Help with a missing cat!!

  • I so need anyones!!! help here. I sent a picture of my cat for a photo reading and I am still awaiting the Captain's return. In the meantime precious time is going by. Her name is Ethyl Mae and I have had her since the second she was born. She will be 2 in August. She is fixed. She was here on the back of the couch on 6/15/11. She jumped off the couch and I haven't seen her since. She is an inside/outside cat but she has never ever gone off. She is always in the house or on the porch. It is so strange, it is like she just vanished into thin air. She was the most loving cat I have ever had and I miss her sooooo!

    Please if anyone can help I would appreciate it enormously.

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  • Thanks. I have posted flyers, talked to neighbors and posted on Craigslist under lost & found, put her info on PetFinder. I don't know what else to do. I am trying to stay positive but it has been a week now!

    : (

  • Anyone!!????

  • Hi - I'm not used to doing this type of reading, but thought I would give it a try 🙂 I feel that she will return to you. I am getting a young man, possibly in law enforcement that will be involved. Do you live near water or is there any water nearby?

  • I asked about the water because when focusing on her current environment I got water and fish. Maybe that's just what she's dreaming about right now:)

  • hmmmm....there is a retention pond not too far from here. Don't know if there are any fish in it. But, what do you mean by a law enforcement officer involved?

  • As in a police officer or maybe a fireman would be involved in bringing her back to you....I got a really strong male presence as well as a uniform or position of authority. I would look near that pond - the water/fish presence was also pretty strong.

  • Dear missinggammysgirl

    Sending you prayers for the safe return of the cat.I dont do this kind of intuiting but I get a tree,the cat behind the leaves exploring.The tree may be near the water pond as suggested by watergirl but am not sure.The cat seems fine.I hope the Captain responds...she is very very good with this.

    Sending prayers ,love and light your way...

  • Thank you both for responding...and for giving me hope!! I don't know how to explain the bond between she and I. That is why it is so puzzling that she disappeared. She has never done that before. Waiting patiently (not) for the captain! lol...

    If either of you have any other thoughts for me...please let me know.

    Thank you both again so much.

  • Missing, I'm not psychic this way, but I can tell you from experience to trust your inner feelings on this. Years ago, my black cat, Salem (hey, it was long before Sabrina was on tv, lol!), disappeared. I was sick with worry, because we were inseparable, and so I knew right away that something bad had happened to him. But inside, I kept "feeling" like he was alive and okay, and not dead...and that I just needed to find him. It was like he was waiting for me, and was okay. I guess I should say at this point that Salem was the reincarnation of James Bond (seriously!), so I knew he'd be okay if he were still alive.

    NOT to downplay anyone's abilities here (absolutely NOT), but after 2 or 3 months, I went to a local psychic in my town and asked her about Salem. She told me that he was dead, and that I should accept that and move on. I couldn't. Something in me kept telling me that Salem was alive and waiting for me. I was at the Humane Society every 3 days, looking for him. The employees there got to know me, and after going there every three days for three months, they finally, gently, started to encourage me to give up. I would not, and continued making my rounds.

    After 5 months, I got a call out of the blue from a lady who lived about 6 miles from me. She had found Salem's collar hanging from a small tree in front of her trailer park. I was floored, because there was no way that Salem would have travelled that far on his own. So I drove over and met with her and she showed me where she found his collar. It was hanging from a small branch on a sapling...and it had been hanging about 4 or 5 feet up off the ground. This was really strange. So I told her about Salem disappearing, and she said that she would watch for him. I also began cruising the area she was in, along with still going to the Humane Society.

    A month later (been 6 months now), she called me to tell me that she thought she had found Salem, and could I please come by and see if it was him? I drove so fast to her place, lol...and it turned out that she did indeed have Salem! He was sooo Mr. Joe Cool...when I said his name, he looked at me like, "It's about time you got here", lol...that was soo him. We were happily reunited, and I went to the Humane Society, walked in their front door and loudly proclaimed, "I found Salem!!", and believe it or not, the employees cheered (probably because they were finally going to be rid of me, lol!).

    When I brought him home, it turned out that one of the neighbors had a grudge against me...not for anything I did, but because I was dating a guy (my ex husband) who had always been there to help her because she was his best friend's sister (she was a f**kup in life). She apparently got jealous because he was spending his time & money on me, so to get even, she stole Salem one night, drove out to where he was found, and dumped him out of the car. But to make sure I didn't find him, she took his collar off and threw it out the car window...and that's how it came to land on the tree branch. She confessed tearfully to all of this, and apologized profusely, because she had seen firsthand how hard I'd searched for him, and saw how much I loved him (she said this).

    Like I said, I am not psychically gifted, but all I can tell you is to trust what you feel. It took me 6 months to find Salem, but I never gave up. If you feel that she's out there, don't give up...but definitely check the local shelter. I wish you the best in being happily reunited with your baby!

  • Wow!!! What a story!. So glad you found your Salem. I am keeping much as I can any way. When the dark thoughts start creeping in I just say to myself that is not my truth is she is alive!!!

  • Missinggammysgirl,

    I feel like your cat is just off on an adventure so to speak and wanting to explore the world a bit more. Is she a calico or tortieshell in color? If she is than I feel she will return to you in about 3-4 weeks with the help of your neighborhood. A boy about the age of 10-12 just may be the one that brings her home.


  • Thanks Shuabby...No, she is a gray tabby with a tan tummy and nose.

  • Yesterday my husband walked down to the retention pond...nothing. : (

  • Dear Missing,

    Something I say quite a bit is nothing is lost to your angels because they can see what we can't. I called on them to see what they had to say about your missing cat. They say she is indeed exploring, and that she is not in harm's way. They say you will find her and that she has been living around (under) a neighbor's porch area. There are bushes obscuring the porch so you don't see her easily. I suggest you talk (in your thoughts) to Archangel Chamuel who is the archangel who helps find lost things. And ask him to bring you to your cat, your cat to you, or have an angel intervene (incarnate in human form) to reunite the both of you. That intuition that darknessangel true. Go with your gut instincts...if some crazy feeling hits you to go someplace, or turn down a street you normally wouldn't, go with it. Continue your search, and also I'm being told to contact your local veternarian offices as well to put up signs or flyers or something they have in place for lost and found pets.

    Angel blessings to you and to your little kitty,

    Miss Beth

  • Thank You Miss Beth,

    I just hope that she is not scared and thinking we aren't looking for her. And I hope she is missing us as much as we are missing her!! We are out in the country and live in an acreage subdivision. So it is not easy to get to all of our neighbors because of gates and fences but we have put up flyers at the stop signs. There is one little boy that rides his bike all over and knows everyone and everything...I haven't gotten to talk to him yet. But I keep going back to the thought that he is the ticket to helping find her.

  • Is she back yet? Sending prayers for your cat.I get the feeling she wants to come back to you now.

    You can ask the Captain also,now that she is back.


  • Thanks suramya but no she is not back yet. : (

    I just don't know where to look. I have posted flyers, talked to neighbors etc...

    I miss her so much!! Thanks for your concern!!!

  • Bump! Just so that someone can see this post

    Love and Light

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