in this century. He says "During the next fifty to a hundred years after a series of devastating earthquakes, the islands of the Azores will rise from the Atlantic and the ruins of the long lost Atlantis will be discovered and explored".

    But in another "Light" :

    "Many predict Atlantis will rise from the sea. What will 'rise' is not necessarily the land, but the resurrection of the immateriality, enlightenment and spirituality of the past. The favorable balance of energy and the harmony of the past will again be reinstated on the planet Earth."=The Shift ?!

    I think that's quite an interesting concept, the Rising of Atlantis symbolizing a spiritual awakening, a new Renaissance after the Dark Ages of Mankind....

  • Thank you Pedro Louise,lol

    This is allot of information that I had no clue about! and I wish I could add to this topic...

    instead i will look forward to others joining in so I can read more to get a better understanding of this subject.


    I'm more familiar with the boohoo subjects rotflmao

    Love and Light


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  • I do know of Edgar Cayce though 🙂 hope this link works


  • and of course its not working rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, interesting video on Atlantis from Cayce

    http://www.youtube.com/watch? v = hVCAca2r1LM&feature=related

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  • Fascinating stuff. On the other side of the USA, in the Pacific ocean was another land mass called Lemuria, or the Motherland. In Native American legend, this land also sank beneath the seas and is said to rise again when fire from the sky lands in the oceans of Mother Earth.

  • And now I know why I was drawn to this quote and wanted to share it with you SH:

    "We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch - we are going back from whence we came." ~ JFK

    I think us fishies already knew that though 🙂

  • So how many rising lands are we expecting ? 🙂

  • National Geographic is following an archeological team that think they have found it in Spain.

    It was on a few weeks ago, I watched some of it.

    Their theory is that it was buried in a tsunami.

    A few years ago, I also read an article about it (somewhere in the vast webness?) written by someone who thought that it was referring to a future event that hadn't happened yet.

  • Hello,

    I have always been interested in Atlanis. I read it was a generation of people that were way ahead of their time (maybe) in knowledge which lead to greed and corruption thus destruction of their world. I would say that if Atlanis raises from the depts of the sea that it will be picked apart by fortune hunters and made into something it was not by the media.

    I personally think that it means the earth is shifting and with that comes many natural disasters just like the one that destroyed Atlanis in the first place. So fasten your seat belts we all may be in for quite an eye opening ride.


  • I like SH's interpretation of the rise or emergance of the spirit of Atlantis. (The original spirit, not the one that sank it)


  • I'm also fascinated by the story of Atlantis, and have read about Edgar Cayce's predictions. Years after he died, divers discovered stones that seemed to be a part of a man-made road, near the coast of Florida. The "road" is called the Bimini Road, but there is controversy as to whether it really is a road, or just a coincidence of natural rock formation.

  • Ah yes Atlantis like every other great cilvilizations people got greedy & corrupt therefore the powers that be (ie mother nature) sank them They had a very interesting program I think it was the discovery or history channel on Bimini about a year ago and the road did not look like it was a natural formation the road looked to like it was very well placed as well as some columns that was lying off to the side they seemed to have carvings on them

  • I remember watching the one about Bimini too.

    Just about everything you read about finding Atlantis brings up Bimini Road.

  • I agree with Shuabby. The Earth is shifting, many natural disasters are on the horizon.

  • Thanks everyone fro your posts. i've done my homework on this and came up with interesting things : Atlantis in ancient Greek means "of Atlas". Now Atlas was a Titan who opposed Zeus. For this, he was condemned to stand at the western edge of Gaia (Earth) and hold up Uranus (the Sky) to prevent them from colliding.

    Now if Atlantis Rising is a metaphor, it could mean a period of great spiritual and subsequent political change, like the sixties for instance.

    Yesterday a friend gave me an astrology program. Browsing through it i discovered what a conjunctions and oppositions of Uranus-Pluto brings :

    The Eastern Aphorism, "May you live in Interesting Times," is most appropriate for the Pluto-Uranus combination. When the highly chaotic disturbance of Uranus is intensified by Pluto, you can be sure that cultures are rocked to their foundations, often going through an intense period of transformation and reorganization.

    A most interesting pattern develops when reviewing the conjunctions and oppositions of Uranus and Pluto. The ideas and movements which challenge the establishment during Pluto-Uranus conjunctions are successfully established and integrated during the subsequent Pluto-Uranus opposition. One can see that ideas which manifest during the Pluto-Uranus conjunctions are cooked in the collective oven for fifty to eighty years�the normal time between a conjunction and opposition�and are established as structure in the subsequent Pluto-Uranus opposition.

    A conjunction of Uranus and Pluto presents a union of the revolutionary arising and the plutonian (intensified) depths. Uranian creativeness aligns with the Plutonian breakdown – and together they become a relentless force for change or disruption. This influence is seen worldwide.

    Uranus's highest aspiration is liberation and transcendence from anything which confines, oppresses and limits. In science and technology, it manifests as innovation, allowing societies new freedom and liberation from the old. Pluto is the raw, undiluted power pushing vital force into the centre of everything living. Pluto manifests as the need for survival and the will to power and procreation. Pluto is power, which makes life run, allowing each human to achieve the completeness of Uranus.

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