Anyone wanna read for me?

  • hi everyone! Been awhile since I've shown my face here.

    I was wondering if any one would be able to do a reading for me. I have a ton of things coming up and am looking for some guidance!

    Thanks! Be well, serve well!


  • Hey Jason, How are you?!? I can definitely see that you have just completed a phase and are on the threshold of the next and although you went through a period of limbo or having to bide your time a bit, it is now indeed time to take action. I am getting a sense of "analysis paralysis." Are you afraid of making the wrong decision about something or just confused about your options? Calm your mind and emotions and assess each option in front of you - then choose and move! Balance is coming up - like calming your emotions and looking at things logically - is your heart overtaking your head? For some reason I am getting self-employment or moving from being subject to others' decisions or directives to being in charge of yourself. Hope this helps....not sure how "on" I am at the moment, but wanted to help you!



  • Ahhhhh, self-employment per chance? Release your will be a lot of work, but your sacrifice and dedication will pay off. Have confidence in yourself!

  • Watergilr!

    Hi! Thank you so much - You are very on indeed! I am in my last 6 months of chiropractic school. So, self-employment is certainly something in the future! So is the fact that I have no idea where I am going start a practice yet. Biding my time, limbo? Yep - I postponed graduation by a year.

    Thanks - You're insight was helpful and on the spot!


  • That explains all the "paperwork" I felt going on in your near future! The self-employment conclusion came from a feeling of self-confidence, self-reliance, personal power, and also self-PROMOTION. You are going to have to market yourself once you open your own practice. Glad to hear you are doing well, my friend. Let me know when you graduate!

  • There is never an end to paperwork, is there?

    December is the month - Less than 6 months away! =D

  • Watergirl can you take a look at my request?

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